Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Wow, we have been busy getting ready for the Holidays. Working on gifts(which I won't post pictures of til later!!) and decorating. It's been fun. I feel that I am ready for it all! Well, maybe. LOL..

It's warmed up some and the boys have enjoyed the big snow pile across the street. It's pretty slicked up so no need for a sled! David has been busy praticing for his school program which is Monday. LAst Sunday was the church program. They both did well, but aren't loud singers yet.

McKinley is growing so fast. She is almost 17 lbs. and almost 25 inches. A beast!! And don't count on her spending too much time after she rolls over. She is always wanting to sit up and check out the world! She's busy!

This Friday we are going to Havre to the Clausen's Christmas party. Joanna is going to keep the kids that night so we can spend some more time with them on Saturday. I am excited!

Well, I still have some projects to get done before the end of the week. And Holiday Pampered Chef orders to get delivered. And gifts to mail. So it'll be busy. Check back next week to see David's program photos.

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