Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Want a FREE CK subscription??

Well, do ya? So in my newest catty was a note saying that when I renew I can get one who wants it? I don't know anyone around here who might, so it's a Blog Tart I guess. I'll draw a name on Tuesday!! Just leave a comment on here.

Oh this week is flying by. Guess what I did yesterday? Scrapbooked!! Two pages!! Awesome! I was excited. I do have my mom's camera but I need to get some batteries....her rechargeable ones stink. :(

I also helped my SIL with a secret project for this weekend...woo hooo haa haaa.. LOL... And my niece called her *crafty aunt* and I said UhOh! I knew what it was and I was happy to help...we made cute lil tags to go on the yummy starbucks coffee she is giving as favors at her wedding this weekend. She called me today but just to come hang out with I know she isn't totally using me! (Just teasin')

But, my brother and his wife showed up today. Lindsey came in earlier and said oh yeah your bother and dad will be here at noon. OK, well let's order chicken! LOL.... They all headed out to the Wagon Train tonight....:(.....and Lindsey is taking the train to see a friend tomorrow. So we are going to do some shopping in the morning. So it was a crazy day. Of course we had to have Grandpa and Aunt Mary over for lunch too.

RC was not happy to go to school...he said Mom, last time it wasn't awesome. Now does that not break your heart. I know it's just scary and overwhelming, but he always comes home talking about all kinds of things. although he did say his friends all pick their nose and no one plays. Yeah right...they are all 5 yo one stands still!!

So, I was worried that at lunch recess they would see all the vehicles here at home and I was right. He wanted to know whose blue pickup that was and I said Uncle Matt. I told David that he said and that he asked if he could come home to see his uncle. Not til Saturday now.

So we have been's 10 and the first time I've been on the computer all day. I guess that is OK tho...the world isn't ending!! My to do list is getting long tho.
  • Sort pictures and start scrapping more.
  • Stamp some images for Blog Candy
  • Get challenges ready for bellaholicsanonymous first Stamping Daze
  • Start scrapping for another lady
  • Get things ready for the Shoebox Swap
  • No join anymore swaps for now!!!
  • ****Work on my dream plans**** (I'll tell you that later on)

Now those are just crafty related plans...but I will tell what is done around here

  • Scrubbed the cabinets and the floor by hand!!!
  • Scrubbed the main bath extra well
  • Scrubbed my table and chairs extra well
  • Completed what laundry there was yesterday and most is put away.
  • Feel pretty good about having lots of company this weekend.

OK, that's enough blabbing. I'll see you all Monday...thanks for hanging in there for me!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Fall Shoebox Swap...

OK all....don't flake on me this week. Greg's neice is getting married on Saturday, and I plan to help out wherever possible. It's also Wagon Train time and my brother will be home it's going to be a long week. I want to get some creative things done as well, but.....well, you know how life goes. Just don't give up on least next week I will have tons to share and more time to share it in!!

Also, I wanted to post this...
Fall Shoebox Swap
Saturday, Ocotber 6th
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
at Stretch's Pizza (I'll send you directions)
First come, first serve – call early.
I will take back-ups in case someone backs out.

You must register by September 29th.
*include the following information:
Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number
To register –
Call Katie at 654-2955
Email –
When you register, I'll send you more information...local gals, I'll be sending this out this week also. Watch your mail. I'll also be posting on SCS.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


I'm still here, but haven't been to the stamping room since Wednesday!! AHHHH!!!!!

Thursday afternoon my aunt and her grandsons showed up for a visit. My boys love to play with them so David was so excited when they were here when he came home from school. Everyone came here for dinner and we had Traveling Tacos. If you haven't had those, you are missing out!! Yum!
There is no excuse for no posts Friday other than I was trying to get things cleaned up for the weekend. The boys ended up sleeping over at my Grandpa's with the cousins and I went to bed early!!
Yesterday was the big garage sale over at my Grandpa and Grammie's house. They moved into assisted living and my aunts cleaned out their house. Greg, McKinley and I ran the money table. It was fun to watch all the poeple and those who kept coming back! Esp. once things were 1/2 price and then FREE!! So needless to say we were tired when we got home. We have Free Starz preview on TV, so that and the recliner were very inviting!!

