Friday, March 30, 2007

Sarah and the Stampstars!: Win Some Crafty Stuff!

Sarah and the Stampstars!: Win Some Crafty Stuff!

{Family Friday}

This lil cutie!! She is a heart stealer...if you are local or get our local paper you would've seen her in there this week too.
She has been lovin' this's an old clunker we got handed down when the boys were smaller. And they still fight over it even tho we have two cars. BUt this one is this The General it's always a fight. But not's McKinleys new ride. She loves to be pushed around in it!

Well, I have spent the last couple days cleaning up my room downstairs. It was getting kind of sad looking!! LOL... But now it's better and I can go down and get things done. I have been working on a few things for Design Teams and I wish I could post them now, but maybe later...I have to wait and see if I make it!!

Have a great weekend....I am hoping for some warm weather to play outside. But I guess if it's cold I'll have to head down to my table!!

Friday, March 23, 2007


I love Fridays - so I made them Family Fridays so make sure you scroll down to see my pictures today!!

Jen over at I {heart} to stamp is starting a Bloggers challenge that starts up tomorrow. If you have a blog make sure you head over there and take part. I plan to and will get my challenge card uploaded on Sunday. I am gonna take part each time she does.

We have a busy weekend planned here. First of all...I will be drawing my Blog Candy tonight so make sure you are signed up!! And tell your friends!!

We are also off to help my parents at their Booth at Ag Day. I love Ag Day here...just because I remember it being such a cool thing to go to when school got out, and we could walk there after school instead of taking the bus. My parents used to go when my Dad ran the Tire Shop, but now they are going with their wheat burning stoves.

Tomorrow is gonna be the busiest. We are taking the kids in to get some old fashioned pictures taken at a fundrasier. I cannot wait to see how they dress them up!!
Then we are heading up to Loring to the Chicken Feed for lunch. It's also a benefit and last year the proceeds went to us, so we want to go back for lunch this year too.
Then it's back to town to decorate for and attend our pastor's 60th birthday party. This is such a big thing as some of our elders aren't being very nice to him. Our pastor is the best and he has really made our church what it is and there are a few people who don't like that. And unfortuantly they are the elders and board members. It's really sad to see. So we are all rallying for Pastor Hal and his wonderful wife too.

Then I tell you we may come home and just crash! LOL... Sunday night we are having family supper for David's birthday. I cannot wait to see his expression when he sees what Greg got him!!

I will also be posting my stamp club cards and then working on what I am gonna teach at project night in April. Any ideas?? Hmm....

Thursday, March 22, 2007

{Pictures for Family Friday}

As I mentioned a while ago, I wante to make Fridays, Family Fridays where I blab about my family. And since I just got some pictures I wanted to do that. Even tho it's still Thursday! LOL

Here is one of Greg on the standing machine at the hospital. Unfortunatly the other pics of him working weren't that great. But this one is pretty cool to me. He said it really felt weird after a year of sitting.
Here is one from the Nuggets game against Orlando. We were way up there, but still pretty neat to be at.
And here is the cutest lil girl ever!! (IMHO!) At the Zoo they had this lil bear sculpture and she sat there so cute and smiled!! What a doll!! And here's the doll with her mom and dad. Aren't they cute too!!

I 've made my new cards for stamp club this month so I will be posting them Friday sometime. Try to get some more things made too. I've enjoyed the comments on my Blog Candy post, and I want to post more cards on here for inspiration. I love looking at them on others so I guess I should be posting more of what I did too!! LOL...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

{ Stinkin' Cute }

Here is another lil stinker I made a few days ago with my new Stinkin' Cute set. All supplies are Stampin' Up! I don't like how she turned out with the reg. black so I switched to Craft Black on the others. Stamped the background once with the Eclectic Bkgrnds set. The ribbon was from the Sweet Shoppe pack, Rose Red CS on the background, stamped the stinker on Apricot Appeal and mounted on Almost Amethyst. Put it all on Whisper White after I ticket punched it and then used some contrband brads. :oP
Simple, cute and fun. Not real creative, but I was mass producing a bunch of them!
We are off to get Greg from the airport today...gonna be along day!
Don't forget about my Blog Candy below!! I'll try to get something fun for tomorrow too.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

{ Blog Candy} A clean house and a 4 year-old

BLOG CANDY as a Thank you for over 2000 posts!! Thanks for checking in on me here. I plan to have more cards up now as well as more scrapbook layouts too. But otherwise I hope your enjoy stopping in here.

Got my picture now so you can see what you are getting. I have one FOREVER Heidi Swapp clear stamp, two small notebooks to be altered, a some fiber, and various Primas.

