Thursday, May 31, 2007

{More SWEET Treats}

WORDS BY WILSON is one of my favorite sets. Unfortunately it's retiring this year! Dadgum!!

I truly love the funny sayings like these. I like to laugh, if you can't tell. I do hope that SU! brings out some more funny sets like this.

If not, I did find this great company - Hambo Stamps. They have Fractured Funnies! I need to get me a few of those stamps...then the party will begin!

I made these for a friend. I am hoping to share more tomorrow and deliver them then as well.

I think I make my best cards with the scraps I have on the end of my table!! I had actually stamped these images a long time ago and had them in the case that the stamps were in. So anyway, I colored them with my Watercolor Pencils and Blender Pens.

Stamps: Words by Wilson
Paper: Creamy Caramel, Apricot Appeal, Old Olive, Whisper White- SU!; DP
by Crate, Cowboy Collection.
Misc: Ribbon from my SCS share, Hodgepodge Hardware

I have my basement back now, so I hope to get more crafty later on. We are going to get Chicken for dinner tonight....YUMMO!!

I'll see you later for my craftiness!!

{This is why I love Heidi Swapp}

OK, if you don't know Heidi Swapp is a SuperStar of Scrapbooking Embellisments. OK, so that is what I would say anyway. LOL... The things she has in her line are so me and my way of scrapping! I love it.

And of course, I am a regular reader of her blog. It makes me happy that she is so down to earth, really. A real person, with real kids and a real life. So it makes me want to follow her line even more. Plus she is so super busy...with 4 kids, one the same age as McKinley and then she's expecting again! HOLY SMOLY!!

So anyway, the reason for my babble...she posted this on her blog today ------>Summer Hair

that is a great idea if you ask me! So I need to 1)order some of that ribbon 2) make my OWN head bands for McKinley and I! She looks cuter in them, but still..we have to match! LOL..

I just wanted to share that great idea!

We are off to take my FIL to his house and move him in. I think we are doing OK, but he is ready. He was arguing with Greg that is wasn't Thursday it was Friday today! WTH!! He wanted it to be moving day, so Dave got it ready for him today.

I also got to finish my cards for stamp club today and made a few others. I have a SWEET lady that I plan to give a bunch of them too!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

{No Creations Wednesday}

No creations today. I was down in my stamp room yesterday for a short time, and started on my cards for stamp club. I wish I could be down there now. It's so chilly and drizzily.

I am going to stuff Super Shoppers (a weekly flyer here). I am really looking forward to it today. All I am going to say and that things are stressful here at the Skiff house. I'm praying that by the weekend they will be back to normal. Then I can escape to my room! LOL...

Here are a few other Blogs that I like to look at. As you see on the side there, I have a lot. Well, I do not read them all every day!! I let Google do that!! I go to Google Reader and I just added all my blogs I like to look at and when the authors post on their blogs, it shows up on there. Then when I want to chill and read, I go there. It's so nice!!

So here they are.

Ashley's Creative Corner
Eh'Mazing Stampers

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

{Time Passes}

In addition to using up paper that I leave on my table I also use the stamp sets I had there.
I had the curvy verses set out for the Baby card. I thought this sentiment with my It's a Date Set, would look fun.
And then I found these fun flowers I didn't know I had.
Stamps: Curvy Verses, It's a Date
Paper: Cameo Coral, Whisper White, Chocolate Chip
Inks: Passion Pink
Accessories: Tag Punch, Primas, Bazzill Brads

Monday, May 28, 2007

{baby cards}

I am not sure why I am making Baby Cards, I only know a couple babies coming this summer, but it seems that I have a big stash of them.

This first one I made with the Jumbo Stampin Around Wheel. I had my eye on this one for a long time!! And I am glda I got it, it's fun to color!! LOL...

I simply rolled it out, colored, added some cardstock to the background and put it on some Apricot Appeal CS.

I am finding that I tend to leave papers on the side of my table so I keep using the same ones over and over. Oh well...

Here is another one. I started here with the saying...then looked up and saw these heart stamps sitting there. The DP is from SU! Love Me pack from the Winter Mini. Then I stamped the sentiment, matted it and added some ribbon.

Our day was pretty laid back for the most part. Greg's dad came in and there have been some things that weren't working out, but they are now. He's been fed and sent to!!

