Saturday, February 16, 2008

Here I am...

Did you miss me? Sorry that I didn't get a post out yesterday. I wanted to but was, well, lazy. LOL.. You caught me.

I wanted to share our Valentine's with you, but first, make sure you pop back Monday to see some new changes here and see what else is changing. It won't be big, but it might involve blog candy. Will that bring you back? How about some fun projects I've done? That will really reel you in huh??

OK, here is the cards and pretty flower that we got. The kids got cards from the Grandparents, and I got the rose from my dad. He also sent McKinley a lil blue bear...she said OH WoW when the florist delivered it. It was cute!! This was for our dinner. I made steak and shrimp and some veggies, and we used the china. And the wine one here drinks wine, so we used Koolaid! LOL... The lil bowls have our butter. My mom always did this for us, so I thought it was fun tradition to keep going with!!
I got some chocolates and a mug from my Valentine, plus a Papercrafts magazine (that I told RC to make dad buy me!)
And this is the card that Greg made me. Pretty fun huh?

OK, and my new love... This is pretty good, and does curb my chocolate craving. For a few minutes!! Thanks Ashley for getting me hooked!!


Stempelchaotin said...

Yes I miss you. Welcome back Katie.

Sister Sandy

Deborah said...

Looks like a great day you all had Katie! Deb

Lorie said...

I missed you! It looks like you guys had a great Valentine's Day!

You have Diet Chocolate Cherry Dr Pepper in Montana? It is no where to be found in my little area of Washington! You are soooo lucky! I'm jealous!

Teresa said...

Looks like you had a good time!

Ashley said...

That is soo sweet that he made you a card!!!! I love how you got the papercraft mag too! Works everytime...well mostly. I am with ya on the Kool-aid though,not a big wine fan myself.

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