Monday, June 05, 2006


I had another blog, but seemed to have lost it in all this mess. Now I wanted to post some photos, but can't get the news one to come up. Anyway.......

We found out today that the workers will be here on Thursday. Only months later than what we thought and want. Oh well.....they are supposed to be coming in this week. They said a full crew, whatever that means, and we don't know who long they'll stay to work this weekend. Argh. But again, they should be coming.

I am so ready. I am supposed to make the booklet for the Rodeo this weekend. I have no idea where the disc is that has that info. We looked in the horse trailer, we looked in the storage unit and I looked in the horsetrailer again and mom and dad are looking in the storage unit again but I would really love to have things in one spot. Wouldn't that be nice? PLus, all the running. I am getting tired.

39 days til the due date. I can wait. I am a bit uncomfortable at night and don't get as much sleep. And I should be taking a nap with RC right now. But I am just relaxing here.

The boys start VBS tonight. I am not sure why they chose nights. We have TBall on Tuesday and Thursday and then will be in Havre probably til late on Friday, so they'll be able to go only tonight and Wednesday. But I guess it'll fun anyway. Greg and I are going to go out to dinner. I might even dress up some and do my hair. Whoo Whoo!! lol

Anyway, stay tuned for some pics. Hopefully later today.

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