Back to the daily grind tomorrow. Try to establish a summer routine with the boys. I have some errands to take care of and laundry to finish too. Hope your weekend went well.

ETA - my cousin and his wife just had a baby...DUH KATIE!! So one of these is going postal to them!

{Weekend Photos}

Here are some of the pictures from the last 2 days.

McKinley and Greg at the Wedding reception.

David and RC before we left for the wedding.

Here are the Newlyweds!

Here is McKinley and Jolyn. There were three babies at my aunts last night. McKinley was born in August, Simon in September and Jo in November.

Here is the three of them when we were getting them ready for bed.

Jo and Simon are first cousins and my first cousin is Simon's dad. Crazy fun there huh?

I am bummed tho that I didn't get the older boys. Maybe next time!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Good evening...
Using up more WISH RAK images, these ones from the Cowboy Kid set. I am so bummed that I never got this set myself. I know one of my friends from Stamp Club has it so I could borrow it from her if I really wanted to. But I still WISHed for it.
I mounted this lil guy on Apricot Appeal, then grabbed a scrap of DP from the Crate cowboy collection. Added ribbon with Hodgepodge Hardware to look western like! LOL...
We went out to my aunts tonight for dinner. My cousin and his wife and three boys were there. Her brother (who lives her and I am good friends with his wife) were there too...they have two boys and a baby girl. Plus our three. There were 9 kids there under 7! about a mad house! Then another cousin came with her two (under 7 as well!) But the night was beautiful, we enjoyed the time outside with everyone. Some skeet shooting, then a campfire for S'Mores. I have an adorable pictures of the three babies in their diapers. I'll post it tomorrow!
Greg's dad will be here tomorrow. He is moving here...he isn't doing so well and he needs to be up here with family instead of alone in Reno. So Greg's brother went to get him and since the house he's moving into isn't quite ready, he is going to stay with us. We have an extra room downstairs for him. I know things will be OK, it's just going to be a shock on him to go from being alone to having three kids. Hopefully it won't be more than a week.
I'll be back tomorrow with some pictures...I'm just to lazy to upload them tonight!! LOL...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

{good evening}

We're back from the wedding and shingding. We are so party poopers!!

The ceremony was wonderful - like I had a doubt. The supper was great and then after everyone headed inside we came home. It's really too smoky in the bar for the kids anyway. And my cousin's son Ty wanted to come chill here anyway!

This is the card I made for the Bride and Groom. Their last name is Kluck, so I thought I would be funny. I really hope no one gets offended! LOL...

These are all more of the WISH RAK images I've gotten.

I made this one and am sending it to my brother and his wife. She likes Chickens. Or at least that is what he told me once...Sorry Lindsey! LOL...

Going to wait for Brandi to come get Ty and then off to bed. McKinley is the only one who is sleeping so no early night for us!

{genie bags}

This morning while I was browsing through the blogs, I came across this tutorial for these Genie Bags.
Jen was the gal who first put them on SCS so everyone started to call them Genie bags, b/c of her log in name.

You can see her tutorial here ---->I{heart}2stamp

So I wanted to try it. This is what I came up with. The only bags I have are brown lunch sacks, so I went with a brown theme, using Chocolate Chip CS and then some some of the DP from the Winter Mini. Then I stamped the big blossom, and kissed it although it didn't totally turn out perfect.

I am going to fill it with cards and give it to a SWEET lady. I hope that she enjoys it and the cards.

Today is just gorgeous out. I looked out and thought about going out to work in the yard, but I really don't want to get all sweaty before the wedding. So I got crafty!

McKinley and RC are napping, Greg went out to golf with friends, and David has been chilling too. Now I think I'll sit on the patio and watch him ride his bike!

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend!

{I think this looks like me}

You Are a Life Blogger!
Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

Friday, May 25, 2007

TGIF - the last day of school!!

As promised some Family Friday pictures. Today is the last day of's cold and dreary. I hope that all stops her after today. It's summer vacation for crying out loud!

This weekend my cousin is getting married, so that will be our excitement.
We talked about going to the lake, but if today is any indication, we may not. Maybe just spend time with everyone who is here this weekend.

Have a great safe and I'll be back here Tuesday!!

Top: David and his lost tooth;RC, McKinley and Hunter.
Middle: Me, RC and McKinley
Bottom: David's last day(today!) and Pebbles...isn't she cute?!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

{How sad}

First off, tonight was my cousins bachlorette party. It was pretty fun...scavanger hunt, off to the bars...home by 10:30. Say much! LOL..

