Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This could be me today

This could be me today - IF I looked as cute as SnowbunnyBella!

But the point is that it snowed here and I could dress like this! Instead, I wear big ole packs, a bulky coat, & my mustang winter beanie. LOL...but we can dream through Bella.

I cleaned out some of my papers and kits that are half gone and found this fun paper. I would love a green coat like this. (see living through her!!)

I also got some new brads this weekend and they worked perfectly. The RicRak was also the last of the kit as well. Super cute and simple!

I am having fun with SnowbunnyBella and Sandie Laursen sent me some more images and some matching Cuttlebugged papers! Thanks Sandie!!

I used the paper and them colored her in light blue. I used my Glitter Glue to make her *white* parts shimmer and the snow underfoot as well.

I will most likely be off the blog tomorrow. We are going to my parent's for the day to stuff our faces! Hope you have a great day with your family!


Lorie said...

Fantabulous cards! I almost look like that...if you just look at the coat! LOL!

Julie Koerber said...

Completely darling! I just made a Bella and posted it on my blog.. I have envy though. Yours is cuter!!!

Jules said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I love both these cards, but especially the blue one! I think the calendar that you made is also great!

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