Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Some News

Having camera issues so I thought I would post the following:

  • On Tuesday the 7th, I am hosting an Uppercase Living Open House here in my home. If you know where I live you can come over. Otherwise if you would like to look at their cool products visit the link on their name. I can also give you an ID if you would like to order something. You can make custom items as well. I just got my order from a show I went to. I ordered the Sampler and I hope to get them all on some wood here this week and to use before the show!!
  • I got my new Fall Paperwork for The Pampered Chef today. I was really on the fence about going back to this after the summer, but like always Fall (or Spring) Paperwork gets me excited again. And then to see the SUPER SEPTEMBER HOST SPECIALS!!! OMG!!! I am so hosting my own show!! If you love the cookware, but cannot afford it, well you need to book a September show right now!! You can get the entire 7-piece Stainless Cookware set for $180 just for hosting!!! I am flipping out about that!! Not to mention all the other great goodies! LOL!!!
  • Some smaller news is this weekend is our fair. We get to see Keith Anderson!!!! I love him and am super excited he is gracing our lil country fair. It is a total PODUNK!! I seriously think they should change the names on the town signs for the day while he is there! LOL....(our fair is held in a town of about 200!!!) I'm also entering some crafty items...my friend and I are challenging each other to this. Ugh...gotta take that down there Thursday, back Friday for rides and Saturday for the concert. Lots of travel time. Oh well.....

OK, that's my excitement for now....tomorrow I'll make this camera work...b/c it's the BIRTHDAY GIRLS BIG DAY!!

Calling April

April who commented on my GoodNews BadNews post, can you email me please!!

Thank you!

{I'm still alive!!}

In case you were wondering! LOL.

I have no new items to post tho...that stinks!! I am working on some Thank You cards that my cousin ordered for their new baby girl!! And I have ideas mulling around for some cards to make for our first back to Stamping Club....I know I am only 2 months early!!

Yesterday I took what cards I could to a local gift store. I have to go back today with my prices and such...I was flustered leaving her yesterday and didn't get everything. This store also carries pets...it's a lil family store..one has gifts, one has toys, one has animals and you can take your stuff in there too. Anyway, they now have this large parrot....who talks!! At first it was freaky to hear him say HI...then he proceeded to wave at us! I was laughing so hard I was crying and he started to laugh! OMG!!!!

So headed back today and going to show McKinley...that should be funny.

We also celebrated her and my mom's birthday on Sunday. Lil lady will be one tomorrow!! ACK!!! And my mom, well....she's up there...lol!!! It was a busy day tho...church, potluck for Pastor's last day (SAD), then went swimming with some friends and then the party! So yesterday was catch up day!

Today I will get down and get something crafty posted!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Good News, Bad News

What an awful picture here. Tha't bad news.

But this is some of good news. My cousin was here for a day and brought me this awesome Butterfly Looming kit. I cannot crochet or knit but this is super simple. I can do it!! So we will see how many projects I start cranking out. Part of the bad news, it's 90 miles to the nearest place I can buy yarn!! UGH!!!

This is McKinley's good news...my cousin crocheted Mc this adoreable lil poncho and even tho it was 100* I put it on her and she's even cuter!! (ETA - I didn't make her wear it all day, just tried it on!! LOL)

The material my aunts found for me. They know that we are John Deere fans here...both boys have green and yellow blankets. So now I need to make McKinley one. I think I'll make a lil comforter for her Toddler Bed. And pink and brown are my favorite color combo!!!

The main bad news of the days was Crazy Daze just plain sucked. It's 100* again, no one was buying anything other than food. The boys did make about $20 in lemonade sales. But I sold one $5 journal...that's it! And the sad thing is that no one even looked!!! It's not like there were people browsing...there was no one out and no sales anywhere. There was the heat, swim team was out of town, a 4H thing, an auction, and next weekend is the fair. So.... my day stunk...and we came home shortly after lunch.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Family Friday

Hapy Friday all!!

Thought I would share some pics from yesterday for today's Family Friday. Yesterday we decorated McKinley's cake and I gave her a beater to lick the frosting...she was a mess. We had to have a bath after all that!!