The thing that is so sad, we stopped into one bar and you could hear this mom hollering on her cell phone to her daughter. Small town, I know her and her kids. She is hollering at her daughter (who's a 4th or 5th grader) to tell the 1st grade brother to get to bed. And if he gives you crap tell him he is grounded from the last day of school! What the heck!! Go home and tuck your kids in!! Oh Man!! It was just so sad that the entire place heard. The little boy is one of my sons friends so I just felt so bad!

OK, that was my rant. I know I was at the bar on a school night, but at least my kids had someone at home to tuck them in, and I wasn't there hollering at them on the phone.

Ok, good night!

Can you use a lil pickup?

Another card done with WISH RAK images. Kind of a manly one, although would you send it to a man? Maybe. I think I got a little carried away coloring it with my watercolor pencils. But again, I like the way it turned out. I just used a bunch of scraps that were on the end of my table. Super Simple! LOL...

So many things are buzzing through my head. One exciting one that Greg and I are talking about. I don't want to say anything until I know for sure, but it's got me buzzing!! And so giddy! LOL...

Another, we just got a call from my BIL...he is moving Greg's dad here this weekend and the house they got isn't ready yet. So I guess he is going to stay with us for awhile. We have the room downstairs and if he has a TV we can hook it up down there, so he will pretty much be alone down there. Not that he can't come up here, but at least if he wants the quiet and privacy he can have it. I am not sure how long he'll be here in the house with us, but I guess it will all work out. Then he will be living in Malta for good. I don't think we should have any problems with him living here. But those of you who know us, know that we are already dealing with them from Greg's mom. Not gonna go there today.
Remember I am giddy!! LOL..

Tomorrow is the last day of school. Yeah! Boo. LOL...mixed emotions there. It's actually nice out and the sun is shining, so I'll probably go out today. I have chores to do esp. cleaning good downstairs.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

{Birthday Beautys}

Here are a couple cards I made with some images from a WISH RAK.

I've always liked this set, but didn't know if I should get it. I think eventually I will...but you know a new catalog is coming out!

For both cards, I colored the images with my Watercolor pencils and blender pens. I used some of the Polka Dots and Paisleys DP. The ribbon is from CTMH. Pretty simple on both ones.

It's rainy out again today. I love rainy days even tho we have been having a few of them. They won't last long around here so I soak them in while I can.

The boys both have Birthday Parties this afternoon. Got to get gifts wrapped up and chores done! See you later!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You Can Buy My Stuff!!

OK, so I was going to wait, but I had the time to work on this.

I opened a new Shop on ETSY. You can buy things I've created on there.

Here is the link ------->>INKING OF YOU

I plan to get new things on there once a week. I'll have more Father's Day cards next week and some other things as well. I'll gladly combine shipping costs and would make you more of anything you see, or want! Just let me know.

This is the email I am using....and you can always find the info on my sidebar.


LOOK WHAT I GOT ------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>
MY NEW CAMERA!! Yeah me!! I was so excited when Mr. Brown came EARLY!! Woo Hoo!! I was ripping the box open and getting this out. RC and Greg came home and I was snapping them! LOL...See I told you I was a fruitcake!

So I thought I should post some fun things for you today...not pictures of my family coming in the door. LOL..

This first set is all the cards I created for VSN. I know I scanned them this weekend, but I wanted to take a picture and they were sitting here!

This next one is all the great mail I've been getting. I signed up for the WISH RAK on SCS and I love it. I am also loving sending some's nice to be needed huh?

Well, yesterday I got all those groovy scalloped punches, and Loads of Love pickup.

Today I got the Cowboy Kid and the Best of Cluck! **I just had a wonderful cousin is getting married this a Kluck. Could I do something with that! Oh yeah!

Anyway, that is my post for now...

Since I have the camera, I plan to get back to Family Fridays and pictures of what my family has been up to during the week. That will only be posted on Fridays. The rest of the week is fair game. Although you should know, this is the last week of school, so I will probably be enjoying summer vacation and not making this my top priority. I am however making Stamping or Scrapping something a priority this summer. I vow to make at least one card, or do one layout a day. That's a lot. But I NEED that time!!

Don't leave me tho....I'll still be sharing it all with you! OK, off to work on laundry!!