Today my mom, my two aunts and McKinley and I are going on tours of some homes in our town. Something fun for us to go do, so we thought we would. Greg has a Fantasy Football draft today and is taking the boys for part of it.

I am anxious to get back down to my craft room...I have alot I want to get done.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Wow, this week I was actually able to complete all four challenges so far on SCS!

I did the Technique Challenge and posted it here.

Then I was going to try to make that same fold on the color challenge and I fudged a lil. So this is the card for that.

And the snow one is for the Sketch Challenge, but the picture is nasty.

The first card was Groovy Guava and Soft Sky. Good thing I got more paper last week so I could use the new In Color papers on it.

The Snow Card has no stamping...just some DP and CS and a chipboard sticker..the words are a clear sticker too. I made it in a hurry last night so it's not my best work! LOL...

Then I realized that the Ways to Use it challenge was to make a Halloween card...well I have just made a bunch of them!! Woo hoo for me. For this one, I cut the top part of the front of the card and decorated the inside. I just punched the bat out and the other square colors. This set if from CTMH.

I am really hoping that with both boys in school I can complete more of these. Today tho, RC is home and I've been trying to get things taken care of before the I can play all day tomorrow!! LOL..or read blogs...I have 96 entries to read on my Google Reader! all need to slow down ladies!!

Having family for dinner so I need to get going.

Sweet Sayings...

As promised here are my other items I recieved from Uppercase Living.

These first two are 10x10 sayings...they come in 2 pieces and are two colored. I found these blocks at Ben Franklin Craft and just rubbed these on to them. The one is LET IT SNOW and the other is GONE BATTY. I am going to get some ribbons and tie around them and use for decorations. I thought about gifts, but nope, I like them too much! LOL...

This cowboy one is my favorite...I think it truly fits my boys!! I put it up in the main bathroom. It's kind of a chocolate color and the rest of the bath room is a darker rose color. Eventually, I hope to get some fun western borders to replace the flowers.

My mom has also taken some pictures of the boys batheing in her old white washbasins when they were younger and I'll get one of McKinley too and find a barnwood fram and put them in over this saying.
This last one went in the boys' room. Their room is the lighter blue color and I'd painted the darker blue and white strips at about 5 feet. So I thought this was perfect. In the catalog there is also some stars that have initials in them, so at future parties I plan to get some of each the D and R to put up next to these.
Right now you can see they have Cars decorations up but I think these sayings are going to last until High School....
We are off to get going to the 2nd day of school. RC is off today and is still sleeping anyway. He was wore out!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to School

Well, today was the day. I think I am still in shock that it was already time to head back to school. Didn't they just get out? Hmm.....
Here are the two before we headed over there. (I borrowed my mom's camera to not miss today) It was chilly out this morning and I think only in the 70's now. Brr... But both boys were up right away and ready to head out. Finally at 7:30 I turned on some cartoons so they would relax that last 1/2 hour. Geez.
RC went to his class first. He was excited and even though his friends weren't there, he sat quietly (yes, that is what I said!!! SHOCK!!) at the table. We left to take David to his room and RC wanted to stay there.
David was the first one in his room and wasn't really wanting us to leave. He is such a nervous nelly. So we waited around there til his friends showed up and he went outside to play. We stopped back to RC's room and his friends were there then and he was still A-Ok.

I think that mom is OK too. It's still so shocking to me that RC is in school, David's in 2nd grade and it's that time of year already. Never before has that been hard for me. I think it's going to be even tougher when McKinley heads out to school. You know she is going to be like an only child now that the boys are gone and she'll be home full time for at least 3 more years. Yikes!! Should we plan another one? Let me think about that....NO!! Heck no! LOL... She is going to keep me busy enough!! She is used to following the boys around and has been following me today. Except now her and dad are sacked out in the recliner. Lucky them!

