Friday, September 28, 2007

Family Friday

TGIF!! I love Fridays! Not that it really changes here, but it's that whole idea that tomorrow I can sleep in!!

Today I thought I would post a picture of the quilt my friend Madelyn made me. She gave it to me last weekend when she was home...I love it. So bright and cheery. I took this picture to put with the wonderful letter she wrote too.

As for family things, it has my two hooligans in the pic too. I think Mc was trying to tell me off or something.

She is a lil maniac...last night after I changed her diaper, she ran off. Not unusual anymore for her. Soon I see her putting a diaper on her head...the same one that once covered her bum!! Oh lil girl. Guess it's time to get the duct tape out and tape them on. We did that with RC.

Tonight we are heading down to the river to watch the elk. We only have the film camera and not the digital so it will be awhile before I post pics. We are going with the VW's and their son got a elk call at an auction we went to with them. Wonder if he'll bring it. LOL... I have a lot of food to prepare and getting the weekend cleaning done. See you all Monday.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Fun Stuff


The Fall Supplement for The Angel Company is up and can be seen here

I am so stinking excited!! Those readers who aren't die hard stampers, I know you think I am crazy, well, OK, I am a lil. But this is so fun for me to see new images!! Hmm....which ones will I get?

Beate's Challenge

Beate hosts a weekend sketch challenge and this weekend I was finally able to try it out. This is the card I created. Sorry it's small but if you click on it, you can see it bigger.

I used an image from WISH RAK from the set Best of Cluck. The DP is from Close to my Heart, and the ribbon and hardwate are from SU!

Simple and fun. I am trying to keep pluggin on Craft Show stuff...card kits and the like. Any ideas for me? Throw them out there is there is something you would like to see, or that you know has gone over well. Besides cards, I am at a loss for what would really sell well. Oh well...have a little over a month now.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jen's Sham Battle Challenge

Jen at Piece's of Me offers up a Sunday Challenge, this week a sketch challenge and I've actually gotten to participate.

Sorry for the blurry picture...I need to get my own camera back here soon!!!

I love these stamps from Hambo Stamps. They just crack me up. The DP is Frutti Fusion from TAC. The cardstock is SU! Photo Hanger from CTMH and ribbon from my share this spring.

Super Simple.

This is the Sketch itself to give you an idea of what I was doing.
I spent yesterday afternoon redoing my craft room. I love to do that sometimes, gives you a fresh start. But my table was just too dang crowded, so I added another desk in there and gave myself some room. There isn't as much moving room, but then all I need is to get to my table and play!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Halloween Decoarting via Uppercase Living

(re posting this photo for a reason!)
This last year I have really fallen in love with Uppercase Living. In this post you can see what I have done in my home with these rub on sayings.

When I first saw that they carried Holiday sayings and decor, I was very skeptic. Why would I rub that on, only to have to take it off right after. That seemed to be a waste to me.

Then I saw there were many other uses other than just on my walls. This first photo shows how I used the rub ons on our pumpkin. I know that at my show, the demo told us that UL sayings had not been tested to be used outdoors. Meaning on the exterior of your home. I can tell you this saying is not only on a pumpkin, but it's been out in the cold and rain for almost a week now. It still looks this good. That should tell you how great they would be on your walls, no matter what kind of texture your walls have. This particular saying came as a group of 8 for $35.

This second saying was my favorite. They sayings them self are 2 separate rub ons, although it wasn't that hard to put these on. I picked up the glass block at our local craft store and simply rubbed the images on. I've set a nice autumn spelling candle behind it to give it some cool appeal! These 2 color rubons are about $10 a piece, depending on the size. They also make fun gifts.

Card Sets for Sale

Here are some of the sets I am working on to sell this fall at craft fairs. I bought the plastic boxes from Papertrey Ink - I love them!!

I made six Clickabella cards in three designs, along with white envies. The picture is blurry but this is my new design for The Paper Parlor. The Paper Parlor is what I've named my lil Card making business.

I am pretty excited about how cute these have turned out. Now to make a few more!

This second picture shows the 3 designs. Image from a Image swap on Bellaholics. The DP is from a kit I got off QVC last year. The main cardstock is SU!

I got everyone off to school today...we were running late...RC was all excited to be dropped off. He went to open the door, the handle fell off and he flew off the side of the step. He was crying but OK, when I left him.
Happy crafting today!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

I love Mondays - for today anyway...

You know, waking up on Monday's is not easy. I hate it. Although I think if I woke up at a decent hour on the weekend or actually took a nap, it would be OK. But today waking up and hearing that the three coolest ladies in stamping are taking us all on a cruise really got my juices flowing. Will I go? One may never know...but I do know that it would surely rock!!
I also found out something else that excites me. When you sign up to become a demo for The Angel Company in October you get an extra $50 in Stamps! What does that mean to you? Well, wait until October!!! {insert squeals of delight!!}

And speaking of creativity, this is our front yard this fall. I had found the cutest picture of a fall display....and then this is what happened to our yard. LOL.....

