Sunday, February 25, 2007


Hi guys... made it to Sunday....taking all we've got tho! LOL...It's so dead here on the weekend. Yesterday our day was eating breakfast, making plans for lunch, eating lunch, making plans for dinner, eating dinner. LOL..ok, so not that bad, but close!

We were able to go down to the Rec. Therapy room and made some tie dye t-shirts. We made one for the boys and Mc too and a scarf for the dog!! LOL..we tried to drag it out as long as possible. :P Then we were able to nap some and took in a movie down there too. We watched The Guardian in their entertainment room. It was a good show...we might have to watch it again.

Today, is more like what I first said of yesterday. They are making cookies downstairs at 2 and we have laundry to do, but mostly we are just hanging out waiting for meal time!! LOL...

Tomorrow will start Greg's full schedule of PT, OT, more wheelchair classes and exercise classes. He'll be busy. We will also find out what they thing reguarding how long we will be here. There is alot that Greg can take in and we hope to take full advantage of it, it's just that I don' t know if I can be away from the boys that long!! At least for Greg he is busy here. Mc and I just hang out and she flirts with everyone!! LOL..we may not be able to get her out of here. She really has been so good, just busy. Oh least at home she has her saucer and stuff. Here it is dad's bed or my lap!! With that and all the walking we have to do to get around, I hope to really be in shape when I leave!!

OK, off to check emails and the like. I'll post tomorrow or Tuesday about the details of the stay!!

Have a great day!!

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