Sunday, February 25, 2007


Hi guys... made it to Sunday....taking all we've got tho! LOL...It's so dead here on the weekend. Yesterday our day was eating breakfast, making plans for lunch, eating lunch, making plans for dinner, eating dinner. LOL..ok, so not that bad, but close!

We were able to go down to the Rec. Therapy room and made some tie dye t-shirts. We made one for the boys and Mc too and a scarf for the dog!! LOL..we tried to drag it out as long as possible. :P Then we were able to nap some and took in a movie down there too. We watched The Guardian in their entertainment room. It was a good show...we might have to watch it again.

Today, is more like what I first said of yesterday. They are making cookies downstairs at 2 and we have laundry to do, but mostly we are just hanging out waiting for meal time!! LOL...

Tomorrow will start Greg's full schedule of PT, OT, more wheelchair classes and exercise classes. He'll be busy. We will also find out what they thing reguarding how long we will be here. There is alot that Greg can take in and we hope to take full advantage of it, it's just that I don' t know if I can be away from the boys that long!! At least for Greg he is busy here. Mc and I just hang out and she flirts with everyone!! LOL..we may not be able to get her out of here. She really has been so good, just busy. Oh least at home she has her saucer and stuff. Here it is dad's bed or my lap!! With that and all the walking we have to do to get around, I hope to really be in shape when I leave!!

OK, off to check emails and the like. I'll post tomorrow or Tuesday about the details of the stay!!

Have a great day!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

We are in Denver!!

We made it all in one peice!! Woo Hoo... The flight went well. For me a first time flier it was even FUN! Yes, that's right. McKinley was also a great traveler all the way here!

I think that we have everything figured out now around here and Greg is getting into the groove some. We won't know a discharge date until MOnday but they are saying four weeks now. On the one hand, not good b/c I will probably have to leave early to get back to the boys. On the other hand, I am excited that Greg will get to take in so much. There is going to be some really AWESOME things for him here. He is already doing some PT and OT and today will take in a Wheelchair class and they are going outside. BUt that is only a slight bit of what he'll do.

The weather here is beautiful and there is a buss that can take Mc and I around the town. Maybe tomorrow we will venture over to Walmart and Hobby Lobby. then hopefully Greg and us can do something over the weekend. They don't do anything on the weekends...

OK, I am off to check email and not much time on here so I am making this short. I'll post again Monday!!


Friday, February 16, 2007

Life is so Fragile.

This has been a wild few days.

Wednesday night, I got a call that my cousin was killed in a car crash on her way home to her family. I still think that I am in shock of this all. Life can end so quickly and leave you wondering why. I believe that Melissa is in a better place and she will be waiting for us when we get there. My heart is with her son and husband as well as her parents.
Today we are going to a family dinner and then veiwing, then tomorrow is the funeral already.

My parents are still at my brothers and the weather isn't cooperating for them to get home. I don't think they will make it by tomorrow. I guess they will just have to be here for everyone afterwards, because we don't need them to get into a wreck as well.

Also, we got word yesterday that we will be going to Denver Co, to the Craig Hospital for Greg's ReHab. Now we knew about this and really I should've guessed that it would come now, b/c life always happens at once. So Tuesday, Greg McKinley and I fly out to Denver. I do not know what I am doing so this is kind of scary. But it will be OK and for the best. So I hope to update my blog with Greg's details and whatever else I can think of while I am there. I am not getting to take any toys with me, but hoping to find a place to play!! LOL...

Have a SAFE and warm weekend!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