You can see that my camera is not taking the greatest pictures. I guess I am afterall going to have to get it looked at. Ugh.

Here is the CareBear cake...I am actually happy with what I did here. I'll try to get a better one with her on Sunday night.

I'll be back to post sometime Monday tho. Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Giddy Up Lil Dogies

Yeah...Giddyupabella trotted in today and I got to play with her! I am so excited!!

This top card was the first one. I stamped her on Very Vanilla Cardstock. Colored her with markers and watercoler pencils. {I need to find a new coloring technique so if you have one please share!}
The main image is mounted on Kraft then on Buckaroo Blue (from the 2007 In Colors) and then the DP is from Flair Designs. The words are cut out of the DP.

I used to have a couple Palamino horses so that's why this beauty is blonde. She reminds me more of the baby, April. I will admit I am less of a cowgirl than I want to be. I guess it stems back to the naughty pony we had that would either dump me off or run head on for the fence, forcing you to bail. That and the times I've been in a run away wagon are too many to count. So this pony is just perfect!!

This second one I played a lil more with. I had this fence stamp from Stampendous. I think it's one of the first stamps I ever had and my brother gave it to me! So I masked Bella and stamped the fence over her. I am not a good masker, but when you color it all goes OK. Same as above for the recipe here too. I did stamp part of my Handstamped in Montana on the front...I thought that would be fun. I am giving this to my aunt who just moved home. She is making a box of MOntana goodies for her friend back in Portland so I thought she could send this too.

I got Mc's cake decorated...I'll post that tomorrow morning. Check back ya'll!!


Well, I am getting all my goodies ready today for Crazy Daze. Lots to prepare for that and the boys Lemonade Stand...plus decorate McKinley's cake so it's done...get stuff for Sunday dinner, etc. But I do have two days left, so no worries.

I got a few more of these lil clipboards when the LSS closed. The first one is more boy themed, I used papers and accs. from Autum Leaves, Rock Star collection.

The second one is more girly.

The red cardstock is Bazzill and the DP is from SassafrassLass. The ribbon is SU! and from my share, and the lil circle embellie is from CTMH.

Off to create more...and do my chores!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stamp Club

Well, this is the first time I took my camera and remembered to use it!! Yeah me!

Last night at our Stamping Up! group we went to Mary's house and ate yummy, yummy salads!! That was wonderful in itself. Then we headed down to her super awesome stamp basement (it's not the whole thing, but a lot! LOL)

We made paper. It was so fun too...and easy. There are a few tools that you would need that you might not have lying around, but otherwise it was easy to do.

We tore up bits of scrap paper, both white printed paper and cardstock. My group chose pinks. We tore them up and put them in the blender with water. Then blended them up. Then we put that in a large tub of water. From then on you need the special tools. Basically it looks like wood picture frame and some screen, and a larger plastic screen. I wish I would've taken a picture of that!

Layering those three in that order you tightly hold them and dip in your large tub of water. Swish around until you pull it up and it looks thick enough for paper. Then your partner and yourself daub the excess water out with a sponge and paper towels. With your paper between two paper towels you iron it out with a regular iron. Take the top paper towel off and let dry. To keep it flat we decided you need to put a book on it.

You can see my paper in the top picture. I used some of Mary's dried flowers.

I also have to apologize for the crappy photos. My camera is wiggin out....I believe some boys who were not to touch my camera dropped it.

I am sick...I do not want to have tp get it fixed. I've been messing with it and it's looking better today on different functions...so praying it's just that!!

In other news, my parents were out fighting fire most of yesterday. The fire started northeast of them and coutinued South. We drove out there last night and it was shockingly too close to them. Unfortunatly a lot was lost, altough no structures that were in use. At 8:30 they had it all out so we just pray for no more lightning storms and some rain,

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Better Get Better

Another Bella Sistahs!!
I am not happy with my coloring on this poor Bella. I changed my mine at the last minute!
I used my Quickutz Goosebumps to make the flowers on the Kraft CS. I wrote the sentiment and punched out the hole with my Word Window punch. Super Simple...and going postal to my friend who just had surgery!
I'm still pluggin' away on my cards and such for this weekend. I tried my hand at the Magis Card that was the Technique for Monday....it's hard work ya'll!! But in the end I love it. So I'll share that later.
Tonight is stamp club and we are making paper. Hmm..... It's also probably going to be Henreitta's last time, so I'll take some pictures and post em tomorrow!! See you then!

