Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hey ya'll!! Hope you are having a happy Tuesday. Mc, RC and I walked down to visit Aunt Mary this morning. Had an early lunch and then hit the craft room! Today is our first night of the new Stamping Up Stamper's 10 club. I made $16 last month on card sales (yeah me!!) and so don't feel too bad about placing an order! {I am really trying to save money!!} I am excited to get back to the group too. I made everyone checkbook covers. You can see them here
I choose to leave them blank on the back and then the crafty ladies can add their own saying. They were fun.
One of my stamper friends, Khristi gets to join the group and I am excited for that too!! {Waving HI to her!!}

On to my Fella here. Fisherfella. I saw a cute saying....Best Fishes. Perfect huh? No stamp tho, so I may cheat and print it off on the computer! But for now he is blank. I think that is OK too. {a quiet man, who knew?} Just a reminder there are going to be some fun challenges on the Bellaholics Yahoo Group this weekend. We start Friday night at 5 p.m. MT time. They are all fairly easy and are spaced out so if you need to get chores done, or let your kids out of the closets, or feed your DH.....you can do that in between and keep up. And there are prizes from THE Stamping Bella herself!! Bellas, charms and to be posted on Bloggabella!! Woo Hoo!!

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