Sunday, February 17, 2008

{I'm Moving!!!} - MY BLOG!!

And I can't wait until Monday!!

OK, I am not really moving...just moving my blog. I am getting a fresh start in my paper crafting life, and thought I would get one in my blog world too. I've been looking at Typepad a lot and after playing around with it, I finally moved over.

You can see my new Blog here.
{Just Me}

Hop over there and see the new look!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Here I am...

Did you miss me? Sorry that I didn't get a post out yesterday. I wanted to but was, well, lazy. LOL.. You caught me.

I wanted to share our Valentine's with you, but first, make sure you pop back Monday to see some new changes here and see what else is changing. It won't be big, but it might involve blog candy. Will that bring you back? How about some fun projects I've done? That will really reel you in huh??

OK, here is the cards and pretty flower that we got. The kids got cards from the Grandparents, and I got the rose from my dad. He also sent McKinley a lil blue bear...she said OH WoW when the florist delivered it. It was cute!! This was for our dinner. I made steak and shrimp and some veggies, and we used the china. And the wine one here drinks wine, so we used Koolaid! LOL... The lil bowls have our butter. My mom always did this for us, so I thought it was fun tradition to keep going with!!
I got some chocolates and a mug from my Valentine, plus a Papercrafts magazine (that I told RC to make dad buy me!)
And this is the card that Greg made me. Pretty fun huh?

OK, and my new love... This is pretty good, and does curb my chocolate craving. For a few minutes!! Thanks Ashley for getting me hooked!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

{Happy Valentine's Day!}

Just wanted to wish you a LOVELY Day!! Off to spend it with the family. I'll be back tomorrow will all kinds of cards!!

Here's Greg card and goodies he will get today!
I do love this lil Penguin guy. I mostly used the DP on the card and then the lil Brad that I ordered too. Then I stamped the penguin on the envie itself. I tend to forget to decorate them.
For his treats, I had bought him some Twizzlers awhile back and kept the tub knowing that I could alter it somehow. So I added some Golf Themed papers and embellishments to the top. Then I got too messy with the paint, so it looks silly. But I know he will like it. ;)

And here is the inside......

{Have you heard of CHA?}

CHA is the Craft and Hobby Association, and each year about this time, crafters get to travel to warm, sunny California. They are all there right now! And this is where the Papercrafting(Plus others) companies show off their new lines for Spring.

Craft Critique is there too, and reporting on all this new wonderful ness!! Click on their name and keep posted on what is new and coming up in the world of craft.

P.S. They are also giving stuff away!! Tee Hee Hee

**I just updated the link here so it should work now!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


That's right, I have a never before seen tool that you may only see on this blog. Depends, tho...if you are crafty enough you just might see one on your craft table as early as tonight!

What is this crafty lil device? Well, for those of you who are reading and not scrolling down to see pics first, I'll tell you.

Last night I finally got my new SU! order. It's the A Good Egg set and the Spring Fling DP. So I told Greg I needed a StampaMaJig. Like any other Stamping Husband he knew just what the heck I meant.

Yeah Right.

So I tried to explain to him what it was and possibly he could make me one. OK, show me a picture said Mr. Crafty. ;)

Well, today I had to ink that set up and I wanted to play around with it, so I thought, man I need that StampaMaJig now!!! LOL... like everything else.

So I scoured my room and found some whittling wood (B/c you know I needed that once too!) and I nailed one end to a smaller black and Viola! My own Stampa MaJig.

Call me Cheap or call me was free and I can use it!!

I can easly lay the plastic sheets up next to it to see if it's OK! (BTW...yep, I've scrounged for some lame plastic sheet covers to use!! LOL)
And here I was able to line it up perfect. Well, after a few tries and I realized I was stamping it upside down than what I stamped on the sheet. Ugh.
So I give you the Hick Chick StampaMaJig (Stole the name from Cowboy Troy)

Enjoy...please let me know if you would like to buy the rights to this... :oP
OK and seriously, why did SU! put 2 sentiment stamps on one know that it's gonna be messed up somewhere!! Geesh. So I was more crafty and cut them out and put one on one side and one on the other. And I put them on this way b.c it's easier to hold the block than putting the words the other way.

