Thursday, February 22, 2007

We are in Denver!!

We made it all in one peice!! Woo Hoo... The flight went well. For me a first time flier it was even FUN! Yes, that's right. McKinley was also a great traveler all the way here!

I think that we have everything figured out now around here and Greg is getting into the groove some. We won't know a discharge date until MOnday but they are saying four weeks now. On the one hand, not good b/c I will probably have to leave early to get back to the boys. On the other hand, I am excited that Greg will get to take in so much. There is going to be some really AWESOME things for him here. He is already doing some PT and OT and today will take in a Wheelchair class and they are going outside. BUt that is only a slight bit of what he'll do.

The weather here is beautiful and there is a buss that can take Mc and I around the town. Maybe tomorrow we will venture over to Walmart and Hobby Lobby. then hopefully Greg and us can do something over the weekend. They don't do anything on the weekends...

OK, I am off to check email and not much time on here so I am making this short. I'll post again Monday!!



scrapstampindiva said...

Katie - glad to hear you made it in one piece. Hope everything is going good - you are in my thoughts :)

Anonymous said...

HI Guys!!! Thanks for the note, keep it up, we love to hear from you. You are in our thoughts and prayers as always. Love Ya,
Sweetie and Russ

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