Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Valentine's Cards

I am just on a Valentine Card kick!! So I have a ton of them lying around now!! Want one?

These are some little ones I whipped up the other night. The image is froms Great Expressions, I think it was from last February. But isn't it cute? YOu can baerly see but I used Glassy Glaze on the ball to make it look like it was glass. I masked the bottom and used a small spot for something to make it all pop. Then just used some leftover paper and threw it all together. Super easy. I tryed this notching on the sides for the ribbon to go through. I think I like that. I saw Amy R. do that once. This top ribbon is from taylord expression, the bottom card ribbon is from SU!

Monday, January 29, 2007


This card was definately a challenge for me. And it was supposed to be I guess. This is so not my style of card making or anything. But Liz over at Cornish Heritage Farms(they are local ya'll) had this as the Dec./Jan Challenge. So I thought I would try it. It's cute but I don't know what to do with it now.
All the goodies came from CHF and I embossed the butterfly, and the little symbols and the *belt* with the mirror EB she sent. Then embossed the lil medallion too. The paper is really more shimmery IRL (in real life)
It's late and I am subbing tomorrow. Had a very productive day today. I managed to get all of the boys clothes washed and put away. I just don't know how 2 boys can go through so many clothes in one week!! It's insane!!
I also have a lot of fun things this week. I had a Partylite party a couple weeks ago and today the order came in. So I got to set up my cute lil chick and duck and the basket to go with. It's real springy...I like that. Also this was my month for Stamp Club and my goodies should be in this week too!! I can't wait to play. My MOM is even gonna come over and make some cards with me!! Woo Hoo!! And....yes there is's time for new Pampered Chef!! I got my new catalogs today!! Yeah- the new spring product is so great!! I can't wait to show everyone! I am waiting on the product I won in the SellAThon in November!! Free Stuff = Happy Katie!!
Enjoy Tuesday...Monday is over!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Blog Candy

Not me...I doubt I have enough readers for blog candy! But Cindy has some over at her blog...a Bella no less. Don't sign up tho...I want to win!! LOL... Just teasin'....go ahead. Go here.

Speaking of, they look fun. No don't have one. You can buy them Stampin Bella. Or check out Christie's new business. Paper Pretties. It looks so awesome!!


Cards for Sale

{Cards for Sale}

Do you like the cards you see on my blog? Don't have the time or supplies to make them yourself? Then let me.

Do you pay more than $2.00 at the store for boring flat cards? Why not pay a little more for cards that are colorful, 3-D and hand made*. What could be more personal than that?
*includes card, with ribbon, image and sentiment, and one envelope per card.

If you are interested please EMAIL ME and tell me what kind of card you are looking for.

  • Thank you
  • Birthdays
  • Thinking of You
  • Anniversarys
  • Sympathy
  • New Baby
  • Wedding
  • Just Because

I can also make Monogramed Note Cards just to have on hand. I am open to all other suggestions as well.

How to order - Order anytime by emailing me with your request.

Make sure to include:

  • Full Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Type/Style of Cards requested
  • Quanity

Please note that all orders must be for 5 or more cards. These do not need to be the same style or occasion.

Payment - I do accept PayPal and I will send you a request for payment after you send me your information. Once I receive your payment (and I get your cards done *grin*) I will ship them out.

Prices - All 4.25 x 5.5" cards are $3.50 per card. That includes an envelope. Please email for prices on larger cards.

Shipping - Shipping will be $2 Flat Rate in the United States and $4 shipped out of the United States. You can also combine your card orders for the month with both stlyes and/or Custom Card orders.

If you have any questions, please email me and I'll try to answer them right away.

P.S. - Make sure you tell a friend too!! If they mentioned your name, you will get a small gift with your orders!!

Again, EMAIL ME to place your order!!

**Gallery is under construction, please be patient. That should give you a better idea of what to choose from.***

Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Friday

It's here!! Whoo Hoo!! I know it makes the workin' people very happy! LOL. No plans for the weekend either. That's always nice.

