Wednesday, October 31, 2007

If it's not one thing, it's another

I have had such a hard time the last couple weeks on the computer. We are experiencing technical difficulties that are driving me nuts!! Not to mention, I've been busy and I am really excited to be HOME for a couple days. Granted today, being Halloween and Church night, I still don't feel as rushed as I have.
So then, when I do get on here Blogger won't upload my pics. Hmph.

OK, enough is something fun, yet late.

I got these great goodies from JT's October Aloha RAK. They came from Monique in California. I loved it!!

I also got some goodies form Judibella yesterday that included a Witchybella card, some candy and a Heart border stamp from StampingBella. I don't have a pic yet tho.

Here is another card that I did get done. I received these BabyFellaBella images awhile back and made this card for my cousin and his wife who had their first baby, a girl on the day before my birthday. I pushed for the 25th, but I totally understand! :o)

Stamps: StampingBella (image RAK), sentiment SU! - Little Love
Paper: Cardstock - SU!, DP - Autumn Leaves (thanks Lindsey!!)
Misc. ribbon.

I hope to be back tomorrow with a new creation. I am sure that we'll all be hyped up on enough candy and the boys are out of school tomorrow for Parent Teacher conferences. So smart to do it the day after Halloween!!

Happy trickin'!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Hey all. I am getting a jumpstart on the week posting tonight. Monday's are always crazy.
We had a busy weekend, full of Holiday fun, tho. I always like that.
And I did sneak in some fun for myself, although not enough!
I received a stash of images this last week and one was Kittycatabella. I had just been mentioning her to my cat-loving aunt. So I used her to make a Thank You card for my aunt for my birthday presents.
Stamps: Kittycatabella by StampingBella
Paper: cardstock, SU!, soft sky, DP Autumn Leaves
Extra: paper flowers
This paper and the flowers were my present from my Brother and SIL. Thanks guys, I am enjoying the chocolate while I craft!!!
Happy start of the week!!
Also, my Bella Sistah, Susan got engaged...finally!! Yeah Susan!! Head over to her blog and say Congrats!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Have you ever had a dream come true?

Most of you know this last week was my birthday. At family dinner Wednesday, my Grandpa asked me what I was going to do this year..and then said The same? I laughed to myself.

I want to do more this year. I know I have a lot on my plate as a mom and wife and I also try to be involved in my kids' school things. But I have had a dream for quite awhile. It's something that I've wanted to do for over a year and these past few months I've actually started pursuing it even more. And now things are falling into place. Like slapping me in the face saying this is actually going to happen.

I will share that it's a new business venture and it's got a lot to do with the stamping world. So I am super excited, but as with any venture there are things that scare the crap outta me too. What if I fail? What if no one wants what I have? What ifs...I hate them. But I have this great DH who keeps saying to me So what! So, you tried it and it least you tried! So is that enough? I don't know.

What I know is, I want to succeed, who doesn't. But I also want to have fun and share things with others, so I need to make sure that's the whole point.

I also wanted to make sure I wasn't just doing the same thing next year when Grandpa asks What will you do this year? I want to be able to say Move Forward and try something new. (OK, we also watched Meet the Robinson's and that's their saying!!) So here goes to a new year!!


WE have been dealing with computer issues all week. Our cord for the laptop broke, so we hopefully can get one this weekend. The local GEEK told me that it would be such a hassle if he tried to order it, so I sent it with my mom to GF. And this desktop was soooooo sllllloooowwwww!! Ugh or it would just lock up. I had to remove some programs. A couple games were *coming to life* (Greg's says anyway!) and were running each day without anyone playing them. Maybe we have a lazy ghost huh?

So finally I am online and playing around. I also feel like I've been running all week. And I guess I have been busy this week.

I had a Pampered Chef order come in and the lady needed the gift wrapped and delivered for her, so I also needed a card. She told me to go buy one. Pish...

I used a plastic frame so it reflected, but I mounted it on some Crate paper and then used the reverse as a background. The image and sentiment are from SU! I also decorated the envie too. Just for fun. And here are some of David's masterpieces. He loves to come down with me and play. And he is just as creative as his mom too! Here is Beerafella and Fixerfella...he even named them Gregory and Danny. Too funny!! He cracks me up when he is trying to name them and then what do I say when he wanted to know if PMSabella was snackabella? Um, you bet son! Like I need to explain that to a 7yo boy! LOL...

