Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More funny photos....

Here are the horns from the deer Greg got last Wednesday. He said it was a nice big corn fed guy. Should make for some nice jerky. Need to get that cut up now.

And Aunt Mary and McKinley last night at supper. Watch out boys for those two!!

And Aunt Lindsey, I finally got David to let me spike up his hair. Cute huh.... He was pretty irritated at mom!! :P

Here is what it looks like here. And it's cold. It's about -9* F and then add the windchill from a 15mph wind. I had to walk David to school b/c he didn't want to go out in the wind. I'll have to pick him up too. RC and his snow angel was from Friday....we've gotten about 8 more inches since then. Hope you are all warm!!


We had a nice day. Pretty relaxed but here are some sights. I guess I was just enjoying it too much b/c I didn't get too many pics.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hi all...

Just a few updates for us. Turkey Day is coming. We are having it here. Planned for a lot, but sounds more like a few now. That's even better.

Greg had a Dr. appt. in GF on Thursday. We zoomed down and back that day so it was fast. Things are still good for him. I think plans will be that we go Craig Co. sometime after the first of the year and get even more independent. Then he will probably be done as far as what they can do medically for now. IT will just become a waiting game, praying for the miracle. I think after he gets back from Co, he will look for a job, so please pray for that too. It is so nice for us to be here together, but I know Greg is ready to do something constructive. ;)

As I type Greg and the boys are off hunting with a friend.

McKinley is sacked out in the chair. We are trying to get rid of some colds. Ugh. So taking it easy today so we can prepare for the Holiday this week.

Yesterday we went to Dave & Terri's to listen to the Mustangs. They won the state championship. So exciting. Greg said he heard the fire sirens about 12:30 last night when they got back to town from Missoula. (I was knocked out from the Nyquil I took!!) The Griz also beat the Cats too... Bet that was a pretty wild town there for awhile yesterday afternoon!!

We also have a new little friend that has found us. The boys have named him Denver, but we will see if he stays around. A new cat would be OK I think. If he stays we will be working on the litter box for sure. I am not into more cleaning up!! LOL...

Have a great week and a safe Holiday!


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