Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone is ready for the holiday. I think we are. David had his party at school yesterday and they had a great time. He has a pretty cool class I'll say. We had a SILENT NIGHT last night, ate pizza, rented WORLD TRADE CENTER (good movie) and played some PS2 games. Seems that Greg and I always play more than the boys. :P

Today is house cleaning day. :( And the boys are going to mom and dad's to play. We also have to run to Saco and get our prime rib. Yum! Then tomorrow we will head to church and then the Skiff family will be over for supper and gift exchange.

Then Monday sounds like just mom and dad, so we won't do much special. I am looking forward to just relaxing and not having to entertain anyone! :)

Well, I hope and pray that your holidays are bright. I will post pictures after it's all over. And the ones from our TRICK, that I forgot about! :P


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