Thursday, March 01, 2007

{Happy March}

17 Days to GREEN!!

Well, we are still enjoying Denver. Saw some snow tho yesterday and it's cold today. It really disrupts the traffic here on the interstates tho. Different from back home. Schools were starting late and Greg made the comment that they don't even do that in Malta when it's 40 Below!

We found out that Greg is probably going to be here until the 21st. The Dr. just thinks that there is so much he can try out here so we are a bit more excited about it now. Plus Greg's days are full. So it will make it go by faster. Mc and I are going to fly back on the 12th and should be able to be home that night.

All in all, I think that this will be a very useful experience for both of us.

And Fun!! LOL...I told Terri we were going on vacation and we sort of are. We get fed, they clean up after us, and we get to play. Last night we were able to go see the Denver Nuggets play the Orlando Magic. It was a quite a thing for us small town folk! LOL.. It was loud tho but Mc was OK for most of the game. There is also an Arena football game this weekend that Greg wants to go to. So it is pretty fun too.

gotta go!!

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scrapstampindiva said...

Hello Katie - so glad to hear everything is going great! :)

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