Thursday, December 13, 2007

Birthday Lists

More Birthday stuff to share today!!

Tomorrow I am meeting up with some friends for our gab sessions! My mom is calling us Gossip Anyway, I wanted to make them something for Christmas. Originally I was going to do recipe cards, but I've been seeing these Birthday Calendars all over Blogville. So I tried my hand at them. They took a lil to perfect them...however I am excited about how they turned out.

I started out by covering the Chipboard. First off, I was not thinking right about how the insides would turn out, so the first 2 are longer, and then I figured it out on the third.

They were fun. You can see them each individually below and then the inside pages I made on my computer. I ran out of White CS and didn't have November and December, but fortunately mom had some. Yay!!



Just me said...

That is the best idea ever. I love it!

Andrea, said...

Great book and what a fab idea

Teresa said...

WOW they look great! Glad you like the music, I love all kinds and I leave mine on alot and work. I need to add a few more.

April Hall said...

What a fab idea!

Stempelchaotin said...

Wow Katie, this is really great. Love this idea and the paper.

LisaVB said...

These are GREAT! Do you have some kind of template for the calendars?

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