Thursday, February 01, 2007

No card but NEW STAMPS!!!

Yay!!! My stamp order came in today. I was so excited. And haven't had a minute to put them together. I got the Like it a Latte set, Delight in Life and Blush Blossons as the hostess set!! I CANNOT wait to use them. My mom might come over tomorrow to make some cards!! If not, I'll be stamping anyway!!

I also WON BLOG CANDY!!! I cannot believe that either!! I am always posting to all kinds of blogs. I love the inspiration and a little bit more of a personal touch that blogs give. So Julie over at Paper Pleasin' Ideas had a giveaway for the SellABration set of So Very! On my list and soon to be on my table!!! I can't wait! At least I have these to tide me over! lol...

On a more personal note....Greg started his venture in club making. Well, he started with regripping some clubs. So the laundry room is temporarily{Ihope} a mess. We are going to get shop set up in the basement, but I know he was just excited to get going. I hope he can keep busy at it. He likes it and he can do it.
I woke up so grumpy this morning. I realized the real meaning later in the day {wink} No one wanted to co-opperate this morning to get going. Fortunatly I ended up not subbing, but David was not in a good mood to get off to school. The thermometer read 0* and the wind was whipping awful. And he wanted to wear his sweatshirt!!!! We live in's practially tundra out there!! OK, so that's a bit much. But it's cold. Nasty cold. So off he went to school. Then there was RC. He loves to be loud and I had to put a hamper on that way too early today. Maybe this was all just, it's them!! LOL. Anyway, the afternoon was lazy until I had to go out. It was the Super Bowl party at the boys and girls club and I had a PC party to close. I let RC do the after lunch dishes, so I had extra to clean up with dinner. But things are done. I got some rest.
I am off to bed. Subbing the morning. Stamping in the afternoon, and hopefully posting lots of fun creations in the evening!!

Happy Friday!!! TGIF!

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