Saturday, November 03, 2007

My clean room

Well, not spotless, but cleaned up!

I had to clean it yesterday b/c (a) it was bugging me and (b) we are getting water meters put in and the pipe is in my room. As much I didn't want the meter installed, I have no choice, and also don't want to lose any installers in my room!

This is walking into my room and my desk. Up close of my desk. I put my TAC stamps in CD holders so I swiped our CD storage that was just a collector of junk up stairs. I got the paper rack when our LSS closed. I love that!
This green desk I got from a friend a long time ago. I had to move it in to give me more surface room and I have my tools, glues in the top drawer. My images and CM cutting stuff in the middle drawer. And all other goodies that don't have a place to go in the bottom drawer. In the purple tub next to it is my DP.
I have 2 white file cabinets and the top drawer of this one is my SU! papers sorted my color and color family.
This medicine cabinet was in our bathroom when we moved in. We have a big mirror now, so I scavenged it for my punches, EB powders and other lil stuff.
This is in the cubby space and holds my wood mounted stamps, paints, big tools, things to be alters, papers and more. Kind of my catch all.
This lil rolling cart is under/next to my desk. I have my loose ribbon in the top drawer, brads and eyelets in the next drawer and scrap papers in the bottom.
Then this is the wall opposite my desk. The tall bookcase holds all my completed items to sell/give away and alter ables. Also is my sewing desk. My dad got that table for me for my birthday a few years back and I love it. It was full of goodies!!! As for the pink tree I am trying to think of Bella ornaments to display on it. Fun huh?

That's all. I am getting the crew fed so I can send them to the Football game, get Mc down for a nap, slap another coat of paint on the floor and head down to play!! Lots to do and I can't wait!!


Michelle said...

I love seeing other people's stamping spaces! Mayby one day I will be brave enough to post my own!

Elaine said...

Hi Katie! I should be inspired by your posting!!! Instead I can't help but dig through more bags of stuff from the convention! ACK!! I will dig up that Santa stamp and send you a card - I can't say how soon it will be, but I will do it! :)

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