Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm still here....

I don't have any new creations to post tho. I am cleaning out my craft room. And by that I mean reorganizing it so that I can see what I have and USE what I have. And yes, getting rid of some things!!! Ack..can you believe I have more than I use!! I do!!

So I am cleaning house. I have also been going through more boxes that I left after we moved! 6 months ago! LOL.. But I am getting to them now. I also have that dreaded housework to do and have been busy with Pampered Chef work too. Man, I am just busy. LOL...or I pretend to be anyway!

I have also been trying to get Valentines, that is in 2 days and I am not done yet. David's will be ready tomorrow, but RC won't. His school was canceled for the week. His teacher's mother in law passed away Sunday so that family is out of town. Sad deal. So I don't know if they will have a late party or not.

AND........I won another Blog Candy. Yes two in the last 3 weeks!! Woo Hoo. Esp. for someone who never wins anything!! It's exciting. So I plan to do a Blog Candy soon. Waiting to see if I can make 5000 hits on my blog and then I may get something good like a Bella that I have been wanting so dang badly. Could I give one away? Hm....

OK, I am off to bed. I will get a creation posted tomorrow for you to oogle. LOL...are their ooglers out there? I know a couple people who read this so I will do it for them!!

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