I made this lil display with our scarecrow from last year. The yellowish pumpkins are from my mom's garden. This big one is heavy too. My aunt had extra this saying from Uppercase Living. I wasn't sure it would work, and it did take a lil more work to get it on, but it's still on there and it's been cold and rainy since I've put it on.

And for some card creations. I made this set of 5 card using this SU! set. The green paper is from CTMH. I gave this set to our friend Madelyn who was home.

Did you see this??

What a great week to start the week!!!


First of all a cruise, but with Gina K, Em of Stamping Bella and Nicole of Papertrey. I seriously think they read my mind!!! And what's better? It's over my birthday next year!!!! Yeeeeee Hawwww!!!!!

That really jumpstrated my morning today!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lil Miss {MES}sy

We are ending out our weekend on the quiet side. It's chilly out today..too cold for the races. Esp. since I have a nasty cold.

We have had a great week and weekend. Friday our obligations were done by 10:30 so I was able to spend most of the day in my craft room working on unfinished projects - I'll be sharing them during the week. Friday night was also a Home Football game. We did not dress warm enough and as soon as the sun went down we were cold. Saturday was Wes' first home Jr. High game and we dressed too warm. Both time we could have walked the block to the house and changed you know! Lazy us!!
Then last night we enjoyed a BBQ with a family friend who moved to California 6 years ago. {Hi Madelyn!}
So today we weighed in on going to the races and decided it was better to stay here and be warm. Today we would've needed all the layers we had yesterday.

On to these pictures I snapped this morning. McKinley Erin Skiff. MES. Why did we give her those initials!! Every time I turn around it's something else. Today it was the potato fries all over. When I said Pick them up.....she ate them as you see in the 2nd picture!!

Isn't she so cute tho!! We'll keep our lil MES monster!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

See you next week

Well, I was going to first post a pic, but my computer is being slow.

Like I said Sunday, we have a full slate this weekend. I have a ton of things to do before Thursday and as much as I love to stop in & share, I need to not worry about the blog for awhile. I'll be back next week with some more fun and creative things. I've been working...and have things to do...just no time to share!

Have a great week and weekend.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Fall Card

Two posts for today. Well, this is really an early Tuesday post.
In the morning, RC goes back to preschool...which means I have to leave the house! Yep, I loved having him walk across the street to the school. Oh well.. he is excited to go back to preschool and Mrs. VW.
Then I also have to get this laundry done before I head to the High School to do dishes. Ick.. LOL.
So my post comes tonight. I used some more papers from the LP kit and cut out this pumpkin myself. For starters, pumpkins aren't brown right? Oh well. I like it. And I loved the Rub On Pick of the Patch! That was cute.
I am really getting into fall and today we set up a display in front of our house. We usually don't do much, but at Fall and Christmas I like to go all out you know. So our scarecrow is out and we bought some pumpkins. My mom only got 2 in her patch so she is bringing in the big one and I hope to paint a big S on it. I'll try to get a pic taken next week.


Happy Monday.
I've got a scrappy card for you today. No stamping at all. I pulled out a Life Preserver's kit from last November, I loved these papers and didn't have a lot left. This is the first card I made with it.
You can see I sewed the DP onto the Bazzill cardstock. I also sewed the lil piece of DP on and glued the chipboard letters on. The black flowers are rub ons. The DP is all Bo Bunny as are the rub ons and the chipboard letters are Lil Davis Designs.
I'm adding this to my ETSY Shop today too.
I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Week Ahead

Some Sunday Randomness while I cook lunch! {If you want to see some cards, scroll on down}

A new week...fresh and exciting. Before Labor Day, I claimed that once we made it through that weekend, we would be able to chill and relax our way into fall. Well, then the calendar quickly filled up again. It just seems to be something all the time. Again, as I started out the weekend, I thought the next week would be quiet.
Well, I knew we had some things on Thursday and Friday. Then I got a call to Sub Tuesday at the High School lunchroom. OK. Then Friday night is a home Football game, we will probably walk down to that. Saturday is Wes' first home Jr. High game...we will defiantly go to that. Kristin and Travis will be here. My great Aunt Gene comes on the train Friday. A good family friend will also be in town for the weekend, so there is a BBQ Saturday night for her. We will most likely skip the Drag Races unless we decide differently for Sunday.

There you go, it's all booked up again! Isn't this just crazy? I guess most of the busy-ness is over the weekend, but it still seems like the whole week. Oh well...

