Saturday, November 10, 2007

PMS Parties - Mostly *S*

I had so much fun last night at our PMS party. My good friends, Khristi, Mary and Barb came over to stamp, chat and eat! No pizza this month, no margaritas but lots of stamping and other food.

They were here until almost midnight!! I loved it and they did too.

This card is funny to me. I got this sentiment as a Gift With Purchase from TAC, and wondered what to use it on. A -ha...the ladies thought this would work! I think it does too...I mean 2 people in a sock!! Seriously! (too much Grey's here!!)

So I colored it and I see that I forgot to shadow it. I shared that tip that night and we are all in agreement that it is an awesome finish to Bellas!

The cardstock and DP is all Stampin' Up! This was my color theme for the night.

I have more cards to share, but lots going on. Today we hit the craft fair, no I didn't do a booth. Greg is out of town. Then this afternoon I took the 3 kidlets(+ 2 friends) to see THE GAME PLAN. I loved it. They were all tired and wanted to go home. But it was a funny movie. I always think of the Rock from wrestling and Greg repeating his Can you SMMMEEELLLLL What the Rock is Cookin'? So it's funny to see him on Disney Channel and on these movies! Defiantly one we will watch again.

Now we are off to family supper and tomorrow is my Grandpa's 85th birthday party. I'll be back Monday!!

Happy Craftin'


Lorie said...

Oh my goodness! I absolutely, positively, love this card! It is so my husband and I!!! GREAT job!

Michelle said...

Love the card Katie, and that saying is priceless!

Lori Barnett said...

OK....That's CUTE!!!!!!

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