Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Halloween Decoarting via Uppercase Living

(re posting this photo for a reason!)
This last year I have really fallen in love with Uppercase Living. In this post you can see what I have done in my home with these rub on sayings.

When I first saw that they carried Holiday sayings and decor, I was very skeptic. Why would I rub that on, only to have to take it off right after. That seemed to be a waste to me.

Then I saw there were many other uses other than just on my walls. This first photo shows how I used the rub ons on our pumpkin. I know that at my show, the demo told us that UL sayings had not been tested to be used outdoors. Meaning on the exterior of your home. I can tell you this saying is not only on a pumpkin, but it's been out in the cold and rain for almost a week now. It still looks this good. That should tell you how great they would be on your walls, no matter what kind of texture your walls have. This particular saying came as a group of 8 for $35.

This second saying was my favorite. They sayings them self are 2 separate rub ons, although it wasn't that hard to put these on. I picked up the glass block at our local craft store and simply rubbed the images on. I've set a nice autumn spelling candle behind it to give it some cool appeal! These 2 color rubons are about $10 a piece, depending on the size. They also make fun gifts.


Gina K said...

Those are the cutest things ever!

Lori Barnett said...

I LOVE uppercase living. I went to a party but didn't buy cause I was still re-decorating! I still have the catalog. I totally forgot about it till I saw you post. Isn't it just great stuff!!

S.P. said...

I loved Uppercase Living so much that I became a Demonstrator! If you're interested in more info email me at ul_expressions@yahoo.com

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