Monday, October 30, 2006

What I've been up

Well, my camera is finally working for me. If anyone wants to buy me a new docking system for the one upcoming gift buying holiday, that would be awesome!! LOL....

Anyway, this is what I have been up to around here. THese paint cans are addicting. I love decorating them. There are so many possiblities. The cowboy one I made for my cousins baby. The white one is for a freinds wedding. I made a cute album and a notebook to go inside too. The Coke one I jusy made. I might try to sell the two of them and the Christmas can too. The smaller ones were with empty formula cans. I have a lot of them around. I have made a couple others but I guess I haven't taken a pic. yet.

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Anonymous said...

Katie I love your altered items so pretty.

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