Friday, March 09, 2007


It's Friday...which means I get to go home in a couple days!! I am excited for that and I know that Greg is gonna be OK too. I am sure that it's gonna be lonely at times, but we'll call!!

Most of this week has been slow for Mc and I anyway. Greg is doing a lot on his own and there really isn't much for us anymore. PLus David is gonna be 7 on Wednesday!! Oh man...SEVEN!! That's a long time! LOL... I guess time flies when you are having fun huh?

Greg was invited to a benefit dinner for the Hospital last night (so was I but I knew that Mc wouldn't stay with anyone!) and he was able to meet John Lnych from the Broncos and he was so nice and autographed a picture for David's birthday! He is gonna flip!!

Today we got to go to the Zoo. It was a fun day and Mc even loved the animals she saw. If they didn't move, she really couldn't see them. But she loved the fish and was really watching the Kamono Dragon we saw. Those things are huge. Of course, lots of pictures. I think I am gonna have to do a slideshow when I get them back and put on here.

Tomorrow we are going to the Crush Arena football game and working on laundry. I told Greg I would make sure everything was clean but he had to do some while I was gone too! LOL...

I'll probably update when I get home!! Thanks for checking in on us!!

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