To get the Blog Candy, just leave me a lil note in the comments section with your name and maybe tell me what you are looking for when you browse the blogs. Just so I know what I can do.

ETA - I didn't set an ending date. You can comment until Friday night until 8 pm. Then I'll draw a name!! Good luck!

As for the rest of my headlines - I spent the day scrubbing house(the upstairs anyway). Yes, the day. It really needed a good scrubbing and so I went to town. I love it. I really like a clean house, but with three kids, Greg and then a puppy it isn't always something that's easy to do. I don't mind the toys and what not strewn around, I just like to take care of the garbage and what not that gets mixed in there!! And now with the puppy, he likes to chew things up... UGH.

RC (the 4 year-old) was pretty helpful today too. He really entertained McKinley when I needed him too. And he was good for the most part. When I turned the water on the lawn and said stay out of it, I wasn't at all surprised when he came inside wet.
But he has this fasination with things being hot. Like on the stove or at mom and dad's with their wood stove. I know that I have spent at least 3 of the last 4 years telling him that things are hot and not to touch. But now he likes to walk up to them and touch them, asking if they are hot. He got burned twice now. Nothing serious, but still. Why is he doing this? And why isn't he learning from getting burned! I tell you he may be lucky to see 5.
I also noticed he spends too much time with my mom and dad. Today he was having a Coffee Break. Something I think they do a little too often out there. (winks**)

PS Tell your friends about the Blog Candy!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

{Wow - Thanks}

I've got over 2000 hits!! So that means BLOG CANDY!! I'll get some things I found in Denver together and post it Monday afternoon sometime!! Until then have a great weekend....and come back soon!!
ETA - Didn't happen Monday so I will try again Tuesday!! I don't have a camera so I am working on it! LOL...bare with me!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

{More Fun}

Like I said, I wanted to spend some time playing this week. I came home to 3 new stamp sets and some fun supplies I had ordered too. One set was this Stinkin' Cute one from Stampin' Up! The lil skunks looked so sassy. Also another thing I am doing when I order at stamp club is to make sure everything goes together. I find that I order paper or ribbon and then don't have a match. So I ordered the ribbon first this time...the Sweet Shoppe Ribbon, and then ordered the cordinating papers. Hey, why didn't I think of this before huh?

So the outcome was this cute card and a few more which I plan to wrap up in a couple baskets and donate to the Chicken Feed in Loring next weekend. Last year they gave the benefits from the day to Greg and I so I wanted to give something back this year.

Don't forget that my CARD for this month is up down below or by clicking here.

Today is David's Birthday party also. He turned 7 on Wednesday!! So hard to beleive! Time flies huh? So RC and I are going to be busy making the Dirt Cups for treats and then planning the scavenger hunt. I got my grandpa's Poloroid and plan to take pictures to send them on a goose chase!! Can't wait!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Happy Easter!

CSN - E135
Price - $2.50

How this works -

I will be offering 2 stlyes of cards each month, one on the 1st and the 2nd on the 15th. *Note that March will only have one Style*

  • You can order as few or as many as you like, but they will all be the same as this one.

  • Both Styles will be available for that month only, however you can combine shipping on both stlyes if you chose to wait until after the 2nd style is revealed.

  • If I am totally overwhlemed and run out of supplies, I will offer you a 2nd choice similar to the first card.

How to order - Order anytime by emailing me with the Card Style Name, quanity, your Full Name and Mailing Address

Payment - I do accept PayPal and I will send you a request for payment after you send me your information. Once I receive your payment (and I get your cards done *grin*) I will ship them out.

Prices - Each month prices will vary depending on the materials and time that are used to make each card. I plan to keep each card under $4.00. **Did you say YIKES? Have you bought a card in the store lately? They aren't that much cheaper and these are much more thoughtful and unique!!**

Shipping - Shipping will be $2 Flat Rate in the United States and $4 shipped out of the United States.
You can also combine your card orders for the month with both stlyes and/or Custom Card orders.

Custom Cards - Yes, I will still take orders on Custom Cards. If you need a specific occasion or color/style please let me know. Custom Card order will have a mimimum order of 5 cards, however they do not need to be alike. I will not make and ship you 1 card, the shipping wouldn't be worth it. For more information CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions, please email me and I'll try to answer them right away.

P.S. - Make sure you tell a friend too!! If they mentioned your name, you will get a small gift with your orders!!

{Back to Business}

OK, you probably think I am nuts that I have actaully been stamping after I was gone for 3 weeks. Yes, there is still laundry to be done and chores, but I have cleaned the living room three times in the last 4 days! So I KNOW that I need some play time. That and I came home to lots of new stuff that I had ordered before I left!! So I have been playing.