Then I played for real...making this cute lil card.
And with the egg top on...
Stamps: SU! - A Good Egg
Ink: Noir Palette Black, More Mustand; Certainly Celery
Paper: SU! - Certainly Celery; Spring Fling DP; White CTMH; Yellowish Bazzill
Other: markers; CTMH ribbon, American Crafts Brads

Aloha Sunshine.

Yesterday we really warmed up (33degrees F) so I was so ready for some more Sunshine.

I got these new stamps and paper from Martha's Choice in the mail, and inked 'em up right away. It looks like they sold out of the pengiuns...wonder why? LOL... I did find the complete line here...Imaginisce. I tried to get these bigger but it didn't do it, so click on them to see them closer. I saw this Tilt Card Tutorial on Charmaine's blog (CLICK HERE) and when I was looking at this Hula gal I had the light bulb go off. So it looks funny to show you how it tilts, but it's so dang cute!!

Wish my hips could tilt like that!! LOL...I'd hurt something I'm sure!!

I also used the cute lil boy too. Both of these would be fun for summer birthday cards. Or to invite to a party. RECIPE for both:
Stamps: Penguins by Imaginisce
Ink: Noir Palette Black
Paper: CS- SU! Barely Banana and Bashful Blue; DP - Shore Thing by Imaginisce
Other: Flower BRads; ribbon, markers, bling stickers.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fun for all...

Lorie emailed to let me know I'd been Tagged...she sent me these. Thanks Lorie...

I decided to do a couple different things tho...I've seen these on most Blogs I look at, so I am going to start this...

Answer these questions, and post on your blog, then TAG as many others as you want. Don't have a blog? Leave it in the comments... So anyone can play, just comment that you did so I read it!!

I've answered mine in Blue for our team colors!

Q&A - Blast from the Past

1. High School Name Malta High School

2. High School Mascot Mustangs & M-Ettes(girls)

3. Were you involved in sports, clubs, or both in HS? If so, what? I was on the Drill Team for a couple years...that's it.

4. Did you ever get detention? Not that I remember.

5. Favorite High School Teacher & why? Mr Moran, b.c he was so funny. He retired the year we graduated.

6. How many were in your High School graduating class? I think around 64.

7. If you attended college, what school did you go to? No College....:(

8. Major/Minors in College I would've went for Elem. Ed or Architecture (sp)

9. College Mascot My favorite one is Monte from the University of Montana

10. Favorite College professor & why?

Bonus Questions:

1. What is one of your most memoriable HS memories? Honestly, the night the school burned. It was Christmas Eve - Eve (night of the 23rd) and we watched it from my Grandma's house (now Khristi's!) cuz they lived across the street. Then we attended the rest of the year and next 2 at the old Retirement Center. Our class was the first to graduate from the new high school. That I will always remember....and it's about all that was really too exciting..lame huh?

2. What is one of your most memoriable College memories?


Some more fun - I thought I should post how we keep things sane around here!! (Just kiddin')

{Technique Tuesday} Embossing.

OK, this is not a new technique in stamping so I apologize to the Vetern Stampers, but I do know that a few of my readers will benefit today.

So on to Embossing.

To get started, you are going to need the basics for a card,

plus, an Embossing Ink pad (I use Versamark and you can use any PIGMENT ink pad)

Embossing Powder and a Heat tool.

I also use an Embossing Buddy before I stamp on my CS. This helps clear the CS of static and moisture. It helps the EP(Embossing Powder) stick to only the ink.
I also have this lil pink Top Boss ink pad for Embossing. I got it from SU! and I looked and they no longer carry it. So I would suggest to those starting out, get a Versamark can also use it to just stamp a watermark on your CS.

So I stamped my images....

