Tuesday, December 19, 2006

David's Program

Ok, what kind of scrapping mom forgets her camera? Oh well, I doubt I would've got a nice photo anyway, I don't have that great of Zoom. He did so great tho. He was in the front row and did all the parts so well. It was acute little play too. Bubblegum Bart was out to get rid of Christmas. i guess it's fun when you know the kids and know there personalities and then to see them up there.

Then we came home to a Trick - it's not Halloween anymore. I'll post that tomorrow..... stay tuned.

I need a creative day today. Gotta get some more projects done and play. Yes, I have lots of cleaning to do but I know I will end up doing again on Satruday, so I might as well wait. The boys are going to mom and dad's Saturday so I can spend the day getting ready for the Christmas's here. Working on laundry now. Then going downstairs. I am subbing for an hour this afternoon as PE. Hmm....

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