I can't say that I got an exceptional lot done with the boys gone. I did laundry and the like...boring and thankless things. I am working on some other things too. So I did a little.

The boys are supposed to sign up for Awana and I am supposed to go to training. It's a touchy area there, so I do not know what to do and it's literally 2 hours away. Ugh.

It's been a good day over all and I'll adjust to the idea of school here soon. Check back tomorrow for part two of my Uppercase living things...they came yesterday and I slapped them right up!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A little more about me....and my marriage....

I saw this on April's blog and thought it would be fun to share with my new crafting friends as well as others who might be wow...this picture got humongo!!)

1. Where did you meet your husband? I will tell you the first time I saw Greg was him crossing the street when I was still in high school..then later at a wedding reception and a friend told me he was too old.

2. What was the first thing you said to your husband? I seriously do not know the first thing, b/c we were friends before and he was always picking on me..poking holes in my pop can before I would drink them, so I am sure I was chewing him out.

3. Where was your first date & kiss?Our first date was to the movies...don't know what it was either. And I think that was our first kiss too.

4. Did you have a long or short engagement? Not too long...we were engaged from October of 1999 to July of 2000.

5. Where did you get engaged? At the house we were living in at the time, it was my birthday, Greg had invited everyone we knew and they all came b.c they all knew ahead of time. So as I opened presents he proposed. So I got roses and a ring and the new hand mixer I had asked for! LOL!!! October 25th, 1999

6. Where did you get married? We got married out at my parents farm. We knew that that is where we wanted to be the night he proposed. Our lil boy David was one of the best men. They made a platform and we stood on it in front of my dad's wagon and the guests sat on hay bales. I came in a buggy that was driven by my dad's two best friends and we left on a golf cart....they way things have been in our life. LOL... Then we drove to town in my dad's '48 Dodge car. July 8th, 2000

7. How did the reception go? It was awesome. The original bar where were held the reception burned down a couple years before we got married. They rebuilt and opened up the day before our wedding...we literally broke in the new bar....and it was the best time ever. We had a DJ and we all danced until after 2 am. There was a started to rain when we go to the reception and about 2:30 the power went out in town. It was an awesome time for everyone. My mom arm wrestled another gal (for fun) - Greg will never forget that.

8. How was the honeymoon? It's still going on baby!! LOL.... we never really went anywhere. We talked about it many times and never did. Maybe in three years on our tenth anniversary...we can only dream huh?

Good Morning

Hi all..I realized that I hadn't shown you what I had done with my Uppercase Living purchases. These are from the first party I went to, I am still waiting for the ones from my party.

I bought the one color's was $35 and I got 8 sayings. So I went to the Lumber Yard and bought 8 pieces of 1x6's. Then I painted them white (Distant white actually, leftover from our living room walls.) Then I rubbed all these on there. It took me about a half hour to rub all eight on. And the night of the show, my 7yo rubbed a sample on his wall without anyone he did it alone. It's that simple.

This one shows what I am doing with these samplers...I drilled eye hooks in the tops of the boards and then nails in the wall to hang them on.
These say Happy Easter, Enchanting Spells - which I sponged some orange on, Sweet Land of Liberty - I sponged red and blue on this one, and Happy Thanksgiving.

This last one is Kisses and Hugs - sponged with red, Peace on Earth and Happy Harvest -I marked where the pumkin would go and colored it orange before applying the saying.

The other thing is, the demo had them on tiles from like Home Depot, and you can place it how you doesn't nessecarily have to be in a straight line.

I am hoping my order arrives today so I can play with the new ones I got. I ended up getting alot Free, so I was super happy!!

If you want to check out the website, go here ---> Uppercase Living or the name highlighted above too.

Have a great day all!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Thanks for your support

I got some new stamps today thanks to Monica's Birthday sale over at Hambo Stamps. I had been eyeing these two for some time now and thought I would take advantage of the sale.

This bra however just looks so droopy and sad! LOL.....

I used Celery, Chocolate Chip and Pink Passion SU! cardstock here. The DP is also SU! from my stash. The ribbon is May Arts. I used my slit punch to make the lil tab and add some flair.