Have a super weekend. BTW, I posted our Halloween costume on the family blog today! I am off to feed FOUR boys and take 2 to a Haunted House and expect one extra to sleep over after that. May be a long night!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Nothing to share other than Thanks! Thanks for the birthday wishes that I have received today.

I've been busy enjoying the day. RC and I worked on their *costume* for the Halloween Parade today. I'll post the pics later. I'm only taking a few minutes to pop in. Today kind of zoomed by...of course.

We had family birthday dinner last night, which is always good. Mom made lasagna and we had salad and bread too. And chocolate cake...yummm!

I got some new clothes and slippers and a holiday decoration that I am excited to use. I also got some goodies in the mail SIL bought me some fun paper crafting materials, so I'll have to create her a cool card. And post the one she made me. My Bella sistah Susan, sent me a bunch more images to play with ! I can't wait. So...I can't decide if I want to play or watch all my shows I have saved up....

Hope you had a good day too!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Golf Anyone??

I got Golferfella from my Sistah Susan for my birthday!! I love that!! And today I was finally able to break him out and ink him up!!
I've been hosting (well, trying to) the Bella challenges on SCS and today I did a color challenge of Pumpkin Pie, Choc. Chip, and Old Olive. Yummy huh? So this is my outcome of colors. I also used some Sands of Time paper from TAC.
The FORE is from the TAC golf set and YOU is from the Cmas set. I just colored the letters with my markers. The ribbon CTMH. Simple and good for a guy birthday or just because. I think I'll give him to my golferfella.
I didn't have much time online yesterday, not being home. And tonight we are doing the family birthday dinner. But tomorrow is my day and I plan to play away!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Monday

Hey all...I hope you enjoyed the long weekend. It was nice here and we got some yard work done and spent some family time too. You can check out the family blog for those pics.

I got to create a few cards and these are ones that are going postal this week.

This first one with Winobella is going to Kristin and Travis to thank them for the Birthday card.
I've had this magnet paper for some time and finally used it up. I colored Bella and mounted her on some Black CS, adorned with ribbon and mounted on the magnet paper. You can see in the second pic she can hang on the fridge.

This card is going to Cori, my RAK friend from Jen's JT RAK club.

I used Sweet Tweet from TAC and the DP is TAC, Rustic Chic.

Another Bella Magnet card. This Bella is going to my Sistah Susan. I love Cosmobella and I had to get these charms from Stamping Bella to go along with her. (You might have to click on the pic to see the charm hanging on the ribbon) The baubles are also going to Susan.

The CS is from my scrap box, but it's Bazzill. You can see the magnet part that is falling down some...I can't figure out how to attach them better without ruining the magnets.

That's all for now. Monday chores are calling me. I've been working on some other stuff for the craft fair too...only 3 more weeks now! Ahhh......

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some Fun

Well, my home is a hub for 7 & 8 yo boys right now. One showed up right before lunch, the other two had called and came over. So no stamping during nap time since I can't confine all of them in the basement with me!

I was reading on Google and Chris posted this experiment.

SHe wants us all to play and link back here ---> DeMuth)

So if you are reading this, you are tagged - show us your answers. If you do, leave me a comment so I can enjoy reading them!!

10 years ago I was a senior in High School (Yep, next summer is my class reunion!) I was probably enjoying a break from Teacher's Conventions, and I am trying to remember if it was that year or my junior year we tried to see George Strait over that break? Hmm.... Anyway, that's where I was.

20 years ago, I was getting ready to turn 8. I am sure that I was tormenting my lil bro somehow, probably in 2nd grade that year. I know that I was collecting Barbies (nowdays it's real difference! LOL) b/c that year I took over 100 pairs of Barbie shoes to school on the 100th day!

30 years ago, I was non existent. My parents had been married a year I think at this time. Who would have thought 2 years later I would've been coming!!

Have a great day. I've decided to make some popcorn, watch my shows on DVR and keep an eye on the boys outside...and sulk for missing my stamp time.

Tutorial on Storing UnMounted Stamps

Hey all... I wanted to get this out of the way today as there is no school, so I don't know what my day will hold.

This is what I've done for storing my stamps from The Angel Company. As you know, these stamps come as Blue rubbah, and you mount them on the EZ mount foam and cut them out.

A few other stamps companies that I have found like this are (of course) Bellas, Missy B, Mandarin Pixie.
Some companies, like Cornish Heritage Farms and Gina K. will offer both Wood Mounted and un mounted.

So this is how I store my TAC stamps and will most likely do something similar for my Bellas.

