Wednesday, September 27, 2006


David is going to Mission Canyon tomorrow for school. I had offered to go but I guess they didn't need anyone to go along. The 6th graders are going with them too. Greg said maybe we should drive up there sometime. It's been so long since I went there, and I thought it would be fun to go again.
We are hoping to head to Matt and Lindseys over the long weekend in October. They just bought a new place in Rapid City. I am going to call to see if the guest room is ready yet. lol They should be moving in this weekend. It would be nice to get over there for once. Maybe leave early Thursday and then have Friday and Saturday to sightsee. I know the boys would want to see Mount Rushmore. Lindsey also mentioned a few fun places too. We'll have to see how it goes traveling with a baby.

Greg is driving more. He has mastered getting in the car alone. I think we just need to really work on getting the chair in. I know it will be crazy and hard, but something to work on. He is having his first poker game here Friday night. Breaking in the basement. We were so excited about the movement at his knees. I know he was getting some movement and then tonight he says look at this, and his foot was moving this time, then he says No that was my hand. I seriously almost hit him. Not funny to joke about!!! But the movement he has is AWESOME!!

McKinley has had a stuffy nose the last couple days. Yesterday was really bad...she ended up throwing up last night from the flem. I have been putting Vicks on her chest each night. She was awake more today so I think she is feeling better. She sounds better too.
RC decided he didn't want school today. He kept saying Goodbye and then started to cry when I was finally leaving. I don't know what is going on, but I think he's having a hard time with something. Well, David being gone has been hard. Greg and I try to keep him busy through the day, but he still gets whiny more now than before. And he loves school and his good buddies are there. So we told him he had to go back next week, and we will see. I try to keep talking about these things so they know what is going to happen.
DAvid had his first Spelling test last Friday and got a 100 excititing. He is reading so well too. He's taken a few Reading tests and got 100's on them as well. He's always wanting to get his Homework done right away after school and that's great. Seems like the nights go by so fast. BUt he also hasn't been as excited for Sparkies at church. I don't know if he's tired or what.

Just been different. I am finally settling in to staying home. I enjoy it. And am getting my mind set that spending some fun time in my room isn't a bad thing. So tomorrow I plan to play. I have a few ideas for Holiday gifts, so I would like to start working on them

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some good news

Well, we don't know what it means but Greg has some fluxtion in his legs. He was trying to squeeze his legs together and we saw them move. It was so cool to see that. It really gives us hope. I think it will help his mindset too. I don't think he's depressed but he gets down. It's frustrating some days, but we both have to keep thinking off all the good things we have.

I am enjoying being home with them. I think for my health I needed to make that move. I have been working harder tho!! LOL... I managed to get the basement in order and most of the boxes gone through. The guest room is set up!!! My craft room is too, missing the table is all. The family room looks like a family room. I doubt the toys will ever be in order again. BUt the boys love to play down there. And it helps keep the upstairs in order more. I just need to get in and clean sweep their bedroom. I can't wait for my massive garage sale next spring.

I went to Bunco last night. The girl lives out in Green Acres near our old house. It was weird to go out there. A lot has changed out there...our old house is totally different. The house I was in I hadn't been in since I was little!! It changes quite a bit too. Seems weird after living so much of my life out there. Anyway, I had tied for the most Buncos and lost the roll off, then tied for the most wins, lost the rolloff again!! Argh...anyway, they put everyone's name who didn't win and I WON!!!! About time. It was fun tho. We are supposed to play a game and we mostly eat and visit, so it's nice to get out.

It's feeling more like Fall here. I am going to buy a new cinnamon candle today so the house will remind me of it. It's been rainy too....we need that. But just makes me like to settle in.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

McKinley's Room

Here is Miss McKinley and her room. She has more clothes than any one child would ever need. But they are so cute and *pink* She also has gotten a lot of dolls and RC is sharing his Care Bear collection with her.

She is getting to be more smiley now too.... She still love the swing, but she lets you know when it's time to cuddle. The boys are waiting for her to get to where she can DO something...they think she is rather boring right now. But she will be mobile sooner than we want really.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Baby Shower

Today the ladies at church had a shower for McKinley and I. She got 14 more outfits. We have so much, but honestly I am having a blast with them!! I need to get them sorted witht the rest so we can make sure that we get them all worn!! Fortunatly they are all a bit older so I can make them last. There were a few other fun things too...a cute little bathrobe and the slippers, some books, a cute cowgirl plate and cup that came in the cutest hat box. A bunch of diapers too.

It was a nice day.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tee Hee Hee

I just looked and saw my last post was in June!! Oiu!! I plan to keep this updated for family and friends and post my pics on here. For some reason I can't get them to email. Anyway, I am going to try to keep this updated better!! :P


Here are some pics of the kids....

I took them last Sunday before church. RC seems to hate me trying to get a nice pic. David is pretty cool about it. And then theres McKinley - she's just too cute!!

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