Friday, March 30, 2007

{Family Friday}

This lil cutie!! She is a heart stealer...if you are local or get our local paper you would've seen her in there this week too.
She has been lovin' this's an old clunker we got handed down when the boys were smaller. And they still fight over it even tho we have two cars. BUt this one is this The General it's always a fight. But not's McKinleys new ride. She loves to be pushed around in it!

Well, I have spent the last couple days cleaning up my room downstairs. It was getting kind of sad looking!! LOL... But now it's better and I can go down and get things done. I have been working on a few things for Design Teams and I wish I could post them now, but maybe later...I have to wait and see if I make it!!

Have a great weekend....I am hoping for some warm weather to play outside. But I guess if it's cold I'll have to head down to my table!!

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