This week has been so much slower than last week. I've enjoyed it. I subbed still Monday and Tuesday and had a Cooking Show on Monday night. But the rest of the week has been pretty calm.

So no news...LOL. But I have some pictures. Some are from Christmas still and then some smileys of McKinley!

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pop a Top

Isn't this a cute can? I love it. We made this last week at Stamp Club. It's a fruit cocktail can, the kind that has the pop tops. They are opened from the bottom with a easy open can opener. Then enjoy the fruit cocktail *wink* and clean it out well. Decorate! Everything we used was from Stampin' Up! and to do this one, we used Gable Green paper as the background and stamped the images on Whisper White. I used the new Delight in Life set (mine's on it's way here!) The flowers were inked with Ruby Red and the saying in Black. I also made the cute tag with the new tag punches from the SU! Winter Mini. Then stamped with the small flower from Delight in Life and the words from the Tagger's Dozen. Then we filled them with candy and glued the bottom on. A note about that is the other girls thought the candy would be no good if we used that nasty smelling glue. I think that if you use a hot glue gun, it should work OK or you could put your candy in a baggie first. But you could put other things in there, like gloves or socks or something.

I am going to make these for RC to take as Valentines to school. I'll look at the new Walmart next week for some fun things to put inside.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Papers for Sale - read on

{hello all!}

I am cleaning out my stash and have some great papers that need new homes...*wink* so I can fill my home with new stuff! :P Anyway, I posted them all seperate on the posts below.

Have some Basic Grey SOLD

Jeneva and Co. SOLD

Chatterbox SOLD

and a various assortment.

All papers are 12x12 and very well taken care of. I just know I won't use them. They are all in protective sleeves and ready to mail out. I am asking $4.50 for shipping so I can ship them Priority and I accept paypal or money orders. Email me if you have questions.

EMAIL ME to order and I will mark it as soon as I am sell them.

Any other questions just shoot them my way. What I don't sell here will go on ebay later in the week.
Thanks gals. I hope I covered it all.

**{On a personal note, I have some cute baby girls pics to post later in the week. Check back to see her!}**

Papers for Sale - Basic Grey & Jeneva

Ok, here is the first bunch...
All of these sheets are 12x12 and well taken care of. These are a one sided bunch.
The two pictures of Basic Grey are going together, and a total of 16 sheets.
Price is $ 3.00 plus Shipping.
There is some from the Sweet Pea Alyssa and Sweet Pea Jack collection, Black Tie, Lollipop Shoppe and Aged and Confused collections! Let me know if you have any questions!

The 3rd picture is from the My Walk Collection from Jeneva and Co. It's from I Remember When. There are 28 sheets here. All 12x12 in great condition.
Price for these $ 5.00 plus shipping.

There are 4 of the Amazing Love Lavenders, 3 of each of the rest, Hope, Attributes Blue, Attributes Pink, Activity, Amazing Love Blue, Faith Parlor, Creator, Faith Antiques Cream

Again, Email me if you are interested..

Papers for Sale - Chatterbox

This is a group of Chatterbox papers. All are full12x12 sheets. I've had them for awhile but they are well taken care of. They are all doublesided except for the vellum ones.
There is 20 sheets total.

Price for both sets - $4.00 plus shipping
Den Only $2.50 plus Shipping
Powder Room Only $3.00 plus shipping

The first picture is the front of the Den, there are 2 Olive Plaid, 2 Den Weave and one each of Dark Den Cirles, Den Blocks, Olive Stripes, Olive Daisy, and one each of the Denim Mini Plaid and Denim Stripes Vellum sheets. There is an extra vellum with no info on it. 2nd picture Den back
3rd picture - Den Vellum
4th Picture is front Powder Room. In this collection I have 5 sheets of Triple Powder Stripe, 2 sheets of each Powder Stripe and Rosey Posey and one of Tangerine Posey
5th picture is back of Poswer Room papers

Again, Email me if you are interested.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Best Wishes

Here is a fun lil card I made over the weekend. I finally got the Play on Words set from SU! Love it. Stamped the Best Wishes on Whisper White, matted on Elegant Eggplant, then on Certainly Celery. Stamped with my new Paisley set from CHF on elegant eggplant and matted on Cool Caribbean. The ribbon was some I had gotten from Christmas and I punched the hole with the Word Window. very simple.