I bought these ten CD cases from the local Radio Shack for $6.
Maybe you can find them cheaper at a bigger store...but I live in Hicktown and this is what we have. You also have to make sure that you get the ones that can take out the inserts on. Some cases (I think the jewel cases) are molded into the back. So make sure that you get the kind you can pop the inside out of.
You will also need white paper, a marker, black ink pad, a trimmer, stamps, acrylic blocks and cleaner. (I'm telling you this b/c I ran up and down the stairs a hundred times to do this!! I should have done it in the stamp room)
Here you see where I popped the inside out.
Next close the case and draw a line in the opening on the left hand side. You'll notice there is a lip there and if you store your stamps under that lip, it will protrude into your stamps and ruin them.
Next I used some plain white computer paper and stamped the images onto it. The paper measures about 4 3/4" by 4 1/2"
After I stamped them I cleaned them up again and stored them inside the CD Case. You can see where I made my line and how I left the stamps away from it.
The I slipped the stamped sheet into the CD case and Viola! I'm done. This takes up so much less space than any other storage for stamps. I have a CD case holder that I'll put on top of my desk and can just grab at them anytime.
You can also use a address label and label the ends of them. You can easily color code them as well to have all Fall stamps Orange, Christmas stamps Red, etc.

OK, hope you enjoyed...thanks for stopping in. And have a great day! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This is kinda blurry huh? Oh well..someday I'll get that picture taking down.
My friend Khristi let me borrow this stamp. I stamped it on the canvas paper from CTMH and frayed the edges a little. I love that paper. THe DP is some CM stuff I found in my stash for Fall. Perfect huh?
Super Simple and fun.
Tomorrow I am going to post a Tuturial on storing your Angel Co. stamps.
There is no more school this week so I don't know how much I'll get done. We are expecting company as well so I want the house to be clean. With five people here all day? That's no easy task!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So did you all see the new Member Companies at SCS yet? Of course, Bellas are there as well as many other great companies. It's a whole lotta fun.
So I was crafty over the weekend. When we ventured out of town, I found these awesome stickers from Stamping Station for our Hometeam. So of course, I bought kids I know in HS tho. But while looking for mojo, I decided to craft a frame and add it to the craft fair pile. Someone will surely need this for a senior picture right?
I covered it with Bazzill, added the stickers and then painted the edges with MM paints. I left it fairly simple in case it was for a Boy.
Back to work today and tonight is stamp club. I'll share with you all what we make tomorrow!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Um, do I read too many blogs??

I do. And I read them via Google Reader. I simply add the subscriptions and when new posts are up, I see that and read them. Very Handy!

I didn't realize that I have 70 subscriptions!! And this said...

From your 70 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 1,551 items, starred 4 items, shared 0 items, and emailed 0 items. {Guess I read and don't share enough!!}

Guess whose Blog I read the most posts on? Yep, Allison's Stamping When I Can {One of my firsts and one of my Favs...}

The Time of day I read the most - ties between 3 pm and 9 pm. {Coffee breaks and before Bed...hmmm}

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the only 2 days I don't read more than 175 posts. {Are you all posting less or am I more busy?}

In the last three weeks, on Oct. 4th I read the most posts in one day...108

Very Interesting...
Want to see about your own Google Reading? Click on TRENDS

Happy Mail Day!!

It was fun to go to the mail today and get some many great goodies.

First my order from Stamping Bella came. I got some charms to use on cards and some Baubles for my Sistah Susan.

I also got some great Birthday RAK fun!!

This first one is from Michelle (mlehmer) from the Wish Rak on SCS for my birthday. I love cute!!

This second Bella one is from Shelly Socha on the Bellaholics group. She was thanking me for hosting the Bella Babe contest and wished my Happy Birthday too!! I love the card and am so happy for Golferfellas. I would love to make some cards for Greg to send out!! Yeah!! Playing!!

I also got some BabyFellaBellas that I swapped over the weekend. Yeah!!

Now to find time to play! Hmm.... Working today and Wednesday, no school for 4 days, which means kidlets to entertain, company coming, class reunion meeting, life, laundry and the whole bit. Some day I'll fit in some stamping time.

I do have more to show you tomorrow tho..I fit time in yesterday!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tea anyone?

A while back I got these fun lil TeaBags from The Bag Ladies at our local drugstore. The tags had sayings on them and I knew that I could use them in my cards somehow, right?
Well this is the outcome. I tried 3 other tea bag holders ideas so that the tag would come out. This has been the best so far. I need to tweek it a little if I make more tho. But I am happy with it.

