Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I promise I am coming with more cards, but I've haven't been able to get on today!! Isn't that so stinkin' frustrating!! LOL...

First, if you are interested in the Sisterhood of Blogging Stampers, you need to sign up here. They are starting group 4 - but guess who is keeping a watchful eye on Group 3? Mwah! Yeah Me!! {I watch too much Disney TV}

Second, you may remember a post which featured cards by Sweet N Sassy Stamps? Well, to refresh your memory, go HERE. Then scoot over to the SNS website, because the OLD STYLE sets, that are in stock are $11! Christmas present to your self right??

OK, I am coming back with more creations!!


Robyn said...

I have two of her sets that I am just itching to use. Glad you joined the group.

*Jana* said...

LOL Katie, I actually heard "Yay Me" in London's voice. *Disney watcher here too.

I'm excited to be part of SBS3.

Kathy said...

hey girl, my dd is too young for some disney stuff unless it's the princesses and the boys refuse to admit they like Hannah Montana and High School Musical--that said, let me know if you need help managing our group, seriously :-)

Heidi said...

Thanks so much for stepping up & managing our group!! Love Disney!!
Hannah Montana-my oldest won't admit to it either! HAHAHA--but I have caught him watching it several time! *wink*


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