(or Eve)
I am a bit early, but as I look at tomorrow To Do list, I see that it's gonna be a busy day! LOL... What else is new.
I still have to get Valentines packaged up here for my Sweeties! ah, they are aren't they. For the most part. David is a crazy boy...he was telling me something so weird after school and then just started laughing. Weird! RC has been pretty helpful to me lately. Wanting to clean and do dishes. And then keeps saying wasn't I good at that? And he's bored b/c he has no school this the good, the bad and the ugly are all tied right now. McKinley is just a maniac. She's busy and wanting attention. She was sitting up so great but now she sprawls forward and ends up on her tummy. And she hates that!! So soon she will be crawling. Note to self, Buy a Stair gate NOW!!
And then there is Greg. My best friend and my real Valentine. I know that he's bought me something and he keeps saying I need to go get more to add to it. So I am keeping him hostage at home!! LOL... I don't need anymore than what I have!! I am just lucky to have them all to love everyday!
I hope that you have a LOVELY Valentines day. I am going to be making steaks and shrimp for dinner. Gonna try twice baked potatos and then some cheesecake too!! Have a fun dinner in.
Hey, I also got a creation on here. This card was a super easy one to make, but hard for me with all the white background. I think it's lovely, but it's hard to leave it bare like that!! The set was Delight in Life from the Sell aBration and then bottom pink is from the Love Me paper pack and then I stamped the dots on another passion I believe. Stamped the flowers and cute them out and the leaves(which are just the flower on green! And then the little dingbat on the bottom. Super simple...that's me!! Hope you enjoy!!
This week I am also gonna show you what I did with my UHU glue...that stuff rocks. And if you want to try some go HERE.
OK, good night and have a SWEET day tomorrow!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm still here....

I don't have any new creations to post tho. I am cleaning out my craft room. And by that I mean reorganizing it so that I can see what I have and USE what I have. And yes, getting rid of some things!!! Ack..can you believe I have more than I use!! I do!!

So I am cleaning house. I have also been going through more boxes that I left after we moved! 6 months ago! LOL.. But I am getting to them now. I also have that dreaded housework to do and have been busy with Pampered Chef work too. Man, I am just busy. LOL...or I pretend to be anyway!

I have also been trying to get Valentines, that is in 2 days and I am not done yet. David's will be ready tomorrow, but RC won't. His school was canceled for the week. His teacher's mother in law passed away Sunday so that family is out of town. Sad deal. So I don't know if they will have a late party or not.

AND........I won another Blog Candy. Yes two in the last 3 weeks!! Woo Hoo. Esp. for someone who never wins anything!! It's exciting. So I plan to do a Blog Candy soon. Waiting to see if I can make 5000 hits on my blog and then I may get something good like a Bella that I have been wanting so dang badly. Could I give one away? Hm....

OK, I am off to bed. I will get a creation posted tomorrow for you to oogle. LOL...are their ooglers out there? I know a couple people who read this so I will do it for them!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Did I mention....

That we were going to see Larry the Cable guy? I was so excited to see that he was coming to Montana...both Great Falls and Billings. We are going to GF with a few other couples. I am so excited. He is hilarious, and I love to laugh at his jokes. The boys are bummed they have to stay home, so we will have to get a souviner.
Other news, Greg is helping at a Radio Thon for a family that lost their home to a fire this week. They lost everything, and again our little community is so generous. Someone has offered them a furnished home and I think they have been getting a lot of other stuff as well. So hopefully this will help too.
Greg also heard about going to Colorado for more reHab. They have a super Spinal Institute there and hopefully he can learn some new things. Help him get back in his chair if he fell out, that kind of thing. And maybe they might have some more technology about what we could try to get him walking again. So we want to try it. As for when this will all get going, we don't know...we are working with Work Comp. They called us because they have an opening, but who knows when they will call us back.
It's nice and snowy here...RC was all excited yesterday that it was winter! LOL...yeah, has been for a while, we just got some nice snow back. It's a light snow and wet, but it's staying rather warm out. We have no plans for the weekend. Stay in where it's warm, get over our colds and play. We are going to work on setting up Greg's workbench downstairs and I am going to get back into my scrap room and clean it out more.
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Another Bloomer...

Another card today...this one made tonight!! Wow!
Same stamp set...Blooming with Happiness. Now, for not really being a flower stamp kind of girl, I love this set. Man, you could do all kinds of things with this umbrella. A shower card or invitation....Oh I have tons of ideas on this one!!
Anyway this was the Sketch Challenge on Splitcoast Stampers today. I actually got it done the same day, another wow!! We usually have Bible Study on Wednesdays and the kids go to my mom's but there was only one other couple so we bagged it tonight and I had an extra hour to kill.
tomorrow I have some chores to do, but it is Stamp Club night...I can't wait to see what we are doing.