Monday, July 23, 2007

{A few more things}

Here is a sampling of what I'll have for sale this Saturday.
The first is a picture frame that also holds a sticky note pad and little things like paper clips maybe.
Next is a lil chipboard that can also be used as a picture frame or recipe holder. This one says ALL SMILES, so most likly a picture holder.
And then my favorite of the lunch boxes. I used the same papers and stuff from my bridal card below.
So these are a few of the items I'll have in addition to my cards. As always, I am nervous as to what people are going to think. I have had a lot of people say that they want to buy my cards, but so far I've only sold them to my SIL. I don't know what to think I guess. So I'll see how things go and hope and pray for some future orders as well.

Bridal Bella

I have a new favorite embelishment! It's these awesome flowers from Lil Davis Designs. You can see them online here. ----> Flowers I just love how soft they feel and they have a great adhesive backing on them.

I got this flower from my June kit from Life Preservers Club and I thought this paper was cute for a Bridal Bella. You can sort of see that her dress shimmers, that is {drawing a blank} some Ice Shimmers paint. It's great!! You can also barely see the LOVE rub on at the bottom. Didn't realize that when I photographed it. Oops. The paper and rubons are from Paper Salon .

I have also been working on getting my Sale card stash built up and Greg has talked me into setting up a table this weekend at Crazy Days here in town. I have alot of things actually and was pleasently surprised at how many cards I have done.

The boys are also selling Lemonade with their Stand down there. It's going to be so stinking hot tho!! Ugh! Oh well.....gotta do something!


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Katie Needs.........

If you go to Goole you can type in your name and needs, like KATIE NEEDS and then see what comes up.

Aparently I need:
  • your help {now you know}
  • Hula Lessons {that would be fun}
  • a home {not really}
  • to find something else to do {well, maybe...lol}
  • to use the litter pan {oops you found out!

Now go try for yourself and enjoy!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

{Super Saturday}

Hey - I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I am not really sure what happened to our day today! Zoom!!
We went to Greg's brothers house for breakfast today. So I thought I would take Terri's cards over to her for her birthday. I am really excited with all of these.. I made 12 and you can see in the back....I made various sentiments on green CS and then ran it through my Xyron to make it a sticker. Then I cut them up and she can choose her senitiment for any card. She liked that last time so I did it again.
I used the Simple Stiches from CTMH and the pink and turq. DP from SU!. I didn't take any individual shots tho.

Friday, July 20, 2007

{Family Friday} & a Bella card

Well, she finally did it to me. I was changing her diaper and off she zipped. Can't say I tried extremly hard to stop her tho! It's fun to watch lil bare bums run a-muck. And I wanted some great pictures for Family Friday right?
This is about as exciting as we have got this week. The temps have remained in the high 80s to 100s all week. No relief at night even. So we are staying indoors in the cool air. It has reeked havoc on Greg tho. He was sick yesterday probably from the heat. He travels to the weight room twice a day and I am thinking that it probably isn't good for him to be in and out of the cool air like that. Plus he might need to drink even more than he thinks. BUt he's on the mend and not going back there til Monday.
Other news that makes me excited. I was asked to be a moderator on the Yahoo Group for Bellaholics. (yes, that's the name! LOL) I am so excited to be a part of that. I am in charge of future events and the cards on the homepage. So I have some things to work on but I am just really exicited to be asked!!

So here is another Bella to celebrate! I like this lil artist one. I was sad to have to mark up her cute lil apron, but it would've looked funny clean right? The DP is fruity fusion from TAC. I really love all the color here.
Speaking of The Angel Company, I am doing a catalog party. I invite you over to look if you are local. Otherwise, shoot me an email and you can order. Here is the wonderful Angel who sent me a catalog. Diane H. If you click on her name it will take you to her website and you can view the items. If you want to order on my show, you'll have to email me tho!
Off to enjoy the wonderful cool basement - and the weekend. Happy Stampin!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Check this out...

