Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year

Ho Ho Ho

Hope your Holidays were Merry. They were at the Skiff house. We were all spoiled greatly, and we all enjoyed the day. It was so nice and calm on Monday. I like that.

This week has of course flown by with not much getting done. It's been crazy. But a good week to just hang out. Woke up yesterday to lots of snow, so the boys were able to get out and use the sleds Santa brought. And the new snow pants and winter coats. There is a nice pile across the street from the last snow and it's nice and slicked up for them. They have loved it!

We are still waiting on the new computer. He said he could bring it over after Christmas, but now I think he must be gone. I wish he would've said that before so we could've gotten it last week. Argh. Oh well...

I am also going to need a new camera. Which is why there are no pictures on here. RC got a little excited the other day and dropped mine on the floor. He and I are butting heads, as he was actually the reason I got my last new camera. ***Count to ten and breath****

I hope you have a nice and safe New Year. We will be hanging out and maybe playing a few games with mom and dad. Enjoy...

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