Friday, February 09, 2007

Did I mention....

That we were going to see Larry the Cable guy? I was so excited to see that he was coming to Montana...both Great Falls and Billings. We are going to GF with a few other couples. I am so excited. He is hilarious, and I love to laugh at his jokes. The boys are bummed they have to stay home, so we will have to get a souviner.
Other news, Greg is helping at a Radio Thon for a family that lost their home to a fire this week. They lost everything, and again our little community is so generous. Someone has offered them a furnished home and I think they have been getting a lot of other stuff as well. So hopefully this will help too.
Greg also heard about going to Colorado for more reHab. They have a super Spinal Institute there and hopefully he can learn some new things. Help him get back in his chair if he fell out, that kind of thing. And maybe they might have some more technology about what we could try to get him walking again. So we want to try it. As for when this will all get going, we don't know...we are working with Work Comp. They called us because they have an opening, but who knows when they will call us back.
It's nice and snowy here...RC was all excited yesterday that it was winter! LOL...yeah, has been for a while, we just got some nice snow back. It's a light snow and wet, but it's staying rather warm out. We have no plans for the weekend. Stay in where it's warm, get over our colds and play. We are going to work on setting up Greg's workbench downstairs and I am going to get back into my scrap room and clean it out more.
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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