If you don't already read Craft Critique then you should start today.

Especially if you have planned to leap to unmounted stamps.


Then head to Gina's blog to win a Punch.

{You Rock}

Isn't this Bella fun? And I love her hot pink guitar. Just what I would want myself! LOL...
I colored her with my makers and used some DP from Autum leaves. The blue cardstock is Bazzill and the red is SU! The lil Super Star chipboard is also from the Autum Leaves pack.
Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Last post for today....

Well, there is a lil girl who is almost ONE!! Yikes!! I can't believe it.
I also know that I am more excited about this then her, or anyone else for that matter. So I ordered her some plates and napkins from First Wishes in the Care Bear theme. But I am so cheap that I will not even buy premade invites when I know I can make them myself. I got the image from here. I printed it off and colored it. Then cut it out and mounted on the CS. I printed the info on some fun vellum I had. You can't really read it unless you are looking right at it, but that's OK. The DP is from Kristin...thanks. I just had fun creating these.
I am going to try my hand at really decorating a Care Bear cake too. We will see.
OK, that's it for today. The kids are all tuckered out from swimming...I set up the pool for RC and McKinley and David went to the big one. They are also happy I set up the satellite in the basement where it's cooler.


Laura nominated me as a Rockin Blogger! Thank you so much!!

Now I get to nominate some...And I think they are worthy.
Jenna at Paper Petals
Thanks again Laura....it was awesome to see my name in lights! LOL

{bubble bella}

Ahh....isn't this relaxing! LOL...
I love the way this card turned out. If you click on the picture you can see it closer and see the detail on the tub. I think that is what makes it so great...the coloring. I'm pretty happy with myself here! LOL....
I used my markers and watercolor pencils to color it. Mounted the main image on Lovely Lilac and then on some DP from The Angel Company. The ribbon is purple too but it looks blue here. It's nice in real life.
I'll be posting more Bella cards as the days go. I have a list of chores today before I can play. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

{Feeling Crabby}

OK, well I'm not really feeling crabby...but I do like this card. I was coloring Mr. Crab and I wondered about Ms. Crab. So I created this card.

Super Simple like the rest of them, colored here with my markers and ink pads. I cut her out and mounted on this scalloped circle that was a WISH RAK. The main background is Rose Red cut short so the white shows, and another strip of white as accent. I also like this large brads that are in my large stash. Tee Hee Hee.

Inside it also reads Snappy Birthday. Some lil girl in our house has a birthday here soon. So excited!! (I think I am more than her!)

I've also created many more cards the last few days. This heat has just gotten to me and I have no energy whatsoever. And yes, even stamping has been tough, but I did get down there yesterday and today.

And I came up to snap some pictures of these cards and the phone rang.....so my lil photographer David took this picture of all my cards. LOL... What a ham!

Don't worry I have a few non blurry ones for later on. And yep, they are more Bellas!! Get ready for Bella overload. (Maybe it's because I have a new Bella on her way to my house!!**evil grin***)

OK, off to feed the kids and get ready for Bunco!!

ETA - the new Holiday Mini catalog doesn't come out until September..Oops...I was enabled early and passed it on to you!!

Also more enabling...if you order online at Disneyshoppping.com from July 19th to August 19th, use the promo code BACKTOSCHOOL for 15% off. I found RC a Handy Manny backpack! Woo hoo Mom!!

Like I needed this...

The new SU! Holiday Mini is out.


OH!! I am still mulling over the new catty!!

I did like that
a) the stamps are all die cut already in the mini catalog...no trimming!!
b) the designer wrapping paper!! I HAVE to have that!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Here's to a new week

Well, readers, I didn't have much to blog about this weekend. It was HOT HOT HOT!! So we took full advantage of the A/C! It was still 90* when I went to bed last night....and muggy. Ick!

