Friday, March 16, 2007

{More Fun}

Like I said, I wanted to spend some time playing this week. I came home to 3 new stamp sets and some fun supplies I had ordered too. One set was this Stinkin' Cute one from Stampin' Up! The lil skunks looked so sassy. Also another thing I am doing when I order at stamp club is to make sure everything goes together. I find that I order paper or ribbon and then don't have a match. So I ordered the ribbon first this time...the Sweet Shoppe Ribbon, and then ordered the cordinating papers. Hey, why didn't I think of this before huh?

So the outcome was this cute card and a few more which I plan to wrap up in a couple baskets and donate to the Chicken Feed in Loring next weekend. Last year they gave the benefits from the day to Greg and I so I wanted to give something back this year.

Don't forget that my CARD for this month is up down below or by clicking here.

Today is David's Birthday party also. He turned 7 on Wednesday!! So hard to beleive! Time flies huh? So RC and I are going to be busy making the Dirt Cups for treats and then planning the scavenger hunt. I got my grandpa's Poloroid and plan to take pictures to send them on a goose chase!! Can't wait!

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