Friday, December 14, 2007


Emily posted a Tee on her blog and I had to venture over to Palmer Cash. I am totally a T-shirt and Jeans girl and I love Tees that are funny like these.

I used to have one of these bikes...LOVED it!

I thought this was funny!!

Of course, my Girls!! I could watch GG all the time if Greg would let me!!

I thought this was funny since I have the blog. Not really famous, but people know me! LOL..

We love The Christmas Story and usually have it playing all day Christmas Eve. My favorite part is the Fragile part...the way the dad says it!! LOL..

This was the one on Emily's blog that made me laugh the hardest.

This just cracks me up....I love play on words like this!!

I totally grew up with Vanilla Ice being popular. This is too funny!!

Hope you enjoyed!!
There are a few more that crack me up but I prolly shouldn't post 'em.


Maren said...

Too funny! TFS!

Erin said...

these are quite funny, i'm a huge christmas story fan so i think that's my fav.... Or vanilla ice....

emilymomto3boys said...

DUDE~ I totally told my dh I wanted that big wheel shirt! And the vanilla ice one! My other fave was the I got mad spreadsheets, yo!

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