We spent most of Saturday sweating at an auction. Then yesterday we were just lazy and hung out down in the basement. Then we went over and sweated some more with our friends for their sons birthday.

I think I lost my mojo in all this heat. I just couldn't create a card to save my life!

This card is about all the I feel worthy of the blog. LOL... I spent a lot of time mulling over my two new catalogs and I see that chipboard is so in. So I tried it. Greg had gotten me a big stash of it for Christmas and I hardly use it. So I covered some petals with paper and had a flower. I have to say that this is inspired by this flower here on Amy R's blog.
I liked the way she did the ribbon.
I have to say that I don't think I really fully copy others cards. I think I enjoy drawing my inspiration from them. I have a hard time doing the exact same thing(OK, cause I can't remember it all!) But when I see a fun thing like this ribbon I like to try it out. So that's is where I found the idea. The rest just flows.
Well, my house is in dire need of a tune-up so I'll try to find something else to create later! Enjoy the NEW WEEK!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Family Friday

It's Friday!! Yeah!!

Here are our Family Pictures from over the weekend.

This is the majority of the Mangis family that was here over the weekend. Out of the 42 in the family, there was 27 here. Monica was here but didn't get in on the picture. Otherwise we were all in on it.

RC loves to find the kitties... we think this lil white one with blue eyes is deaf...which is why he gets caught. McKinley wanted to see the kitty and wouldn't be happy until she hugged it, they she moved on.

Here is McKinley and Morgan...they are excatly two months apart. They really got along well for that age. McKinley is the brute tho...but when she steals Morgan's pacifier, then you better watch out. Morgan rips that thing back so fast!! It has been so fun to watch them together.

Then this is the only pic I have a David...he is too busy. He was organizing kick ball games and baseball ....he was not content just sitting and visiting like the rest of us.

The visit has come to an end tho...everyone is heading home today after lunch. It's been so nice, but we have stayed up too late and ate too much. We also got Aunt Mary's house ready to move into...so really there are no complaints. Grandpa said he loved it cause he hasn't spent any money this last week...Aunt Mary reminded him of the charge accounts tho! LOL... Have a great weekend...I'll be back with some more creative things later on!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

{Check this out}

I am such a vintage gal...I love things that remind me of when I was young

This site has just that


I was looking for some Care Bear coloring pages for McKinley's invitations.

Go look around!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Sew Happy

I put my RIBBON SALE up earlier today


Well, I thought I would throw a card in here this week. Our week is crazy...my family is still here and makes for messed up days. It's hard to do much when you want to hang out with them all the time! LOL...

This card was created with the Simple Stitches set from CTMH. I really loke this set now that I'm playing with it more!! I'm thinking about ideas alot too!!

Although I think I've lost my mojo for the time being. I did get some MissyB swaps done today but I was really struggling to even go down stairs. I have another swap that really needs my attention...maybe tomorrow morning. While I drink my coffee and chill. Yeah.

I've also got my stamps out...not that many. but hopefully enough to pay for my next stamp order...I'm loading up on cardstock!! I seriously was too overwhelmed at my wish list to order anything else!! LOL...


Ok, here is my ribbon that I have extra of.


This ribbon is 3/4 inch in width.
All Ribbon is already cut into 5 yard increments. So if you order 2, you are actually get 10 yards.
If you would like to purchase ribbon, EMAIL ME with the color name and the quanity you would like. This is a first come first serve basis. I will try to update it as regularly as possible.
Put RIBBON ORDER in the Subject Line.

1 - 4 packages - 50 cents
5 - 10 packages - 75 cents
10 or more - $1.00

Right now I am only taking PayPal. If you do not have PayPal, you can email me and see what we can work out.
I'll send you a request for payment with your total.

I have matched the colors as closely to what explains them. Some of their real names do not. I've used some SU names to make it easier to figure out.


