Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

(or Eve)
I am a bit early, but as I look at tomorrow To Do list, I see that it's gonna be a busy day! LOL... What else is new.
I still have to get Valentines packaged up here for my Sweeties! ah, they are aren't they. For the most part. David is a crazy boy...he was telling me something so weird after school and then just started laughing. Weird! RC has been pretty helpful to me lately. Wanting to clean and do dishes. And then keeps saying wasn't I good at that? And he's bored b/c he has no school this week...so the good, the bad and the ugly are all tied right now. McKinley is just a maniac. She's busy and wanting attention. She was sitting up so great but now she sprawls forward and ends up on her tummy. And she hates that!! So soon she will be crawling. Note to self, Buy a Stair gate NOW!!
And then there is Greg. My best friend and my real Valentine. I know that he's bought me something and he keeps saying I need to go get more to add to it. So I am keeping him hostage at home!! LOL... I don't need anymore than what I have!! I am just lucky to have them all to love everyday!
I hope that you have a LOVELY Valentines day. I am going to be making steaks and shrimp for dinner. Gonna try twice baked potatos and then some cheesecake too!! Have a fun dinner in.
Hey, I also got a creation on here. This card was a super easy one to make, but hard for me with all the white background. I think it's lovely, but it's hard to leave it bare like that!! The set was Delight in Life from the Sell aBration and then bottom pink is from the Love Me paper pack and then I stamped the dots on another pink...pink passion I believe. Stamped the flowers and cute them out and the leaves(which are just the flower on green!...ooo...tricky) And then the little dingbat on the bottom. Super simple...that's me!! Hope you enjoy!!
This week I am also gonna show you what I did with my UHU glue...that stuff rocks. And if you want to try some go HERE.
OK, good night and have a SWEET day tomorrow!!


Allison said...

This card is beautiful...great use of this stamp set!

iralamija said...

Love your work!


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