Gonna get some things on eBay tomorrow and I am throwing around the idea of doing a starting scrappbooking class on here. What do you think? Leave me a note if you would like to see that.


Monday, January 22, 2007

{Cards for Sale}

Hey - you might see the note to the side there. I am going to start making cards to sell online and wanted to give you all the heads up first. You can email me anytime to get cards made for you. I am still working on the exact pricing as far as more extravagant cards. Mostly they will be fairly simple, a few embellishments, mostly ribbon. I want to keep the price around $2 and $3. I also will take orders on sets of cards, like 12, and they can be a variety of sentiments of blank cards.

So if this interests you let me know. Shipping is a flat $4.95 on all orders so I suggest stocking up. ;) So again, email me and I can answer all your questions.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Here comes {MONDAY}

The weekend is over. And all is well. LOL...
Play practice is over and David is telling us he is not doing it next year. Remember that K? Greg went to watch the games today and we are on our way to Super Bowl now. Next weekend, no football...what will we do?

Back to reality tomorrow. Two more days of subbing for me. Yay! I have a PC show tomorrow night and making my fav. - the Chicken Broccoli Ring!! Gonna put that on my PC webpage if you want the yummy recipe.

Then what?

Well, I have a ton of cards to mail to Kristin! I can't wait. I have cleaned out my paper I had a lot. And I am listing it on eBay along with some cards and a few other items. I am going to try that for awhile. I had made a bunch of stuff for a local shop here and sold one item. So, gonna try eBay. And so I am going to play more. Get a few more things cleaned out of my room to make way for new things. LOL...

I did make a couple more cards today and I'll post them later in the week. Doubt there will be time tomorrow. Off to bed now to be rested for that 6 am alarm. :(

Here is a little lunch pail I made for my Grandpa. My aunt made some card to go in there for him to write notes on. ETA she gave this to him for Christmas...just slow posting!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Beauty Lou and the Country Beast

Well, the first night of the play is over and was a great one!! Those kids did such a good job! David did too, but he looked so tired when he came out!! I think he was just looking for us. He was an adoreable little donkey! I can't wait to share a picture with you all. Off to bed now, b/c we are off tomorrow for the last showing. ZZZzzzzzzz.......

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Busy as a Bee...

Well, it seems to be this way at the Skiff house...either we have nothing to do or we are swamped. This week it's swamped!!

David is in the play...he likes it...not loves. LOL..he's silly about that. But tomorrow is the first showing and then again Saturday. I really thought this was a great idea but they are working the poor kids like crazy. Greg has been watching and was about ready to get up and slap a couple kids. :) Hope tonight is better for him!! He has no patience. So we have had two hours of practice each night and I am seeing I don't like that running so much. Ugh. Oh's almost over.

Tuesday I had Stamp Club here and we made the cutest little cans. I can't wait to post them on here.

I am subbing at school today and tomorrow morning. Wild. Always wild. But something to do and I can't wait for that check next week. LOL.. I am glad the house was cleaned up earlier in the week and not so much now. I am sure Saturday morning I will be ready for a nice scrub down. Or to sleep in whatever. Also have a Baby Shower this weekend and Greg is going to his Football party.

Like I said it's wild. I have been doing things so I will post them next week or over the weekend. Or next week! LOL...


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Was yesterday Monday?

Hmm... I woke up today not really knowing what day it was. And yesterday my coffee pot broke, so I am rreeeaalll slllooowwww today! Ugh!!

Here is a fun little card I did last night. I had gotten some extra cash so I ordered from Cornish Heritage Farms. One of the sets was the paisleys from Stampendous. So I used up some scraps from my Valentines Cards. So it was simple and fun. A fun little note about CHF is that I found out they are right down the Chinook! How fun is that. So I like to support the locals and have bought a few other stamps there too. I got one that is a blacksmith shop so I am making tags for Dad's wagon wheels and then a stagecoach one b/c again Dad commished me to make some cards for the Wagon Train. So...had to buy them you know!!