Black 2

White 3

Antique White 3

Cream 6

Oatmeal 1

Chocolate Chip 1

Lt BRown 1

Dark Brown 2

Lt. Grey 3

Dk. Grey 3

Dk. Purple 3

Lt. Purple 1

Almost Amethyst 3

Bashful Blue 2

Navy 3

Real Red 3

Pink Passion 3

Coral 3

Blush 2

Regal Rose 4

Orchid Opulance 3

Orange 3

Apricot 2

Yellow 3

Lt. Yellow 2

Turquoise 9

Dk. Olive 2

Lt. Olive 1

Hunter 4

Dk. Green 4

Glorious Green 4

Burgandy 4

Celery 3

Now I'm off to get the rest of my stuff together later.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Out with the Old, In with the New!!

Yesterday on my walk I stopped by my friend Khristi's house and got the new CTMH catalog.

Today I stopped at Bonny's house and got my SU! catalog.

Do you think much else is getting done around here? I'm spending time drolling on new stamps. So I am going to do something I have never done before!

Honestly, I've thought this was silly...why sell them just cause they are retired? Well, you know...I don't use some of them. I really don't. So why not pass them on and get some new things.

I'm going to look them all over, make sure they are super clean and list them later this week. I know I have a few other things as well, like ribbon from my Ribbon Share.

My Wish lists total more than my allowance...and that's not including the paper that I NEED!! LOL.. Be watching!

Monday, July 09, 2007

{Summer Fun}

Yep, more Bella cards!
Somehow I thought these too should be together, but ultimately they are separate. SurferFella was made for David's swim lesson instructor. Kinibella, well she's just in it for the fun of it! LOL..
For both of them I used kits from The Life Preservers Club. I'm really horrible at righting them down tho. If you are really interested you can email me and I'll look. But I will be better from now on.
Anyway, both are just cool. And since we are having a heat wave (for Montana) they fit perfectly!! Enjoy!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

{Sew Happy}

Have you ever had weekend where you are excited for Monday to come?

It's been a long weekend, full of late nights, early rising and no naps! Hmp! So I am excited that tomorrow is going to be less hectic. Family is still here which is great but not so much stuff going on! I plan to sit out on the porch and slowly drink my coffee. We have no more summer plans til the first week of August! YEAH!!

Now on to the cards...I love these. Last summer I ordered this set from CTMH...I think it was one of the monthly set in the very back of their cattys... Simple Stitches. Well, I then bought some crappy white ink thinking that would look awesome. Well, crappy ink doesn't work! So playing around this weekend (avoiding the heat wave) I came up with these cards. I love them!!! I used the needle as the stem and masked part of the smaller flower for the leaves. On this pink one I also cut the circle to go on the outside of the scallop, like I saw on Allie Miles' blog.

Then I tried it in the Turquoise color to match the ribbon I had been wanting to use. I loved these cards so much, I used them as inspiration for my SIL's birthday cards. I always make her cards for her birthday and since she is more into needlework, these fit. I'll post those cards after her birthday, but I will hint Terri, that you can choose your own saying again!! I know you like that!!

OK, so Monday will be here soon and I am pooped...I think I should have made these cards instead ----> HERE

Saturday, July 07, 2007

{Hey Crabby}

Well, I hope you are all enjoying the weekend. The temps here are reaching triple digits, so we are staying in with the AC on! I went garage saleing this AM and it was 87* by9 am!

You can only imagine how great the stamp room feels in the basement!!

I got some more WISH RAK images from daisyfreak on SCS. Thanks Joy!

These are from Crab and Co. This first one I watercoled Mr. Crab and the sand. I love the color combo too! You can see the background some - its one from Elcetic Backgrounds set.

This next one is my favorite of the two. I got this great beach paper pak somewhere and the name escapes me. Anyway, I used that to get my color combo. And added the cute sentiment down below. I think clams Snap don't they?

I've worked on some others...making my SIL some cards for her birthday. I'll post them after the 24th then. But I do have some to share Monday...that's when I'll be back!

Have a great weekend all!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Family Friday- 4th of July pics

Here are some more of the Family Pictures from the 4th of July.

Here is McKinley and cousin Simon. She's such a wild girl and not used to being with other lil ones. She needs to learn to be more gentle!