Today's technique challenge on SCS was the Cami Fold. You can see that tutorial here. So this was technically the first card I made with these stamps. I made it fairly simple. What else is now huh?

Here is the Open view.

On some sad news, I am breaking down and sending in my camera for repairs. After this weekend and the sad way my outdoor pics turned out, I figured I really need to get buck up and pay for repairs. That will come out of RC's college fund for him dropping it, but it makes me sick to know I let that happen ...........again. Ugh! pictures for the next few weeks unless I take some with mom's camera. I guess I will have to in order to get Back to School ones....oh how sad.

Oh well, enjoy these today!! :D

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Sunday evening...

Well, I am excited to report that our last weekend before we head back to school was filled with fun.

Yesterday we loaded up and drove about 120 miles to the Bear Paw mountains where's Greg's brother and SIL were trying out their new camper. Also there daughter and her family were there, so it was a great day. They found an awesome campsite with a lil pool in the creek for the kids to play in. I even set McKinley in the water and she had a blast. I am hoping that we could spend more time there sometime soon. It's a prefect lil place to fish too. Of course, it got late and we weren't home until after 10...nice drive home dodging deer.

Today we got up and headed over to a historical house to paint the wrought iron fence. {note to self...we do not want one} This house is part of the museum in town and Greg was part of a leadership committee this last winter that learned more about our county. As a group they decided to do work around the area to help out. So this was the first project and it was fun. We didn't realize that it was going to take as long, but not everyone could come and it was more then we thought. But we had plenty of kiddos to help out and we got it all done.

We all kind of took a late nap and haven't even really fed anyone today! We are awful. Now tomorrow we need to get back into gear and get things ready for Wednesday...Back to School!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Winner Winner...Chicken Dinner's time for my Winner to my Blog Candy!!

I let RC pick and he picked.....

Lisa C. said...
I love coasters at craft shows, and love giddyupabella, I would love to have more images of her. :-)

Yeah Lisa!!! Send me your snail mail and I'll send you you images!!

Thanks again for all the great ideas!!

{Family Friday}

TGIF!!! It's the end of another week and the end of our last full summer week. The boys both start school next Wednesday. I think we are all ready.

One new thing that is taking over our house is McKinley is walking. SHe's doing pretty good too and likes it more than crawling. David is pretty good about walking with her but RC tries to pull her along. Here she is walking to her lil kitchen...she loves it!!

Then there is RC. He got a new Deigo costume from Avon this week. He loves Dora and Diego and we decided that he could be Diego for Halloween. Of course, we have to try it out first. Should we spraypaint his hair too? Hmmm.....

No pics of David. Honestly I have been bad about taking any pictures when they aren't working out well. But this week I'll be snapping them for back to school.

OUr weekend plans include the new premiere of High School Musical 2. The boys have been obsessing over it for the last few weeks. All the hype on the Disney Channel....they are counting it down and so are the boys. So I think we will let them have a lil party tonight to watch it. Then tomorrow we are going to head to the mountains about 100 miles from here. Greg's brother and family are going camping there so we are going to spend the day out there. It should be fun, but some things to get done for it today. Sunday Greg and a group are doing some painting at the Robinson house...a historical home here. A full weekend. See you all Monday.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I am counting down the days til school starts. I know that is bad, but all the fighting and craziness is wearing on me. So I am really ready to send these animals back! Although I know I'll miss em!

I made a couple cards for the teachers this year. I had some teachabella cards from the image swap. This first one I colored with markers and mounted on Red Bazzill CS, then on some carribean Bazzill CS. The letters are actually ribbon tape...I love it and it's gone now! The DP is from Daisy D's school collection. The background is SU!'s all I have for white or vanilla!! I need my SU! order!!!

This next one was a lil more fun, yet just as simple. Same thing for the image, although I doodled around the edge of the image. Then mounted on Bazzill CS. The papers were I think from Pebbles Inc. from a couple years ago...I love the white ledger paper. The sentiment is hand wrote.

I am still pretty sick about my camera and these images. They look good for me now, but when bigger they look awful. It's just sad.