Also, we talked to RC's kindergarten teacher and she thinks that he is still pretty young for K. So after a lot of thought we have decided to go back to Preschool. I am OK with it, and he is super OK with it. So I guess that is all the matters. And I am happy we do it now, then 3 years down the road.

Today I am enjoying the day creating. I keep thinking about how fast these craft fairs are going to pop up. I'm trying to think Holidays, but man I still want to think Sun Shine! LOL...

Hope you are enjoying the Sunday afternoon too. Have a great week...I've got lots of posts to share!!

Virtual Stamping Bella Daze

Well, the first Stamping Bella Daze are over. I think it was great fun. I'll have to see today just how many cards are entered. These are the ones I created.

This Magic Card was for Jenna's Challenge. I love the end result of these cards, but I despise making them. They just don't work for me! Oh it is.

This box was for Ally B's challenge to create a box to store your bellas in, a gift box or a 2,4,6,8 box. I keep all my images in here from both Bellas and WISH RAK on SCS.

This Bubble Bella was my challenge - to use a Loofah or Scrubbie to create a background on the card. I like it, but my card was too plain. Then on to Wino Bella...she was for Jenna's Crystal Glaze challenge. I added glaze to the glasses and bottle to make them POP! Clickabella is new...Love her!! She was for the Sketch Challenge by Kristi, although I looked at it wrong. But I love that card!!

Chefabella here was for the Tent Topper challenge by Ally B. I love this card too. The sentiment reads Yummilicous! And the last card I made was my challenge to use Office Supplies. I used the paper clips on Teachabella and I love it!!

The only one I didn't do was the Fun Flock challenge by Kristi. I do not own any! LOL...

I hope the rest of you Bella's enjoyed the weekend!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Family Friday

First of all it's been along time since I've put up Family Friday photos. And now it's so late in the evening.

I got a lil carried away downstairs today! LOL...

McKinley got these cute lil PJ's for her birthday and the last couple nights have been cool enough to wear them. They are so fuzzy and cuddly! Esp. with the lil bear face on the bum.

I plan to post all my VSBD cards tomorrow. I've enjoyed playing today to get ready. Now tomorrow I can play for fun! Maybe...

Knit Picking

Have you seen this new Bella? She is cute!! Knitabella. I got here through an image swap. I think she's fun.
Do you recognize that paper...I am using it up! LOL... I thou hgt it looked fun for this card too. The colors are so warm.
It's not warm here's cold!! Freezing like!! Ok, well maybe that's a bit much, but it's still pretty chilly. I am not ready for this weather, but at the same time I love the Fall season. Does that make sense?
OK, after lunch I'll be getting all my stuff ready for VSBD on the yahoo Group and I'll post some more fun things. I also have some Family Friday pictures too. So prepare for the day of posts!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

National Card Making Day

Here is the countdown for Nat'l Cardmaking Day---> HERE

ETA - Nat'l Card Making Day is Ocotber 6th. My first PMS party is October 5th at 6 p.m.

The night before is my first PMS Party here at the house. *That means Pizza, mararitas and Stamping. There will be Pizza, they may be margaritas and there can be any type of crafting. I plan to stamp...Aunt Mary wants to cross stitch...what will you do? You locals can come join us...just email me about it OK?

Anyway, I am excited that there is a special day now! Ahh.... The world loves us papercrafters!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I mailed these out today!

Yes, in the mail! I haven't done that for quite awhile...all these cards I create and then don't mail. {Well, I am trying to sell some you know!!}

This top one went to a neice whose birthday is coming up. I love this Bella too and was happy the DP matched her dress so well. The DP and chipboard are from Scenic Route. The cardstock is Bazzill and I colored her with my markers. I am liking them a lil better but want to get some newer ones here soon.

This one went out to my brother and his wife who are celebrating an anniversary this next week. I got part of the idea from Beate's card she made a while back and kept that in my mind when I was creating. I don't know where this DP came from, but I have a lot of it. The cardstock tho is SU!

I am off to Awana now. Working the book fair at the boys' school tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night is Parent's Night. Sometime between then I'll try and post our cards from Stampin Up Club last night.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hey ya'll!! Hope you are having a happy Tuesday. Mc, RC and I walked down to visit Aunt Mary this morning. Had an early lunch and then hit the craft room! Today is our first night of the new Stamping Up Stamper's 10 club. I made $16 last month on card sales (yeah me!!) and so don't feel too bad about placing an order! {I am really trying to save money!!} I am excited to get back to the group too. I made everyone checkbook covers. You can see them here
I choose to leave them blank on the back and then the crafty ladies can add their own saying. They were fun.
One of my stamper friends, Khristi gets to join the group and I am excited for that too!! {Waving HI to her!!}

On to my Fella here. Fisherfella. I saw a cute saying....Best Fishes. Perfect huh? No stamp tho, so I may cheat and print it off on the computer! But for now he is blank. I think that is OK too. {a quiet man, who knew?} Just a reminder there are going to be some fun challenges on the Bellaholics Yahoo Group this weekend. We start Friday night at 5 p.m. MT time. They are all fairly easy and are spaced out so if you need to get chores done, or let your kids out of the closets, or feed your can do that in between and keep up. And there are prizes from THE Stamping Bella herself!! Bellas, charms and to be posted on Bloggabella!! Woo Hoo!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

I don't do mornings!!