Blooming with Happiness...

Well, I think we are feeling better. This cold really kicked our butts. At least Greg and I. He still doesn't sound so good, but at least we can breath again through our noses and my head doesn't feel like it is going to pop!!

Here is a fun little card I made last week when my mom was over. It's from the hostess set Blooming with Happiness. I stamped the image in Black on the Whisper White cs and then used markers to color it. I think that's what I really like about this...I can color!! LOL.

Really a simple card, although I didn't measure right and it's too wide for a normal card. So I just have it to look at!!

**** The boys have started wrestling practice this week. I don't know how many meets we will get to as there isn't one in Malta. Maybe Glendive and Glasgow. We'll see. But they are both loving it and wore out at likes that best! Wednesdays are always our busiest days so I am off to get it going!

Monday, February 05, 2007

We are Sick!

Ugh...I hate this but we have colds. I beleive that I have it the worst, and then David and then Greg. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. But i know I am staying in where it's warm and toasty!!

Hopefully I'll get some cards posted that I made last week. Hope you are feeling warm and healthy.

Friday, February 02, 2007

One of many...

Of course I was stamping this all my stamps mounted and went to town. My mom came over and made some too. She took all of her's or I would post them.
This was one that I put on the VSN at SCS. LOL... OK...Okay...the Virtual Stamp Night at Splitcoast Stampers. Laughing out loud.
Got carried about with the accronyms. :D
This was an easy card. All Stampin' Up! The new Like it ALatte set is wonderful!! I embossed the mug and the steam with the smelly embossing powder from Cornish Heritage Farms. Then used the Love Me paper and Flirty ribbon. And my NEW ticket corner punch that I had to have!! Love it all....
I have a nice pile that I'll share with you later. I am so tired...ready for bed. Got a long day tomorrow and then come home and clean for our Super Bowl party Sunday. Wow!! I am glad that there is no school Monday, b/c I believe that will be a day to sleep in and be as lazy as I can !!! I am looking forward to Monday for once!
Have a great weekend!!
{If you wonder why certain words are on them and they link you to that site!! :D}

Thursday, February 01, 2007

No card but NEW STAMPS!!!

Yay!!! My stamp order came in today. I was so excited. And haven't had a minute to put them together. I got the Like it a Latte set, Delight in Life and Blush Blossons as the hostess set!! I CANNOT wait to use them. My mom might come over tomorrow to make some cards!! If not, I'll be stamping anyway!!

I also WON BLOG CANDY!!! I cannot believe that either!! I am always posting to all kinds of blogs. I love the inspiration and a little bit more of a personal touch that blogs give. So Julie over at Paper Pleasin' Ideas had a giveaway for the SellABration set of So Very! On my list and soon to be on my table!!! I can't wait! At least I have these to tide me over! lol...

On a more personal note....Greg started his venture in club making. Well, he started with regripping some clubs. So the laundry room is temporarily{Ihope} a mess. We are going to get shop set up in the basement, but I know he was just excited to get going. I hope he can keep busy at it. He likes it and he can do it.
I woke up so grumpy this morning. I realized the real meaning later in the day {wink} No one wanted to co-opperate this morning to get going. Fortunatly I ended up not subbing, but David was not in a good mood to get off to school. The thermometer read 0* and the wind was whipping awful. And he wanted to wear his sweatshirt!!!! We live in's practially tundra out there!! OK, so that's a bit much. But it's cold. Nasty cold. So off he went to school. Then there was RC. He loves to be loud and I had to put a hamper on that way too early today. Maybe this was all just, it's them!! LOL. Anyway, the afternoon was lazy until I had to go out. It was the Super Bowl party at the boys and girls club and I had a PC party to close. I let RC do the after lunch dishes, so I had extra to clean up with dinner. But things are done. I got some rest.
I am off to bed. Subbing the morning. Stamping in the afternoon, and hopefully posting lots of fun creations in the evening!!

Happy Friday!!! TGIF!

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