Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Did you make it?

To midnight? I did....I had had just enough caffeine to make it and then not sleep so well. Oh well....today has been a super lazy day and I am not quite sure if I can get back to a routine. The boys still have tomorrow off and then back to school.
I played around a little now that I cleaned up my craft room. I found some things I didn't know I had and then some things I needed to get rid off. I'll try and post them later to see if anyone wants them or I may try Free cycle.

For this CosmoBella card, I used some Blue TAC CS and some paper from my Glitter Mat Stack, and fibers I had and then some black CS to mat it on. The charm is also from StampingBella. Very simple - I wasn't feeling too crafty.

This one, David made yesterday. He was in here watching the video by Kristina that I posted about in my last post. He started to draw the sketch and said he wanted to emboss the letters. So this is what he came up with in the end. Pretty good for 7. At the last second he asked for a fella and thought we would be BBQing on New Years, instead of drinking with Beerafella.

Off to keep the recliner from leaving the living room now. Enjoy the New Year!!


Deb said...

David, I love your card especially his outfit, too cool! He sounds just like my seven year old son. Happy New Year!

Danni said...

I love your cosmobella! Very nice!

Just me said...

Great cards. David did a good job too! I just made it to midnight, but everyone else was asleep :)

I hope that you have a great new year!

Stempelchaotin said...

Wow the are really brilliant. Wonderful ideas and Cards. Love it.

Happy New Year for you and yours.

Sister Sandy

Maren said...

What a talented little guy...must get it from his mama! Love your card too!!

Lori Barnett said...

Awesome cards!! David -- what a fantastic job you did!!! I think you need to keep stamping and make sure mom gets a pictures and posts it for all of us to see! "HIGH-5"

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