Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some Fun

Well, my home is a hub for 7 & 8 yo boys right now. One showed up right before lunch, the other two had called and came over. So no stamping during nap time since I can't confine all of them in the basement with me!

I was reading on Google and Chris posted this experiment.

SHe wants us all to play and link back here ---> DeMuth)

So if you are reading this, you are tagged - show us your answers. If you do, leave me a comment so I can enjoy reading them!!

10 years ago I was a senior in High School (Yep, next summer is my class reunion!) I was probably enjoying a break from Teacher's Conventions, and I am trying to remember if it was that year or my junior year we tried to see George Strait over that break? Hmm.... Anyway, that's where I was.

20 years ago, I was getting ready to turn 8. I am sure that I was tormenting my lil bro somehow, probably in 2nd grade that year. I know that I was collecting Barbies (nowdays it's real difference! LOL) b/c that year I took over 100 pairs of Barbie shoes to school on the 100th day!

30 years ago, I was non existent. My parents had been married a year I think at this time. Who would have thought 2 years later I would've been coming!!

Have a great day. I've decided to make some popcorn, watch my shows on DVR and keep an eye on the boys outside...and sulk for missing my stamp time.


Mary DeMuth said...

Thanks for being a part!

Chris Scrappin and Stampin in Texas said...

Hey Katie,
I too had sooo many Barbies, I used to make Barbie clothes too..and tormenting my little brother too.
Hope you get some stamping in with the boys around. Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for playing. Chris

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie! I do not have a blog but am a new member of the Bellaholics group. I have your blog marked as a favorite and saw your 10/20/30 tag. So, here are my answers, as I cannot put on the relevantblog page.

10 years ago I was single and working as a legal secretary in Minneapolis, Minnesota. That year I also met my husband… who says you can’t meet a nice guy in a bar?! I was at the Mall of America with some friends from work. He was there with his friends from work. We met because there was a mix-up over drinks and I bought him a beer. The rest is, as they say, history!

20 years ago, I was in the Marine Corps working at the Pentagon for the Secretary of the Navy. I also bartended part-time for extra money. I loved this job, because one, it was fun, two, I could talk, a lot, and three, I could meet new people and made a lot of interesting friends.

30 years ago, I was living at home with my mother and step-father in Bloomington, Minnesota (close suburb of Minneapolis). I was in 5th grade. I remember hating that time… I was an “early bloomer” and the boys were very immature and cruel! I was also in the Girl Scouts and having fun with that!

Thanks! Sandie

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