Today is Stampers 10 Club here so I have a lot to do. And like I said I am dragging, so it's Mt. Dew for breakfast! :P This afternoon I am subbing at school and it's computer lab so I hope I don't fall asleep...oh!! I'll take my new CK and browse it again.

David is an actor. Well, a critter. The Missoula Children's Theatre is in town and doing Beauty Lou and the Country Beast. He and Greg went to auditions last night and David is a critter. So Wednesday and Thursday he has 2 hours practices and then Friday and Saturday are the preformances. I am excited for him to do something like this. He was excited and then not. He's so funny.

Have a great day...whatever day it is...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stampers 10 cards..

So far all I have been able to get done is my cards for Stamper's 10 club on Tuesday. I've been watching American Chopper all afternoon. I love them....they are so funny. And Paul Jr. is kinda cute too! LOL.. (don't tell Greg)

The first one with the giraffe is cute, and even tho that Bo Bunny paper was sold to go with it, I feel like the paper is to classy for the stamp. I don't know. So then I did the one with the little chair stamp from SU! I thought I should use something from that if they are for SU! Stampers 10. LOL... Anyway, I bought those Bitty ones and I never use them. But I think they were perfect for this. I could show off the paper more.

Anyway, Enjoy!

David's card

Here is a card that David made me last night. He wanted me to put it on my blog. He was asking what a blog was so I showed him some i read and he said, That lady is way better than you! Then he said no he was joking! What a fruitcake!

We went to Charlottes Web last night. It was a great movie. I missed the songs tho from the original one, but otherwise it was well done as a remake. Very cute. The boys did OK there. It was cold, because our podunk theater doesn't bother with the heat and I knew and we all bundled up with blankets. Kind of stinks that you pay that much for that. Oh well. RC almost made it through the whole thing, but the last 10 mintues he was getting tired and cold.

We came home and found McKinley screaming and poor Greg covered in spit up. He said she got all worked up after he laid her down to change her and then it came out with great force. So he just sat there til we got back. He knew that as soon as she saw me she would stop and unfortunaly he was right. She's a brat! :) I don't know why sometimes she does that to him and other times she is fine. He was a trooper tho...that's why I love him!!

So today we are staying in. It's still below zero and snowing and I didn't want to bundle her up for church, or leave her with him again. So we are staying in. I have to get my cards done for SU! which is Tuesday and maybe work on some layouts.

The boys both want me to make them Valentines with this giraffe stamp and the monkey on from last months SOTM. So I will work on that too.

Have a great day!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Some more projects

Here are a couple more cards I made. I love being upstairs I am getting so much more done.

These first two are from Great Impressions. Tess gets them as a Stamp of the month at the LSS here. I love this!! And then I saw the Bo Bunny ribbon so I had to get that. We never should've stopped there! LOL..

Anyway, both were so easy.

The Thank you Card was also simple and my favorite one. It'll be on it's way to Kristin too. She asked for some Thank you cards. All SU! except the stamp image is from CTMH.

***Tonight I am taking the boys the movie Charlotte's Web. They are excited. It's been so cold here so they are getting cabin fever. Time to get out. Otherwise a lazy weekend planned. Got some cleaning done this morning and now get to play the rest of the weekend. :))

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A card..


I toyed with the idea of moving my craft room upstairs, however I have too much Cr..afting supplies. :) But it's too hard for me to get down there and when I did today it was too cold. So until the basement is done, the weather warms up and McKinley is a bit older, I am going to craft upstairs. (What did you think I was gonna say give up? LOL) So I set up a table in our bedroom, that's why the door will be closed... And I have a few small things for some projects I want to work on now.

And here is one I was able to do tonight. I actually made 4 cards and started some work on some coasters. But this is my favorite for tonight.