{good morning}

Are you tired of coming here an not seeing any pictures? Well your wait is almost over. Today around Noon that wonderful man in Brown will be coming here with my new CAMERA!!! out world here I come. {the last time I got a new camera, I was snapping pics of Greg as soon as he came home from work!}

However I wanted to send you to a few blogs that have some fun things...These are blogs that I enjoy looking at and where I get some creativity.

The one that started me out looking at blogs -------> Amy R.
I also LOVE this one...she is uber talented ------> Emily
One of my newer places to visit ---------------->Charmaine

It's a blustery day out...too bad I have chores to get done first, but I do need some cards for birthdays. I also have a nice pile here waiting to be photographed, so this week I will have creative things for you. I also have some other things I am working on that I'll share when I get it all ready.

Hope you are nice and warm!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

{David is Toofless}

He lost his first tooth today! On Friday, he told me he thought his tooth was loose, so I checked the top one he was pointing too. Maybe a little loose I said. Then today we were at my moms
and his bottom tooth looked weird, so I looked and sure enough it was super loose. So then he fretted about it all afternoon. I looked right before supper and he was wiggling it way out, so he went to show Greg how loose it really was and he started hollering it came out.

I think it was kind of scary to think it would just pop out but he's better now. The other bottom one is loose and the top two are somewhat loose. We are teasin' him he'll be a redneck boy by the end of summer.

Virtual Stamp Night - Saturday Challenges

Here are the last two cards I got done for VSN.

This first one was to create a flower but not use any flower stamps, or anything that had a flower on it. So I went with Ribbon. Fun huh? I am sure if I spent more time on it, I might create something better, but this is it.

This next one was to create a card that was clearly a Thank You card, but you couldn't use the words Thanks or Thank You. So I pulled out Words by Wilson and used the Tank...there is a saying that says Many Tanks...but I skipped it. Then used some Simon Chipboard and covered the U. I was so happy with myself.

That is all I did for VSN, and I won't be able to get any more on before the deadline, but I am excited to be able to use the rest of the Challenges this week.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Virtual Stamp Night - Saturday Challenges

Here are a couple more challenges I did today.

The first one was a Baby Wipe Technique. You can find that here. It was simple.....and IRL it looks better. This scanning thing stinks!

Then the next challenge I did was to make the sentiment the focal point. I pulled this stamp out from a long time of the first ones mom and I got. Again, the scan stinks, but I like the card.

I didn't want to do some of the other challenges, and now I am going to take a break for awhile. I'll post some more tomorrow.

Virtual Stamp Night - Friday Challenges

Well, I didn't get back downstairs last night. I ended up watching the Breakfast Club...only to see it was on again this morning!

So this morning I went down and worked on the last two challenges. The first one was to use Summer Sun and Chocolate Chip. It was called Run for the Blacked Eye Susan, having to do with Horse Racing. Hence the horse. I also used some sticky canvas paper from CTMH. Otherwise pretty plain.

Then the next one called for us to use adhesive to emboss on. Well, all I had was a glue stick, so I glued the entire PP and embossed it. Not real great, but I like the card. It's a 3x3, so that was my warm up card today!

The two that were posted this morning were not really something I want to try. So I am making lunch and then going to try the rest this afternoon.

See you then!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Virtual Stamp Night - Friday Challenges

Probably my last one tonight unless I go down after everyone is asleep here.
The last challenge was to create a Landscape...either a birds eye view of straight on. So this is what I came up with in the 45 minutes I had.
I just peiced papers together, I used Chatterbox Walls for the walls and roof...wasn't that clever? The only other WOWs were the ribbon I cut for the shades, the leaves were flower punched. Everything else was drawn or pieced on there.
See you all tomorrow!!

Virtual Stamp Night - Friday Challenges

Here are the first three Challenges I did. I'll post the rest later on and again tomorrow!!

This first one here was for the kid challenge and the boys aren't ready to play yet. I'm saving this for later when they decide they want to.

Anyway the challenge was Buggy Helpers, to use Bugs and Bright Colors. Well, guess what I got PaperteyINK stamps!! Yeah! So Little Lady just got inked right up!

The next one was Quilled Flowers and I have never tried to do that before...I thought it was hard. It looks hard right? Well, it was super simple! I had to scan it so it looks crappy. When I get my camera I will retake the picture. But I am really pleased with it all!

