Monday, January 29, 2007


This card was definately a challenge for me. And it was supposed to be I guess. This is so not my style of card making or anything. But Liz over at Cornish Heritage Farms(they are local ya'll) had this as the Dec./Jan Challenge. So I thought I would try it. It's cute but I don't know what to do with it now.
All the goodies came from CHF and I embossed the butterfly, and the little symbols and the *belt* with the mirror EB she sent. Then embossed the lil medallion too. The paper is really more shimmery IRL (in real life)
It's late and I am subbing tomorrow. Had a very productive day today. I managed to get all of the boys clothes washed and put away. I just don't know how 2 boys can go through so many clothes in one week!! It's insane!!
I also have a lot of fun things this week. I had a Partylite party a couple weeks ago and today the order came in. So I got to set up my cute lil chick and duck and the basket to go with. It's real springy...I like that. Also this was my month for Stamp Club and my goodies should be in this week too!! I can't wait to play. My MOM is even gonna come over and make some cards with me!! Woo Hoo!! And....yes there is's time for new Pampered Chef!! I got my new catalogs today!! Yeah- the new spring product is so great!! I can't wait to show everyone! I am waiting on the product I won in the SellAThon in November!! Free Stuff = Happy Katie!!
Enjoy Tuesday...Monday is over!!

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