The saying reads Throw away all evidence of him and bring me a pint of HagenDaaz. I think Craveabella would have worked better but this is what I had on hand.

Cardstock - SU!
PP - Creative Memories
Ribbon - May Arts
Image - Bubblebella from Stamping Bella
Brad - unknown...from my Sistah Susan!!

And this is for a Bella swap...we are making Calendars. I choose Oct. so I could use Witchybella (which also came from Susan!! yourock!!)

I'm not done, I just want Tangi to look at this and make sure I'm doing it right. Then I'll show you the finished ones later on.

Have a great day.

Tagged for the Weekend

Good Morning!!

I woke up to being TAGGED by Char Wilson at
So here goes...

OK, this tag is called THE NAME GAME.
This is how it works.
The name of the game is to list one fact that is in some way relevant to your life, for each letter of your middle name. If you don't have a middle name, use the name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your middle name and game facts.
At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.
Don't forget to leave them a comment or e-mail them telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog.

J - Joyful to have such a wonderful Family

O - Over-stresser, meaning I worry too much about the little things.

OK, now to TAG some others....

J - Jenn's Stamping Corner
O - Oz-some Stamps by Heather Scott

Friday, October 12, 2007

Blog Candy Winner..

Wow!! I am in love with what you ladies did on these cards!!

In case you missed it, my challenge was to create a Birthday card that didn't read Happy Birthday.

I got 6 entries and these are them

by Tanya Atkisson

by Elaine

by Michelle Greenwood

by Cheryl

by Melissa

By Cindy Vernon

And the Winner is ELAINE!!! I just love the colors and the way you used the felt. Thank you all for playing. Elaine, send me your snail mail and I'll get your prize out!!

Thank you All for playing!!

My next blog candy will be over the next come on back!!

{The Nitty Gritty}

OK, first off...Blog Candy Winners to be posted next, I just wanted to get this out of the way.

Last night I read somewhere that Crafty readers don't want to see family stuff on craft blogs. Fine, but you'll listen to me right now. I have created a FAMILY BLOG for only pics of the kidlets and what not. No more Family Friday's all craft, all the time. OK, so I may spat to you once in awhile.

Just so you know. You can visit me over there and the link is at the top of my Blogroll. --->

Birthday Blog Candy

In continuing to celebrate my Birthday month and the fact that I have over 11000 hits on the blog, more candy!!

This one is a challenge as I said last create a Birthday card that does not say Happy Birthday. You can have cake and presents, but it can not read Happy Birthday. I am really looking for some funny sayings, so be creative!!

I'll leave this at the top until Friday when I choose a winner - so be sure and scroll down for creations!!!

What are you playing for? This fun set of Shimmer Jigsaw pieces. They look YUMMY!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Mail!

Ok, I swear this is my last post today!!

Today I got this card from Michelle over at Bella Kitty Creations!!

Thanks Michelle!! I love it!!

Wanna Scrapbook?

Hey Local readers...

Jenn Stevens is coming to town and has some awesome classes booked. Check them out here

Won't ya join us!!

Nurse Bella???

Hi all!!

Here is what I have done with Dental Bella. A friend of mine asked me to make her a Nursebella card and I said you bet! But I didn't have one and I would've gotten a great one from the gals on Bellaholics, but opted to try and transform Dentalbella. I had her from an image swap.

I adhered a scrap paper with RX on it over the tooth and drew stethoscope over the brush. You can see that better in the next picture!!

I love how it turned out!!

The CS is from SU! and the brown background is actually a sticker-stock from CTMH and so is the ribbon. The brads I found in my stash. The sentiment is from Words by Wilson.

So Sweetie, you card is ready!!

Today is my Dad's birthday - Happy Birthday Dad!

We are going out to see them after dinner tonight and take his gift.

Also, tomorrow is the last day to post a card for BLOG CANDY!!! And I posted a picture of it on that thread!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

For you

I thought I would post a card tonight since I didn't today.
We headed out of town today to get some shopping in. David finally has a Halloween costume. RC and McKinley have a few Christmas presents and I picked up some goodies for Blog Candy.
Be sure you post your Birthday Cards before Friday night!!
Stamp: Sweet Tweet, TAC
Paper: TAC - Rustic Chic, SU!
Other: Hardware and Ribbon from CTMH!
I am sticking this in the mail for my stamping friend Jaime!!
And come back tomorrow to see what I did to Dentalbella!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I am here .....I think....

I don't like to start days out like today, but it's OK now.

