Friday, September 28, 2007

Family Friday

TGIF!! I love Fridays! Not that it really changes here, but it's that whole idea that tomorrow I can sleep in!!

Today I thought I would post a picture of the quilt my friend Madelyn made me. She gave it to me last weekend when she was home...I love it. So bright and cheery. I took this picture to put with the wonderful letter she wrote too.

As for family things, it has my two hooligans in the pic too. I think Mc was trying to tell me off or something.

She is a lil maniac...last night after I changed her diaper, she ran off. Not unusual anymore for her. Soon I see her putting a diaper on her head...the same one that once covered her bum!! Oh lil girl. Guess it's time to get the duct tape out and tape them on. We did that with RC.

Tonight we are heading down to the river to watch the elk. We only have the film camera and not the digital so it will be awhile before I post pics. We are going with the VW's and their son got a elk call at an auction we went to with them. Wonder if he'll bring it. LOL... I have a lot of food to prepare and getting the weekend cleaning done. See you all Monday.

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