Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sweet Sayings...

As promised here are my other items I recieved from Uppercase Living.

These first two are 10x10 sayings...they come in 2 pieces and are two colored. I found these blocks at Ben Franklin Craft and just rubbed these on to them. The one is LET IT SNOW and the other is GONE BATTY. I am going to get some ribbons and tie around them and use for decorations. I thought about gifts, but nope, I like them too much! LOL...

This cowboy one is my favorite...I think it truly fits my boys!! I put it up in the main bathroom. It's kind of a chocolate color and the rest of the bath room is a darker rose color. Eventually, I hope to get some fun western borders to replace the flowers.

My mom has also taken some pictures of the boys batheing in her old white washbasins when they were younger and I'll get one of McKinley too and find a barnwood fram and put them in over this saying.
This last one went in the boys' room. Their room is the lighter blue color and I'd painted the darker blue and white strips at about 5 feet. So I thought this was perfect. In the catalog there is also some stars that have initials in them, so at future parties I plan to get some of each the D and R to put up next to these.
Right now you can see they have Cars decorations up but I think these sayings are going to last until High School....
We are off to get going to the 2nd day of school. RC is off today and is still sleeping anyway. He was wore out!!

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