I used All Stampin' Up! stuff. Blush Blosson for the Card stock background and on the image and wording. Oops. That green is Bazzill. And the patterened paper is from a package that was only available this summer in a mini. The set is a I Like Your Style. (duh..:oP) I stamped on the BB cardstock and then again on the PP and cut out the one dress. The used a little bookplate from the Hodgepodge Hardware set. (Sorry I'm not better at describing these yet.)

Anyway, super simple and fun. Kristin, this is one you'll be getting.


Hey all...

There is a fun lil contest going on over at Tami's blog. Stop by and sign up.....looks like Cuttlebug which is what Cindy keeps typing about on her blog. So should I win, I will have to break down and buy one. Boo Hoo Hoaa Haa Haaaa :oP

One year ago today...

One year ago today, I remember it to be more icy. A little wind, and cold. Kind of like today. I remember I was folding clothes in my bedroom when the phone rang.

I remember because life changed that day.

It is so hard to believe that it has been one year since Greg's accident. I know that for awhile time really stood still. But at the same time we knew that we were still going to be alright. We talked about the peace we had last night in Bible Study. It was weird. I don't think that many people knew how Greg and I were able to be so calm. But I knew that God was in control, and He would take care of us. And he really has.

We have had such a wild ride in the last 365 days. It's been bumpy, it's been sad, it's been fun. It's been life. And really it taught us not to expect anything. You never know what it's going to bring.

I don't think we are really going to celebrate much today. It's a cold, windy day, and we are just going to hang out. I think that is one of the best things about our life now. We get every day to hang out with the kids and play. It's been so nice. Greg and I have really grown together and we enjoy being a family that can just BE. It's awesome.

We appreciate the support that we have had this last year, and the people who have really stepped up and helped out. It's been so great. We have said Thank you a Billion times and that is still not nearly enough.

God is good. Our life has been so blessed through Him.

Monday, January 08, 2007

To Do

I am starting something new tonight... A To Do notebook. Well, I have these notes all over the place of things I need to get done. And usually at night I sit here and think about what to do for the next day. I have that very note on the counter so I remember it all come And there I saw these little notebooks I bought at the $1 (well, really $1.25 here. :P ) store and I was going alter them...and then have them. So why not use them. And keep my brain here with me. Instead of all over the place getting lost. So I have tomorrow and Wednesday all lined out. Maybe Wed. I should've put down, alter TO DO notebook. Hmmmm.... Oh well, I will.

I also think that this will be kind of cool to look back at in the next few years or even months. Or something my kids will enjoy later on. We found a little calendar my Grandma wrote on everyday for a couple of months when my aunt was a baby. I think that was 50 some years ago...I won't say ;) Anyway, it was cool to read. So I want to do things like that. I loved my Grandma so to be like her is an awesome thing.

**On a family note, we are going to GF tomorrow for Greg to see his Dr. He'll have an XRay and then a eval. Kind of excited to hear what he says. Not that we suspect anything, just want to hear. We are hoping and praying for good weather. It's going to be a day trip. David is going to school and then will stay with mom and dad. The other two maniacs get to go with us. So hopefully all goes well. We will decide in the morning.
OK, McKinley is awake for her nightly check in. Better go get her off to bed again!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Me A to Z

I found this survey thing on Sara's blog and decided when not try my hand at it. Maybe you guys will learn something about me.

