Monday, December 10, 2007


Melanie Tagged me ya'll! She wants me to share 7 things about myself.
ETA-Nancy also tagged me!!
  • I had dreams of becoming an architect and our old computer is chalk-full of floor plans including the blueprints for my parent's house.
  • I've always wanted to travel to Texas and am reminded of that now that the NFR is on again!
  • Speaking of the NFR, I was there 8 years ago...pregnant with David, and had a blast watching from the VERY LAST ROW IN THE BUILDING!!! Seriously!! When I got back from there I accidentally threw our camera in the pics of me and Elvis! :(
  • My DH and I attended the same series of concerts at our State Fair some 5 years before we ever met.
  • I used to have nightmares after I closed myself into our old camp trailer's closet while I was playing house. I think it was the bedroom or something, and I shut the door...I screamed and screamed until my parents either heard me or saw the thing a rockin'! That camper was later totalled by the only twister we know came through our lil land. LOL..
  • I've been on a few run-away wagon rides. The worst was over the railroad tracks and into the ditch. I'm sure that scared us to death at the time...seems exciting now.

OK, so that is some highlights I guess. Hope that doesn't bore ya!

Now to tag a few more.....


Lorie said...

Thanks for tagging me! I'm one of those weird people that actually thinks it is fun! I'm posting my 7 facts now! :o)

Denise ~ said...

I posted my facts, not sure how interesting they are! This should be fun though. Looking forward to what other's have to say...

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