Esp. Monday Mornings. And no one else wanted to this morning either! Both boys didn't get up til close to 7:30.
So I thought this card was fitting today. It's way too simple with just the DP in strips for the background. The DP is Scenic Route and the background is Kraft SU! Miss Grump is from the Image Swap I did. I love her. I think she could be so fun to play with more. And I really do need to spend alittle more time on my cards. This is way to simple.
I think I need to browse around SCS today and get some ideas. It was VSN this weekend, so I think I can find a few.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Hey there - I'm back. Didn't forget, just got busy with life. You know I wasn't in my stamp room for most of the week?!!!?!! Yikes!
I got back there yesterday tho and got lots of cards made. Be prepared for Bella over load. I received my Image Rak Swap and got quite a few new images (squeal!!) plus images from our Bellaholics Database and it's also our first Virtual Stamping Weekend coming up! So, lots of Bella cards coming at ya!!
I made this card this last week and used my sewing machine on it. I was kind of just practicing the different stitches. I love it. I don't think that I like the cards plain now! LOL.... This was just a simple fun card to make tho.
All has been OK in the Skiff house this week. Trying to get some sort of normalcy set in. Ugh...that's just a setting on the washing machine, huh? It's never normal here. We are enjoying a quet Sunday afternoon and three of the 5 of us are asleep. So off I go to create something else!! See you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hot Knife Tutorial

I've seen the hot knife on the blog circuit and awesome Jen has a nice video tutorial about how it actually looks. I love that...see for youself!!

Another layout...

Here's another layout I made last week. I love this paper from Daisy D''s so retro! Love it.
These pictures are from RC's preschool class. Sorry for the blur, but you get the idea right? He had a class of eight boys and none of them got to go on to Kindergarten with him. Sad.
Today is his picture day at school and we have to walk over to the High School. I said I would walk along and try to control the 22 kids in his class this year! Tomorrow is David's day and he stays at the school. I am going to sub for my mom at the lunchroom at the high school too. Yikes!!
This is all the crafty-ness I have for you. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon I can create something. I have most of my home chores done for the week so I can play. I also ordered a bunch more pictures to organize and get scrapping. I also got some new Bella images so I know some cards will be I have to get ready for our Bella Weekend on the 14th and 15th!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

{Winner and a creation}

Happy Tuesday!! Trying to get everyone back into that routine. But as promised my winner of the CK subscription.....


Cindy, I have your email and will get your address from you!! Congrats!!

Now for the eye's a cute lil Easter baby!! I finally scrapped these pictures last week using a kit from the Life Preservers.

I love that lil bonnet and dress we got McKinley for her first Easter. She's so cute anyway, but this only helped huh?

I have some other things to share maybe later on today or this week even!! Can't over load you right? Have a great day!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

A Wedding and the Wagon Train.

Hi there...I am hoping that you all enjoyed a safe Labor Day weekend. Other than getting colds, we all survived. I wanted to share some of my better pictures from the weekend.

I took this one of the three kiddos on Friday night before rehearsal dinner. They were all clean for the last time this weekend. Just teasin!!!

The next one is the Bride and Groom. The wedding was lovely. It was so sweet and to the point and the brunch afterwards was just as nice. Greg's aunt and uncle came up for the day so we had a nice chat with them.

These last two are from the Wagon Train. I know that there were a couple gals from the Bellas that wanted to know more about the Wagon Train. This year was the 38th year going out on the trail for 5 days. Either by wagon or horse and then camping out.
This is my dad's wagon. McKinley thought it was all pretty cool and really this was a perfect lil babysitter for her!!
We didn't get to ride at all this year, but we enjoyed a couple nights out for dinner. Last night we made Frogmore Stew and it was just as yummy as I had hoped.

This was at last nights can see there are more campers now a days than wagons. But it's still all fun. Greg and I have been planning how we can go next year. It's been 2 years now since we've been able to go, so we are ready.

I didn't get many other pictures this year...sorry.

I'll be back tomorrow to draw a winner on my CK subscription {if you want in on that scroll down!} and to share some more crafty things with you all!! Enjoy the weekend!

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