Last night, McKinley fell asleep way to early and then woke up after the boys were in bed. She ran back and forth between me in the front room and Greg in our bedroom. She was her regular crazy, silly self, but way to late. Finally at midnight I put her whining in bed and went to bed myself in my bed. I do not remember anything else until the phone rang at 6:30 AM! I was in the front room in the chair. Don't remember getting there or when and if my friend wouldn't have called I may very well still be there! LOL..

So startled awake, I found the phone and she wanted me to SUB for her at her pre-school today. I did, I'm done, I've been drinking coffee all morning...lil wound too tight, it's all good.

Now, on to the good stuff....

I joined the flock and altered a clippee. We've had these floating around here since Greg and I got together. It was his passion for Office Supplies that led me to him you No, we've just had them and they are too big for anything I would use, so I altered them. Seriously, if it lays around too long, it's mine!!

Stamps: Trendy Holiday Tags - TAC
Paper: Scenic Route & SU!
Ink : SU!
Ribbon: May Arts, various

I have to say it was fun and I'll eventually get the rest of them done.

Yesterday I added some new cards for Fall to the local store here. Tomorrow we are headed out of town for a day trip to get some shopping in.

***Also want to post that on SCS they've announced a new Member's Companies group for some special stamp companies. Bellas are there!! Yeah!!! So there is going to be a new forum over there esp. for us addictabellas!! You can read more about them all here. SCS.

Monday, October 08, 2007

My Heart Sings

Happy Monday Morning all...

Another of my new TAC stamp sets is Heart Sings. I love snowmen and for holiday cards, they are pretty universal.

This first card I stamped the image with Noir Pallete black ink. Colored with my markers. The DP is Scenic Route and the ribbon is American Crafts. I punched the tab with my slit punch and added a brad, although I didn't center it perfectly!!

These next two are my favorite. I've seen plain white cards and coloring and love them. So now I felt I finally had the perfect set to try it out. Simply stamped the images on the White cardstock and colored. I drew the colors from the ribbon.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

More Cards...

Three posts today!! yikes...

Well, I have a lot of cards to share and thought I would get on it. I have more that are still on my desk too!! I love a day of card making!!

When I first saw PomPomabella...I thought...uh....not really for me. But I really love her!! And after downloading new fonts, esp this school cheer one, I had to make a card!!

As you may know, Cosmobella is my favorite one of them all... Last night my friend asked what color cosmos were and no one knew! LOL...shows we spend more time stamping them then drinking them! LOL...

This cute card is one of my first TAC only's! This lil boy was in the TACgrabBAG that I got. {You can get them too} and I love him. He is so cute and totally reminds me of RC. The paper is TAC also, Sands of Time.

Another all TAC - What's Moo! I had to have that set. I am a total country girl and I loved this one. I'm not so much into cows in real life, but these ones are so girly!! I love that. And I love this Uptown Girl DP from TAC as well.

This is one of my favorite cards for the day. I love the colors, the POP it gives.

The second card of the same set. This ladies are Udderly beautiful if I do not say so myself. LOL... Same recipe as the last card here.

Some fun shopping Bellas here.

The saying saws it awesome day with the girls huh??

And lastly. This stamp is from TAC's October SOTM. Wasn't sure I would like it, but I did.

2nd post today - World Cardmaking Day

If you haven't already seen the Free Digi Kits over at PaperCrafts magazine, go now.
Digi Kits
And if that sounds overwhelming, check out Nicole's step by step on how to on her BLOG.

If I can use them, so can you!!

These are some cards I made using some of the Digi Kits. It was so simple and fun!! I downloaded them all and plan to use them a lot!

World Cardmaking Day & more

If you don't is World Card Making Day.
Here is the link

I am hoping to spend some time over there today!! Although the laptop isn't working so I can't take it down. Oh well, good exercise running the stairs eh?

Here are my goodies from TAC! Oh how much fun I'm having!! The second picture is of the TAC grab bag. There are some wild stamps, but I've also found some really cute ones too...there is the cutest lil boy laying in the leaves!! So perfect...I'll show you that card later!!

Last night was my first PMS party here. I think we had a great time!! I haven't had time to take pictures....they stayed until almost 11 last night!!

However I do have this card for you...I love this Bella. And this saying. I totally cheated last weekend and printed off sayings from the computer. You can change the size, font, color on the PC and print. And saves you money for Bellas!! LOL.... It reads It's better to have loved and lost than to be with that psycho the rest of your life.

OK, I am heading over to WCMD and I'll be back later to share some creations!!

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