Then this third one was for A Trip to the Emerald City and was all about the Wizard of Oz. Well, I have no stamps like that, but this checked ribbon has been floating around downstairs so I was so excited to use it up. So I found this image on a coloring page website. Printed it off, colored it, which is why it's smudgy. But I like it too!

I am not a perfectionist. I just have to say Good Enough, but really I am happy with them all!

OK, I was late so I need to get back down there!!

{TGIF} - It's VSN too!!

YeaY!!! It's Friday!! I am sorry for not posting much this week. I haven't been busy or anything, I guess just enjoying the Sun! It's been a beautiful week.
I also thought I had better get you guys some eye candy here since I haven't posted anything crafty lately. This is about as craty as I got this week. Just been working on other stuff.

I guess too that I don't like to scan when I could've taken a picture. But I gave mom back her camera - you're welcome! - and I shoudl get mine next week sometime. It's saying the 22nd, but I am hoping for the 21st! LOL...I'm a dreamer huh?

Anyway, I had posted that I was in a Brown and ??? swap on SCS. I'd also made up another card, but I didn't like it. So I played around and came up with this.
The set is Words by Wilson and I LOVE IT!! Anything that is funny and will make me laugh, I love!!
So I went with this one. I made the fold so it opened in the middle and flipped up, stapled the bottom and added and *Ticket* in the poket.

The dark ribbon is from my ribbon share on SCS, i know I was using it when I hadn't been able to get everyone else there's! EEK!! The polka dot is May Arts that I got at the LSS. I used Cameo Coral for the background, chocalate chip and Whisper White. I colored the boat with my watercolor pencils and blender pen and used Choc. Chip for the sentiments. Then doodled on the ticket.

Now I just need to sign them and get them in the mail.

If you are expecting things from me, I am going to the post office today to get them out to you.

I am also getting ready for VSN this weekend. This is the first time that I will actually be able to participate. We might have friends show up tonight, but I will still be checkin in there.

If you don't know, VSN is Virtual Stamp Night on SCS. Every hour they have challenges that you can do to get the creativity going. I am really looking forward to it. I think it you add them online, you can get put in a special gallery if you are one of the better cards. I really don't know the reason, but it's going to be fun.

After I upload them to the gallery there, I'll add them here too. So be on the lookout all weekend long! We are going to a BBQ tomorrow night, but otherwise no plans for our weekend. I'm excited about relaxing and creating.

If you are adding your creations from VSN to your blog, let me know. I want to check them out. Have a good weekend all!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

{New Babies}

My mom had three cats deliver litters all yesterday morning!! Twelve kittens that we could find. She thinks that there is another momma cat that was wilder somewhere!

When I get my camera next week I will take pictures of the cuties!!

And I 'll be back later with something creative!!

ETA - There are more kittens...the other wild cat had here's on Thursday sometime although mom hasn't found them. She just looked ragged from having them when she came to breakfast. So I think the boys will want to run out there and cuddle them some more.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

{Time to babyproof}

I know I should have started that 9 months ago, but I was not pushing McKinley to crawl at all. I love that I can set her in place and she's still there when I come back. Well, those days are over. Until I find a Baby that the right term? LOL.

Anyway, those days are over. She is mobile and she wants to see what she can get into. It started with more of a scoot. She was sliding on her butt pulling herself with one leg. That was Saturday. Today it is a full fledge crawl. And pulling doors open, emptying the bottom cupboard shelf, pulling on things to stand up! Two nights in a row now I have gone in and she's standing in the crib.

No more's big girl, I want to destoy!!! Ah. It's been 9 months but I'm still not ready.

It does make it all a little easier to digest when I say her name and she flashes that million watt smile. I guess, I already clean up after the other 3 in the house, why not her too. LOL...

Life is never Dull. Thank the Lord for that! *Ü*

I ordered from Papertrey Ink

Yikes.....all this enabling! I placed an order from Papertey Ink. For starters all I wanted were the awesome clear boxes that Nicole had shown on her blog ----->HERE.
Then I got to looking at the newest set that was released...the lady bug set, and well, I caved.

I want to have the cases for when I sell my cards. And what the hey, now I can make some cards from this set too! LOL.. what a sucker. OK, no more online shopping. Today.


Monday, May 14, 2007

{Good evening}

I am getting a camera...I even ordered it today. We did go to Radio Shack, but they no longer carry Kodak and I really like that Brand.

