Monday, March 12, 2007

{I am Home!!!}

And so happy to be. About as happy as the boys were to see Mc and I! The day really went by fast and it was all nice traveling for us. Mc was so good on both plane rides and then on the way home in the car too.
Aunt Sharon and Uncle Ted met us at the airport (so did Bob and Jenise who had my car) and they drove up to Malta with us. So it was nice to have someone to talk to!

But - they lost Mc's car seat somewhere between getting it on the flight from Denver or onto the flight in SLC. I KNEW something like that would happen! But they had another one I used and hopefully mine will be there next week when I go get Greg or they are gonna buy me one!! lol

So now I am off to bed. The time change and worry about getting up this morning as well as the drive has got me tired. Now to get David asleep!!


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