Also I am going to start offering my {CARDS FOR SALE} again today. I will be offering 2 cards a month, one on the 1st and one on the 15th. They will be available while supplies last, because if I can't get the same paper anymore they won't be the same.

I'll give more info later in the day with the Card for today too. I have a couple options but I think I want this one to be Easter so I can get them to you in time. Plus, you will still be able to custom order them as well.

Monday, March 12, 2007

{I am Home!!!}

And so happy to be. About as happy as the boys were to see Mc and I! The day really went by fast and it was all nice traveling for us. Mc was so good on both plane rides and then on the way home in the car too.
Aunt Sharon and Uncle Ted met us at the airport (so did Bob and Jenise who had my car) and they drove up to Malta with us. So it was nice to have someone to talk to!

But - they lost Mc's car seat somewhere between getting it on the flight from Denver or onto the flight in SLC. I KNEW something like that would happen! But they had another one I used and hopefully mine will be there next week when I go get Greg or they are gonna buy me one!! lol

So now I am off to bed. The time change and worry about getting up this morning as well as the drive has got me tired. Now to get David asleep!!


Friday, March 09, 2007


It's Friday...which means I get to go home in a couple days!! I am excited for that and I know that Greg is gonna be OK too. I am sure that it's gonna be lonely at times, but we'll call!!

Most of this week has been slow for Mc and I anyway. Greg is doing a lot on his own and there really isn't much for us anymore. PLus David is gonna be 7 on Wednesday!! Oh man...SEVEN!! That's a long time! LOL... I guess time flies when you are having fun huh?

Greg was invited to a benefit dinner for the Hospital last night (so was I but I knew that Mc wouldn't stay with anyone!) and he was able to meet John Lnych from the Broncos and he was so nice and autographed a picture for David's birthday! He is gonna flip!!

Today we got to go to the Zoo. It was a fun day and Mc even loved the animals she saw. If they didn't move, she really couldn't see them. But she loved the fish and was really watching the Kamono Dragon we saw. Those things are huge. Of course, lots of pictures. I think I am gonna have to do a slideshow when I get them back and put on here.

Tomorrow we are going to the Crush Arena football game and working on laundry. I told Greg I would make sure everything was clean but he had to do some while I was gone too! LOL...

I'll probably update when I get home!! Thanks for checking in on us!!

Monday, March 05, 2007


Hi guys...thanks for checking in on us. We are still progressing here at Craig. Things are still going well for Greg. This week starts a couple of 2 week programs that he'll need to get in on. We are excited about it all really. There's been alot to take in.

We were able to get out yesterday and helped their local economy out at the mall. We wanted to hit the Disney Store to get some present for the boys. Found Mc the cutest dress for Easter...and a bonnet!! Maybe went a bit overboard there but we figured we could fill their Easter baskets. We also found a Pottery Barn kids store!! I love PB and that store was awesome! The lil kitchen set had it all...dishwasher, laundry center, you name it!! For kids! It's was as much as the real thing!! And Greg could probably build some to look similar! It was just fun to get out and about. We got David's birthday presents too.

ETA - now typing Tuesday b/c I got shut off here. Had to go help Greg work on stairs. He's doing pretty good there, but like we discussed there are a lot of places in Malta that don't have ramps and only have stairs. So really it was good to know the right technique, and I feel good that I could help if we needed to get in somewhere.

We have our conference Wednesday afternoon to see what they say about Greg then. I'll keep you posted..

HI MOM AND DAD....glad you are ONLINE!! We love you!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

{Happy March}

17 Days to GREEN!!

Well, we are still enjoying Denver. Saw some snow tho yesterday and it's cold today. It really disrupts the traffic here on the interstates tho. Different from back home. Schools were starting late and Greg made the comment that they don't even do that in Malta when it's 40 Below!

We found out that Greg is probably going to be here until the 21st. The Dr. just thinks that there is so much he can try out here so we are a bit more excited about it now. Plus Greg's days are full. So it will make it go by faster. Mc and I are going to fly back on the 12th and should be able to be home that night.

All in all, I think that this will be a very useful experience for both of us.

And Fun!! LOL...I told Terri we were going on vacation and we sort of are. We get fed, they clean up after us, and we get to play. Last night we were able to go see the Denver Nuggets play the Orlando Magic. It was a quite a thing for us small town folk! LOL.. It was loud tho but Mc was OK for most of the game. There is also an Arena football game this weekend that Greg wants to go to. So it is pretty fun too.

gotta go!!

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