OK, tomorrow is Family Friday.....see you then.....


Yep. I got a RAK. It's from Alexis Ridgway and part of JT's RAK group. Jen Young, Pieces of Me, sets up a monthly RAK group. So this is the one I got. I love it...has one of my fav sets and my fav. DP from this last spring.
Thanks Alexis.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A couple of Frames

First of all...thank you all agan for the great ideas for the Craft Shows. I am getting more and more excited now about them. If you haven't signed up for the candy, stop here.

These frames have been super fun to alter. This one I made for my cousin and his new baby girl. I just added the paper and some fun chipboard stickers. They are all up on foam squares so they really pop out.

For this one, I used Wild Asparagus Brothers kit and used the word FRIEND. I like how simple they are but sooo fun!

I have been super cleaning this a Fall Cleaning. I was going to wait until the boys were back in school, but it's just been bugging me. The entire basement is back in order now and the storage room is also once again manourvable. Then we progressed on to the boys' room and got all the school clothes and books and toys sorted and weeded out. It really feels good to have that done before we head back to school.

I'll be back tomorrow with some school related projects...and I want to make some cards today too!!

Blog Fun

First off, scroll down if you haven't posted for Blog Candy....remember you do not need to have ever made anything, just post an idea. I am really loving all the ones so far today and seeing the new blogs. I am so behind on all my blog reading. I am trying to read some while I cook lunch and this is all over Blog-ville.

You have to use the first letter of your name here.

Your Name: Katie
Famous Artist/Band/Musician: Kenny Chesney...hubba hubba
4 Letter Word: kite
TV Show: Knight Rider
City/Town: Katy, Texas
Boy Name: Kevin
Girl Name: real name
Occupation: Kitchen help...LOL
Something You Were: Kilt
Celebrity: Kate Hudson
Food: Keewie
Something Found In A Kitchen: Kettle
Reason For Being Late: knitting a new shirt!
Cartoon Character: Kim Possible
Something You Shout: Keep out!!

I do have some other frames and fun things today...I'll be posting them later. We are going over to check out the new classrooms and teachers today.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bella Key Chain and Mini Blog Candy

Well, first things first readers. While visiting with a fellow Bella online, I got the idea to use Minivanabella on a keychain. I just happen to have one lying around and viola!! This lil fun thing came out. HEre is the back.
Now it's not really oldest doesn't wear bows like this walking girl here. So I think it's going into my sell pile. You know stuff I am creating for the craft fairs.

That leads me to the Mini Blog Candy. Up for grabs is 3 sheets of Whisper White SU! cardstock, stamped with Giddyupabella. I can get about 6 stamped on there. So you will end up with 18 images. It's not much, thus the MINI part. Anyway, what I want to know....and how you can win....
I need craft fair ideas. Do you sell things? If so, what sells the best? Or what would you think would make a coolest gifts for the upcoming holidays? I have tons of ideas and a few things done, but I would just like to know a few more and see what you other crafters are thinking.

You have until Friday at Noon to post and then I'll draw a name that afternoon.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Birthday Sale

It's Monica's 40th birthday and she is giving us the present of 40% off all reg. priced stamps over at Hambo Stamps!! You need to check them out!! I love the Fractured Funnies especially! BUt this time got the Bra and Thanks for your Support stamps!!

{Frame Fun}

I found these cool frames at Ben Franklin Crafts on Friday for $3 so I bouught 5. I was so excited and as I was going through my Life Preserver kits, I found this school one. The black ABC tape is awesome huh? The paper is from Lil Davis and I love that old retro look. For this I simply cut the paper to just hair under the size of the frame and cut out the middle..see the glare!! WOW!! Then added the ribbons. I wanted more, but when I played around with it, it looked like too much. I was so excited, knowing this frame will most definatly sell....then realized that the stand only goes one way. The other way. Ugh. And no more paper like this left...of course, I love it!!
So I'll have to try something else on the other ones. One I plan to make baby girl like for a new baby girl we have in the family!!

