Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some good news

Well, we don't know what it means but Greg has some fluxtion in his legs. He was trying to squeeze his legs together and we saw them move. It was so cool to see that. It really gives us hope. I think it will help his mindset too. I don't think he's depressed but he gets down. It's frustrating some days, but we both have to keep thinking off all the good things we have.

I am enjoying being home with them. I think for my health I needed to make that move. I have been working harder tho!! LOL... I managed to get the basement in order and most of the boxes gone through. The guest room is set up!!! My craft room is too, missing the table is all. The family room looks like a family room. I doubt the toys will ever be in order again. BUt the boys love to play down there. And it helps keep the upstairs in order more. I just need to get in and clean sweep their bedroom. I can't wait for my massive garage sale next spring.

I went to Bunco last night. The girl lives out in Green Acres near our old house. It was weird to go out there. A lot has changed out there...our old house is totally different. The house I was in I hadn't been in since I was little!! It changes quite a bit too. Seems weird after living so much of my life out there. Anyway, I had tied for the most Buncos and lost the roll off, then tied for the most wins, lost the rolloff again!! Argh...anyway, they put everyone's name who didn't win and I WON!!!! About time. It was fun tho. We are supposed to play a game and we mostly eat and visit, so it's nice to get out.

It's feeling more like Fall here. I am going to buy a new cinnamon candle today so the house will remind me of it. It's been rainy too....we need that. But just makes me like to settle in.

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christina said...

ohh katie that is so exciting that he was able to have some movement in his legs. its a good sign. i know that i am new and i don't know what happened but who cares as long as you guys are doing great and he seems to be getting better. wouldn't that be awesome if he could walk again.

staying home is a lot of work LOL i think that is why most ppl work LOL its easier. isnt' that funny LOL and what is more funny is that a lot of ppl do not realize how much work it is to stay home and take care of everything. its never ending. sounds like you are really enjoying it though. take care and i love reading your blog :)

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