Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tutorial on Storing UnMounted Stamps

Hey all... I wanted to get this out of the way today as there is no school, so I don't know what my day will hold.

This is what I've done for storing my stamps from The Angel Company. As you know, these stamps come as Blue rubbah, and you mount them on the EZ mount foam and cut them out.

A few other stamps companies that I have found like this are (of course) Bellas, Missy B, Mandarin Pixie.
Some companies, like Cornish Heritage Farms and Gina K. will offer both Wood Mounted and un mounted.

So this is how I store my TAC stamps and will most likely do something similar for my Bellas.

I bought these ten CD cases from the local Radio Shack for $6.
Maybe you can find them cheaper at a bigger store...but I live in Hicktown and this is what we have. You also have to make sure that you get the ones that can take out the inserts on. Some cases (I think the jewel cases) are molded into the back. So make sure that you get the kind you can pop the inside out of.
You will also need white paper, a marker, black ink pad, a trimmer, stamps, acrylic blocks and cleaner. (I'm telling you this b/c I ran up and down the stairs a hundred times to do this!! I should have done it in the stamp room)
Here you see where I popped the inside out.
Next close the case and draw a line in the opening on the left hand side. You'll notice there is a lip there and if you store your stamps under that lip, it will protrude into your stamps and ruin them.
Next I used some plain white computer paper and stamped the images onto it. The paper measures about 4 3/4" by 4 1/2"
After I stamped them I cleaned them up again and stored them inside the CD Case. You can see where I made my line and how I left the stamps away from it.
The I slipped the stamped sheet into the CD case and Viola! I'm done. This takes up so much less space than any other storage for stamps. I have a CD case holder that I'll put on top of my desk and can just grab at them anytime.
You can also use a address label and label the ends of them. You can easily color code them as well to have all Fall stamps Orange, Christmas stamps Red, etc.

OK, hope you enjoyed...thanks for stopping in. And have a great day! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!!


Doreen G said...

Katie this has to be one of the best tips I have seen for a long time.
Thanks for the idea.

Pat S. said...

Thank you so much for sharing this!
I have just begun to venture into unmounted stamps...that is a great idea for storage!

Lori Barnett said...

This looks like a great idea. I find myself spending more time organizing and re-organizing than crafting! LOL :)

Ashley said...

I have been wanting to do that with my Stampin' Up stamps for awhile now, but never have sat down to do it.

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