And BEFORE I stamped I (Should have here) folded a piece of scratch paper in half, opened it up and put under my CS.

Then I dump a little bit of EP on my image. Here I used some Scented EP from Cornish Heritage Farms. It smells so yummy - you really need SmelloVision!! But there are tons of EP out there in many colors.

Then I just shake it off and tap the paper to make sure it's all off. Brush any excess off where you don't want the EP (This is helped by the Embossing Buddy) Then you can dump the excess back into the container. So one container can last you forever. Almost. LOL...

Useing your heat gun, wave it over the image, careful to not stay in one place or get too close. After a short bit, you will see the image start to change. It's fun to watch... And you will end up with a shiney image like so. (And it smelled good too!! LOL)

Here above my cup I stamped with Versamark. Now, if you use a clear EP you need to use a clear ink pad, like Versamark. If you use a Colored ink pad, you will see the color under the clear EP. That is OK....if you want the color. When embossing, I just always use Versamark. It's easier for me.
This stuff is called Glassy Glaze. It is similar to a EP, but it gives you more of a shiney look. You will see....
I apply it the same way, dump on to scratch paper, back into container.

Here you can see before I Heat it....
And after I heated it up.
This is Clear EP. You can stamp your image onto the Designer papers and still see that image. This is before I heated......
And after...... Then I trimmed it out and added it to my card.
And here is my finished can click on it to make it bigger and see more details.
This is a simple technique that adds some glam to your card. It's easy, but it does take the right tools.
I hope you enjoyed. If you have any requests for something you would like me to post about, please feel free to comment here. I'll look into them.
See you next week!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

(More Happy Mail)

More Happy mail today!! I tell you I didn't want to go out today either, but glad I did.

This Bella Babe RAK was from Carol Berthelsen - she was hoping it would make me feel warm...actually I think she needs goosepimples!! LOL... Beautiful coloring Carol...thanks!!
This one is from Kathea Kelley - I love these colors. Yummmy!! Thanks Kathea!!
And finally I got a box from my Bella Sister Julie Bock. Look at this yummy stuff. That lil body spray is wonderful smelling!! WoW!! Plus ribbon, bling, alterables and Wreathabella!! WOW!!!
The Bella Yahoo Group is taking sign ups for the next round - so if you want to get in on it, you can sign up now!!

And to leave you with some cute lil bug-bug pictures. We played Dress up last night, and she even wore her Snow White shoes!! She's funny this one!!

Bunch 'O Cards

Happy Monday!! Aren't they lovely? We got another couple inches of snow last night. And I could tell our deer friend was over munchin on our bush again...saw his tracks. I had to shovel out so David could make it across the street to school! Sounds funny, but I watched him try to step in the car tracks to get across! He's funny.
These are the creations I made Saturday night. I love having my friends over, but I would rather gab and not have to think about cards. So these are all pretty basic - and mostly card fronts. I'll get them mounted on a card later.
I still have some Valentine's to finish, and cards/projects for this months Stamping Up! club. Plus all that other household nonsense.
Hope you had a good to waste time and forget about the laundry mountain!
Happy Stampin!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yay! (Bella Babe RAKs)

Finally made a lil topper that I like!! And changed around the look of the blog. Now I can forget about it for awhile!


Also thought I would post some RAK's I got Friday from the Bella Babe contest on the Yahoo Group. I got quite a few cards done last night, but I've been too lazy to upload them today. You know, enjoying the peace from no kids. LOL... They are back now tho. :( (lol)

This first one is from Ami Cook. I love the Valentini! Looks fun!

Thanks Ami!!

This one is from Julie Kirk who was actually in a Swap I am hosting and she sent me those fun flower brads! I used a couple already too!!

Thanks Julie!!

And fianlly ArtaBella as the boys asked when I was ripping cards open...

Lynn Mercurio sent me this beauty! One of my favorite color combos!! Thanks Lynn!!

So that was Friday's mail. Tomorrow I will brave the cold to stalk the Post Office...I have some orders due in too! LOL....

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