Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fun for all...

Lorie emailed to let me know I'd been Tagged...she sent me these. Thanks Lorie...

I decided to do a couple different things tho...I've seen these on most Blogs I look at, so I am going to start this...

Answer these questions, and post on your blog, then TAG as many others as you want. Don't have a blog? Leave it in the comments... So anyone can play, just comment that you did so I read it!!

I've answered mine in Blue for our team colors!

Q&A - Blast from the Past

1. High School Name Malta High School

2. High School Mascot Mustangs & M-Ettes(girls)

3. Were you involved in sports, clubs, or both in HS? If so, what? I was on the Drill Team for a couple years...that's it.

4. Did you ever get detention? Not that I remember.

5. Favorite High School Teacher & why? Mr Moran, b.c he was so funny. He retired the year we graduated.

6. How many were in your High School graduating class? I think around 64.

7. If you attended college, what school did you go to? No College....:(

8. Major/Minors in College I would've went for Elem. Ed or Architecture (sp)

9. College Mascot My favorite one is Monte from the University of Montana

10. Favorite College professor & why?

Bonus Questions:

1. What is one of your most memoriable HS memories? Honestly, the night the school burned. It was Christmas Eve - Eve (night of the 23rd) and we watched it from my Grandma's house (now Khristi's!) cuz they lived across the street. Then we attended the rest of the year and next 2 at the old Retirement Center. Our class was the first to graduate from the new high school. That I will always remember....and it's about all that was really too exciting..lame huh?

2. What is one of your most memoriable College memories?


Some more fun - I thought I should post how we keep things sane around here!! (Just kiddin')

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