Wednesday, January 23, 2008

{Fun for You}

Sorry, no new creations today. However, Cornish Heritage Farms (which is right down the road) is giving away a new stamp set from their new The Rummage Bin line. You can see the link HERE.

The only news is that last nights Craft Night with the Red Hatters went well. There was only 3 or 4 of the 18 gals who had ever stamped before, so that was pretty interesting. One gal left with stamped images on her cheeks. It started to get a lil wild at that point, but it was fun. I was sad I forgot my camera to take pics and share how each one was really quite different.

I even ended up with 2 orders for Custom Cards. Yay Me!!

Today I do have a list of craft projects that need to get worked on, in addition to household junk. We moved furniture and rooms and need to buy a shelf for the kids new play room. Anyway, I'll have something more exciting tomorrow but today, go sign up for a Free Stamp set!! Tell Liz I sent you!!

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Ashley said...

Those stamps were cool. I love the ticket and the shadow one!

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