{Bella ATC}

Hey all...Here is one of my works of art from yesterday. I joined an ATC swap on the Bellaholics group and choose Giddyupabella, then realized she is bigger than an ATC! So I stamped here on 2x2" Kraft cardstock, colored her with Choc. Chip, Really Rust and Mellow Moss. She is mounted on some Bazzill paper. The DP is from Flair Designs...I need more for this Bella. The main CS is also Kraft and then used some CTMH brads in the corners.
I am pretty excited with it all now. A few more things to check of my creative list this week.
Off to a Dr. Appt. and other errands....see you all later!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's nearly Monday now...

OK, I do have alot to share with you and will get it all uploaded first thing Monday...well, after the coffee.

The last few days have been busy. We got all our school shopping done and were home just in time for a nasty wind storm to blow through. Nothing damaged here but mom and dad's outhouse blew over. Good thing they got indoor plumbing last fall....ROFL!!! **Sorry**

Yesterday started early with the boys and Greg going to breakfast with my dad. So all that commotion woke McKinley and I so no sleeping in. I had a lot to do so I just got to it, making a dessert and cleaning the plates for our neice's wedding shower. That was in the afternoon and so fun. It is fun to see all the new Wedding Gifts! I loved that part of getting married. The boys had ended up out at my mom and dad's for the day so I went out there for supper and to pick them up.

Today was so lazy really. We didn't get going too fast and then Greg and the boys left to go shoot praire dogs with the friends. So I had a nice quiet afternoon with McKinley and got a lot done. Fun things to share with you.

I thought I would get all this blabbing done tonight so I could share fun stuff tomorrow!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fall Cards

I made these Fall cards for a challenge swap on Cornish Heritage Farms message boards. They went postal today to the four ladies.
I really like that idea of a just send your cards to 4 people and get 4 from different gals.
So they are simple and I love that. I loved the coloring and then I just added a background paper, some DP and matted the images. The CS is Bazzill, although the main cardstock is SU! Kraft.
I closed up my Uppercase Living party today. I am so excited at all the goodies I'll be getting!! Yeah!! I can't wait to show you what I have planned with them all!!
We are heading out of town tomorrow to tackle the school supply shopping. RC got all 4 of his shots today...he was super brave. I was releaved. McKinley and David played in the play area and when I came out and picked her up they said Oh she's got a bare bum. AHHHH!!! She'd lost her diaper in there! LOL... So I rush her to the car! Oh man!! Oh well, something to laugh at huh? Got the physical to get done Monday and we should be set to start school *yeah!!*

Hi ya!! Good morning with yet another card. I made 10 of these for my cousin's new baby.
You can see the first set here.
For these I tried to make them girly cute, but I just don't have enough baby stamps that would have done that. So I used some DP from my LSS and the pink CS is Bazzill Bling. Then I stamped SO VERY in passion pink and GRATEFUL in gabel green. The canvas ribbon is SU! and stapled on there. The heart clip was from a Secret Sister way was fun to use them!
So all the cards are ready to mail out. I also created a LawyerBella for my cousin's wife...both are lawyers...and sent it too! (Sorry no pic of that one!)
I'll try and post again today. RC needs to get preschool shots so I bet that will be rough on us all. Tomorrow we are going to Havre to get school supplies...and find some other goodies! I hate that part of spending so much when we leave town, but it's b/c we have to stock up on what we can't get here. Ugh!
We also have to gear up as school starts in less than two weeks. I know I say I am ready but it will be different.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I need a saying here...

This kind of makes me think that you just spent the last of your cash on a new purse or wallet and have nothing to put in it. So I need something that says I am poor, b/c I spent it all on buying Bellas! LOL.. No funds due to my large stamping collection! LOL.. I totally stole this idea from Danielle on the Bellaholics Anonymous yahoo group and thanks to Lisa C. on there I got 12 of these stamping bellas images. So I'll be making 12 of them for my stamping group!! How fun huh?

The CS paper is Bazzill and I think the PP is Bo Bunny. I used the swirl from the Hodgepodge Hardware and some SU! ribbon.