A - Available or single: Neither...very married! And in love!!
B - Best friend: I'm gonna have to go with Greg...he is the only one I share everything with and maybe sometimes too much!!
C - Cake or pie: Cake...all the way baby!!
D - Drink of choice: Too much Mt. Dew...need the caffiene.
E - Essential item you use everyday: that!
F - Favorite color: Well, Chocolate is a top choice...
G - Gummy bears or worms: Worms.
H - Hometown: Malta, Montana
I - Indulgence: I indulge in my crafts. Spend a lot of time there.
J - January or February: February is nicer I think.
K - Kids & names: David, RC and McKinley
L - Life is incomplete without? Family and Friends
M - Marriage date: July 8th, 2000
N - Number of siblings: 1 lots of nice inlaws tho!
O - Oranges or apples: Apples love them all...RC gets that from me!
P - Phobias or fears: things that move fast, i.e. mice, snakes, birds that dive bomb me!
Q - Fave quote: I don't have real fav, but I like when Vin Diesel said My Way No Highway Option in the Pacifier...I use that alot!! Well and he's Hot. RRrrrr...
R - Reason to smile: When I wake up each morning. That's reason enough...but there are usually little people noises waking me up.
S - Season: You know I was thinking about this and really I like them all mostly just as they are emerging each year.
T - Tag 3 or 4 people: Who reads this....hmm... Greg, maybe Brandi and Ashley.
U - Unknown fact about me: That's a good one...I guess something I really don't share too much is that I was born with a bald spot, so I have no hair on the top of my head.
V- Vegetable you don't like: Rutabages....?? I like a lot of veggies..
W - Worst habit: I procrastinate too long.
X - Xrays: Don't know that I have had one.
Y - Your fave food: Mexican!!! Anything spicey...yum!!
Z - Zodiac sign: Scorpio
I leave you with a random question....When you use an old shirt or let's say... underwear as a you wash them before you use them or just tear them up and start using them? haha make sense? I just tear them up...well, tshirts...can't say I've ever used underwear. LOL..

And more...

Holiday Photos...

Here are a few of the pictures from our holidays. Enjoy!!

I have a few creative things to post later on. Probably Monday sometime. I'm going to list a few on eBay even!! :)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Is it February yet?

Here is a quick Valentine's card I made the other day. All Stampin' Up! except for a little Bazzill Bling. I love Chocolate and pink.. It's fun!!

I'll get the holiday photos up tonight!

Friday, January 05, 2007


Friday is here...I think..
I don't know what day it is still I am so messed up from the holidays. But I remembered that David would be home early from school..

I didn't get down to play today or have time to post Holiday pictures...I have them!!! Maybe this weekend. We need to get our freezer over here b/c we are getting some meat this weekend. SO prioritys!!

Anyway, I was playing with Christina on the IM and got some Smileys!

Here goes...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I think I need a big shot....

Well, just when I think that I really don't NEED anymore scrapping/stamping things, I start to browse the blogs. Oh my! So I have been on to 3 blogs I like and they have ideas from Cuttlebugs using the Big Shot. So I need this right? Man, I still have 10 months til my birthday too. Boo Hooo....

Anyway, here were the blogs I went to

Gina K
Imagine. Dream. Create
Paper Trufflez

Off to see who else is trying to talk me into this new toy....

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Card Fun

Ok, so I made it down stairs to play the other day and this is what I did.

The Thank you Card is all Stampin' Up!. I loved those little tags but I have such trouble using them. This looks to boring to me, but it was simple. And yes, that is sewing on there...good thing I have a sewing machine! LOL..

The Love card is from Mandarin Pixie. Another super simple one. Just stamped the image and then mounted it on Bazzill Bling paper. I love that stuff. Then layered in black. Probably going to use these are my Stamper's Ten cards for January.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Got a new PC

Yay!! Our computer is finally here and set up and working. Greg and I are so bad, we were IM'ing each other on this and the laptop! Dorks!! I know.

Anyway, I am trying to get my emails up on here and then can mail everyone. I wish that I had a working digital camera to show some pictures, but for now I am only able to let you dream.

Tomorrow I am going to scan in some of the cards and pages I have made lately and post them. You are going to see more of those things on my blog this year. I am going to be more creative and share more things I have made.

***We are all doing well here...Greg is kind of sick, having a tough time. Keep him in your prayers. We are going to see the Dr. tomorrow, and hopefully he will be feeling better. I'll keep you posted on that.

I am also having a Partylite candle party next weekend. If you can make it great, or what some yummy candles.... let me know.

OK, off to get things organized on here.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!
Hope everyone had a nice and safe night!! We were in bed, but still awake watching the ball drop last night. The boys hit the sack about 11:30. Enjoying another hanging out day here and maybe head out to sled at mom and dads. Have to see how warm it gets.

Hope you Enjoy 2007!!

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