RC had a good time roasting marshmallows. He was such a mess here...everytime he'd lick his fingers it would get worse!!

And finally David, lighting a firework...with Grandpa's help. He thought that part was the best!!

I am making Frogmore Stew tonight for everyone!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Family Friday

It's still really Thursday, but I wanted to start on Family Friday pics. I have more too!!

I hope you enjoyed the 4th and your festivites. We decided to head South the the Little Rockie Mtns. and to the mining town of Zortman. It's so close, but I haven't been there for way too long. But they put on a really good 4th of July celebration so we went. It was a beautiful day.

Here are the kiddos in front of the Zortman Jail. I know that I have a picture of my brother and me in front of that when we were probably the same age as the boys.
My friend Debbie and her son Blake also rode up there with us and Greg's brother and family were there too. Here is David and his friend in the jail.
Here is RC. This picture just fits him!!

There were tons of games for the kids to play and one was the sack race...that's David in blue.
Here is RC, making his way across the field!
David and his friend were also in the water ballon toss and won!! He was so excited. Right before that the Forest Service Fire Fighters turned their hoses on all the kids and then they had a sack race where they hopped in the sack, with kids on their back. Again, David and his fighter won. He was still so excited and I am so happy that we went there for the day!! No one really wanted to come home.
Even McKinley had a great time!!
On the drive home we stopped at the campgrounds and took the boys down to the creek. It was sooooo cold, but really felt good!

We came back to town and napped before we had to go to my parents' house for dinner. That too was fun and a great way to end the day. I'll post some pictures of the kids doing fireworks later on.
Today Greg and I went to Great Falls and back to see his Dr. We did some quick shopping(I went to the scrapstore!!) and had dinner with friends. We ended up there a lot later than I thought we would. So Grandma had all three kiddos in bed when we got here.
Our weekend is filled with family things...my dad's family is all here - always a fun time!! So I'll be posting our happenings on here through the weekend!! Have a safe one!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Blogging this week...

Happy 4th of July all!!

I know that I said I was going to post some more cards this week, but I don't see that happening. We are headed to Zortman for their fesivities today and then off to Great Falls tomorrow to the Dr. Then our weekend is full of Family things. My dad's side is here{hi everyone} and we will be busy with them. Also some friends are coming in to a reunion and we would like to see them.
It's also the Swim Meet here this weekend...right across the alley. It's going to be crazy!! I'm not sure if we will even be able to get home!! LOL..

So enjoy your Holiday weekend - be SAFE!!

Last Bellas for this week...

OK, I thought I would get all these Bellas out of the way and show you something different this week too. But really, I love these Bellas!! LOL....

The top one is Jammybella. Isn't she cute? I have some fun flannel PJ bottoms like that and I love them. And there is enough teddy bears around our house! Tee Hee Hee... I went with the colors from these cool flowers. (Got them at my LSS that's closing) Then added some hot pink to the combo.

Next is Super Bella...of course I went with the Superman colors. Had to! I made sort of a tent topper card. I think it looks really super hero -ish.

And finally, you know we all feel this way sometimes. My boys thought she was Snackabella, which was easier to just say yes, then explain PMSabella. LOL... I went with the colors from the PP in this one. Mounted her on the new Soft Sky blue and some Rose Red. Added some cutsy ribbon and done!

These were some of the simpler ones I made. I like them tho.

If you like the Bellas and aren't already a member, there is a Yahoo Group called bellaholicsanonymous. We are having a Summer Bella contest over there....starting July 10th, you can enter. So go sign up over there and join the fun!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

How about a Fella today

Well, this is my first Fella. I am loving all the images from the RAK, and will prolly use them all up soon! LOL
This Fella is Beerafella. I colored him with markers and watercolor pencils and used some ole Chatterbox paper and some new Crate paper.
{When I cleaned out my room this last week, I went through my scraps stash and made it more managable. }
Then I used my Word Window punch and stamped Happy Birthday on them. You can't see it here but there is some Glitter on the ice to make it look real!
I have some fun news too...but I do not think I can post it yet. I will when I can....all the hint will be is that it does have to do with so many Bellas!!

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