I have lots more!!! See you later!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

For your veiwing pleasure....

Since I am not creating anything worthwhile....

I want to show you a new Blogger....Bella Kitty Creations. She has some awesome card that you must see and some I will prolly CASE to the T! I found her via BellaholicsAnonymous. And I am excited that I did!! Enjoy!

{Here I am}

Hi readers...I'm still here and kicking. I really need to get down to my craft room and get to swaps are piling up and hearing deadlines now. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not...:D

This weekend was our county fair. We took the kids up Friday afternoon to ride the rides. There was about 10 of them total and maybe half that they could actually ride. Then there was a few that scared David. We laughed as they rode the big swing, David was holding on for dear life and RC was kicked back like it was super boring to him. It was good entertainment for them and they were able to ride with some friends too.

Then Saturday night we went up for the concert. This man did a good job...I think he was bummed about the size of the crowd tho....I guess that is what you get in a town of 200. There were many more than that, but we were in no way comparable to any other concert venue out there. But we had a good time with friends there. The kids were all great to sit there and enjoy it as well. David was grooving around, RC was playing with a friend and McKinley was trying her best to scale the bleachers. That was about all we could handle at the fair. Sunday we didn't venture too far from our chairs. I did work on my other crafty project. I now I mentioned I am hosting an Uppercase Living Open House tonight. Well, I had previously ordered a sampler of 8 sayings. So I went to the Lumberyard and had them cut me some 1x6's and I painted them and applied the saying to them. (I'll take a picture.) So that is where the creative juices flowed over the weekend.

We have also been dealing with some tough things through our church and we still feel unresolved after a long meeting last night. Now I guess just leaving it all up to God. Hopefully He will show us our path soon.

Today I have to prepare for my party and am going to help my aunt clean her new house to move in. So...I'll try to get something crafty for you all this week.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Yep. I have nothing to post. No new creations to share. Sorry all... I've reordered my adhesive and it should come next week so then more creations will be made.

We are also going to be Fair bound this weekend.

I found these pics on another blog and thought I would share.

My great aunt who lives in MN is still in the hospital recovering from her surgery and so far no one that we know was hurt. However there are lots who were and we want to keep them in our thoughts.

I'll see you guys Monday!! Enjoy the weekend!! (No Family Friday pics tomorrow...I'll share Fair pics Sunday or Monday!!)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Thank lil lady

Well, I was commished for my first real stamp order this last weekend. My cousin and wife had another lil wonderful girl. And they asked me to make them some Thank You notes to send with baby's picture. So this is half the order. The other half I wanted something different...but am having trouble coming up with it! Ugh. Some of the idea behind this card came from Alli Miles. I enjoy looking around her blog. So I CASED in part this card from her. I stamped lil lady with Basic Black and Rose Red on Very Vanilla. Mounted on Rose Red and Chocolate Chip papers. The base is Rose red stamped with the flowers in RR and CC inks. The ribbon is from my ribbon share. All mounted on VV cardstock. The brad is American Crafts I believe.

So....I am offcially all am out of adhesive. I had to place an order today for some as there is no where to buy any here. {Have you seen me repeating this loudly lately????} So in order to finish any other cards I am using up gluesticks!! LOL... Oh well.

In other news tonight, we want to say a lil prayer for those in Minnesota after the terrible bridge collapsing. My great aunt lives near there and was scheduled for surgery today. I am just praying that no news is good news tonight. Her roommate was taking care of her and just praying she wasn't on the bridge going anywhere at that time. I couldn't imagine she would be, but I'll let you all know tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to McKinley!!

Our lil Bug is one years old today!! She hardly know what that means but love to hear the Bithday song when we sing it to her. Almost as much as David enjoy singing it!!
Here she is enjoying her slice of the cake on Sunday evening at her party. She had to head to the bath before opening presents. We got her a Webkins cat and a new Sippy. Gma and Gpa got her new PJ's for summer and winter and socks. Auntie and Uncle got her first baby with bottles...which she decided to drink!!
She's also on the move more, walking now!! Watch out....

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