So this is the one I ordered...

It's the Kodak Z612 - 12X Zoom! Yeay!! So I can't wait for it to get here and get to using it!

I am off to cook some tacos now. I worked on some swaps today and need to finish that dang ribbon! LOL... I"ll try to post something funner tomorrow, altough I think this is SUPAH!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

{Happy Mother's Day}

Happy Mother's Day to all the great Mother's out there!!
This is what I am giving my mom today. It's another clipboard and I decorated it to say What's Cooking? so she can use it to hold her recipes when she's baking! She's a great baker!!
I also ordered her some Food Candles. I got them from Pixies Candles....and they will be awhile. But some time ago my mom got this great cake plate with lid. Well, she thought they needed cake or goodies on there all the time. So she was always making them. So I decided that I would order her these so there would at least look nice, but they wouldn't have to be eating something all the time. We talked about it, so it's not like I think they eat too much!!
As for my own Mother's Day, McKinley woke me up with her smile around 6:30 this morning. At least there is something good to wake up to. David and RC made me their own cards, and both had also made me some cool things at school.
Greg sent me an awesome Email too. All wonderful things! And that's about all I need! The love from the 4 of them.
I did however, also get to pick out a camera. You know mine died in January and I've had my mom's for the last couple weeks. We were waiting for some extra money to come, it came yesterday and I got the go ahead to order one. I looked around and I think that I am sticking with Kodak. I really like their cameras. Also, I found one with 12X zoom! I cannot wait!! I actually think that Monday I am going to see if Radio Shack has the one I want before I order online. I really want it now you know!!
Well, you all have a great day. After our lunch out, I hope to take a napp with McKinley and then play. Oh yeah, and cut ribbon! LOL....

Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's the Weekend!!

Happy Saturday everyone. Lots to do at the Skiff house today but I wanted to pop in and say Hello as well as wish you all a Happy Mother's Day!! I hope tomorrow is peaceful for you all.

I wanted to sleep in today but no luck on that part. By 7:45, David was in the bath, RC was outside already and McKinley was scooting around getting into stuff. So I just sat back, read the paper and enjoyed my coffee. How boring would my life be if I was able to sleep in every Satruday morning. *Wink*

So I will start my day. Have to work on ribbon, which is relaxing I've found! Greg was up til after 1 wrapping it. Not that I asked him to, he just did. Well, he will be tired today. He and RC left for breakfast and then head up North for an auction today. It's rainy so I bet they won't be there long.
This afternoon have to go decorate and do a Bridal Shower for my cousin. Wrap the gift, make a card, etc. Tomorrow I am hoping will be uneventful for us. Going to dinner out, maybe with my mom and dad. Then nothing, but locking myself away in the stamp room!!

So I will see you all Monday with some new stories and some new creations!! Have a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Mounting Un-Mounted Stamps

OK, since I said I was going to show you how I mount my stamps..I thought I had also better show you the correct way.
First off, there are many Stamp companies that are just selling the Rubber. Yes, it's cheaper for you to buy from them, but you still need to mount it right? So don't get confused.
Some of the companies I have gotten stamps like this from: MissyB, Mandarian Pixie, Stampin Bella. I know that there are more tho. GinaK offers them up both mounted or un-mounted.
I also know that The Angel Company is basically rubber but the foam comes with and you can use your acrylic blocks with their stamps. OR they have some blocks that are just 3/4" plexiglass.
When you order from a stamp company, you need to read directions FIRST!! Not after you get the rubber and you are wondering what the hey? If it comes as just rubber, then you need to order some sort of mounting foam.

I have found Cling Foam, Cling Vinyl and EZ Mount. You need to choose one of the three. Then using the adhesive side of the cushion, adhere it ot your rubber. Then carefully cut out your images. **this is the same as when you get SU! stamps now** Then those stamps can easily be clung to an acrylic block to stamp.
There are then also many ways to store them. You can get a binder and some STAMP AND STORE boards. I've heard people put them in CD cases. Whatever works for you.
Here are some pictures that might also help ------> How to Mount
Now onto what I did. The first time I bought unmounted stamps was from Mandarin Pixie. I was testing the waters there. Well, of course I neglected to read FIRST!! So I ended up with some rubber and nothing more. How sad...I wanted to stamp!! So I searched and ordered some Mounting foam from Cornish Heritage Farms. Again, Katie neglected to read first. So this foam was for mounting on wood blocks, like in SU! Do I have wood blocks? No.

