Monday, March 05, 2007


Hi guys...thanks for checking in on us. We are still progressing here at Craig. Things are still going well for Greg. This week starts a couple of 2 week programs that he'll need to get in on. We are excited about it all really. There's been alot to take in.

We were able to get out yesterday and helped their local economy out at the mall. We wanted to hit the Disney Store to get some present for the boys. Found Mc the cutest dress for Easter...and a bonnet!! Maybe went a bit overboard there but we figured we could fill their Easter baskets. We also found a Pottery Barn kids store!! I love PB and that store was awesome! The lil kitchen set had it all...dishwasher, laundry center, you name it!! For kids! It's was as much as the real thing!! And Greg could probably build some to look similar! It was just fun to get out and about. We got David's birthday presents too.

ETA - now typing Tuesday b/c I got shut off here. Had to go help Greg work on stairs. He's doing pretty good there, but like we discussed there are a lot of places in Malta that don't have ramps and only have stairs. So really it was good to know the right technique, and I feel good that I could help if we needed to get in somewhere.

We have our conference Wednesday afternoon to see what they say about Greg then. I'll keep you posted..

HI MOM AND DAD....glad you are ONLINE!! We love you!!!

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