Thursday, March 22, 2007

{Pictures for Family Friday}

As I mentioned a while ago, I wante to make Fridays, Family Fridays where I blab about my family. And since I just got some pictures I wanted to do that. Even tho it's still Thursday! LOL

Here is one of Greg on the standing machine at the hospital. Unfortunatly the other pics of him working weren't that great. But this one is pretty cool to me. He said it really felt weird after a year of sitting.
Here is one from the Nuggets game against Orlando. We were way up there, but still pretty neat to be at.
And here is the cutest lil girl ever!! (IMHO!) At the Zoo they had this lil bear sculpture and she sat there so cute and smiled!! What a doll!! And here's the doll with her mom and dad. Aren't they cute too!!

I 've made my new cards for stamp club this month so I will be posting them Friday sometime. Try to get some more things made too. I've enjoyed the comments on my Blog Candy post, and I want to post more cards on here for inspiration. I love looking at them on others so I guess I should be posting more of what I did too!! LOL...

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