So since I figured that TAC sells plexiglass, and so does my dad, why doesnt' that work. I had asked him to order me some 3/4" plexiglass, but he didn't. No worries.
By now I had ordered some new Missy B sets and wanted to use them. This time I didn't need to read, I just knew, yet I was so excited that I forgot to order the EZ Mount. So, I decided to be cheap and use up my permanant stuff.

So I went to my mom, and together we mounted the rubber on the foam, cut it out and then she cut the plexiglass. It's only 1/2" but it seems to be working for me. As you have seen I was stamping up a storm with them!
Does this make me a Redneck stamper? Prolly so!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

{RAKS - Send them soon!} I was MIA!!

As you know, the mail increase is next week. So start sending out RAKS's this week before it costs more!! Plus, it's nice to do.

I got this cute Crab Card from Dawn, who was asking for cards to send to the troop. I sent her a nice box full. Her hubby is then going to make sure the troops get them and can mail them back to their loved ones at home. Isn't that cool?

Also, I have been MIA for the last couple days. I've been working on ribbon, Mother's Day gifts, Teacher's Appreciation cards, and subbing most of the week.

Tonight I am house looks like a tornado hit. I've been laying in the chair watching Grey's and now have things ready for tomorrow. *whew*

So prepare, I have a lot to blog about in the next couple days!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Greg's Birthday Cards

Last Friday was Greg's big day. So I thought I would post some of the cards he got...well hand made ones! LOL..
This one is from my brother...
Yeah. I love you are too funny. It's nicely embossed around the edge and I really love the picture. Maybe I need to send him some hand made cards.

This brown one is from chaikitty on SCS. She sent Greg and Birthday RAK after a post I had on there. Isn't that cool!!

The last one I have here isn't for's for me!'s from Selina who won some blog candy awhile back. SHe sent me this as a Thank You!! She's so cool!!

More Mother's Day Cards and Radom Blogging

Here is one more Mothers Day card from the MissyB set. I liked the lil coupons that were in there and thought you really could use for anything. So be assured that I plan to use this set A LOT!! Ü

I just created a lil pocket and layered some paper on there. You are also prolly gonna see alot of this pp from TAC! It's just sitting on my table and I am using it up.
I used some scraps for the coupons themselves.
Random Blogging - Nothing real exciting, so if you don't want to be bored, you can leave now! LOL
Today I had to get up and make a Dessert Pizza for Teacher's Appreciation Week at school. It looked pale, but there were no kiwi's at the store. PO DUNK town!! Oh well.
Then RC and I went to the bank and set up some Pampered Chef stuff. I'm the Business in Focus for this week. Funny thing about PC and me. I was gonna back off for the summer. I haven't made my *Quotas* for the last few months and I was not really motivated to do anything. I'm not a real great salesperson. So I was going to back away and maybe re-evaluate things this fall. Well, the bank called as did a few others who wanted some orders. What does that mean? I don't know. I'll see what happens I guess but I just don't want to make the effort to really push it this summer.
I am going to Stamp Club tonight. It's a Salad supper which I need to finish..eek. We are doing pressed flowers. I'm kind of excited. Well, I'm always excited about Stamp Club.
I also have 2 more days of subbing. Period. I am so tired of it. The kids are so nasty and have no respect for me or anyone else. It's so sad. And again, I don't want to make the effort.
Am I just getting burnt out? Maybe. All I can say is that I want to pursue things that bring me joy. The rest I am tired of doing. LOL... Maybe I'm just being a whiner today.
Anyway, that was my rant for now. I better get my salad finished and dinner for the boys. I'll be back tomorrow...maybe refreshed after the stamp night, and to show you my pressed flowers, the way I mount my MissyB stamps and some creations!!
Have a good night!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Another MissyB Card

I had to step away from the ribbon for awhile!! I started doing it wrong for starters!! Ugh. So we went for a walk to my friends house and now it's time for bed.
This idea was mulling around in my mind as soon as I saw the set...Mothers and Fathers. I wanted to add that circle M to the boxed saying. I am really excited with the way it turned out.
Stamps: MissyB Designs
Paper: SU! Cardstock, TAC pp.
Ink: SU!
Ribbon - American Crafts

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