Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Are you totally stuffed from yesterday or what? Never plan to eat again? Yeah, til lunchtime rolls around huh? LOL...aren't we funny? We gorge ourselves, but we don't ever stop!

Sorry I didn't post a Happy Thanksgiving yesterday...I hope you had one. I am thankful for so much and more than I could ever type. But I also thankful for having the creativity and being able to share it here. I've met some wonderful gals through the online craft world and it's been so awesome this last year to blog and share things. Living in a small town, it's not always every one's cup of tea to see what I made, so being able to share with those who appreciate it is wonderful.

So I am thankful to those of you who come by and read my blog. I hope you continue to do so and I will continue to provide you with eye candy!!

For today's eye candy. I CASE'd these from Jen at Pieces of Me. I thought they would be so fun and easy and I am always looking for that!

I simply used some clear ornaments that I got last year and cut strips of the Dashing DP, rolled them up and pushed them into the top.

They really turned out just cute!!

Today is Black Friday Shopping! You goin'? My mom and I did that one year and people in the city were so rude!! It's not nearly as bad here in Po-Dunk, so I might venture out. I plan to call my friend for coffee and then David needs a new winter coat and then I either need to clean the garage to find the boys' snowboots or buy new ones. I swear I put them away last spring, but I did so in a way that I can't seem to find them. I cleaned out all of the closets and storage room Wednesday, so now it's the garage time. What a way to spend the day huh?

Have a great weekend readers...


Lorie said...

Who would have thought that some plane glass and cut up paper would look so AWESOME?!!! Great job with these!

melissa f said...

I enjoyed doing your bella bonus challenge. Here is my card.

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